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Opinions: FCPX? Premeire? Avid?
Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 8:57 PM on 11.10.12
->> We've been editing for years with Final Cut Pro. We may be making a move to another software.

I wanted to get opinions from photographers that moved away from Final Cut Pro.

What were the reasons?
How do the FCP alternatives compare?
And did the new editing software require hardware upgrades?
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Will Powers, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 12:13 AM on 11.11.12
->> Are you looking at FCX? When it came out everyone was excited but found out it wasn't great. Lots of updates since. My son in Shanghai was demonstrating FCX to me to compare to FCP7. Looks great, and works well but lots of differences. When the opportunity arrives to purchase it, I will.

Shawn Montano taught my FCP7 class. He also did a workshop for the NPPA. He was looking forward to the improvements. He also did not seem to like AVID. I do not remember an opinion on Premier.

I noticed the FCP7 came with Compressor and Motion, FCX does not. They are additional.
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Perrone Ford, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | US | Posted: 3:54 AM on 11.11.12
->> I was never a big fan of FCP. I've been on Avid for a while now. Incredibly powerful, far more open than even a few years ago, and does enough to satisfy even Hollywood editors.

We went to Avid because we needed broadcast ready masters including captions.

Moving to Avid did not require hardware in our case, but we bought some anyway.
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Patrick Murphy-Racey, Photographer
Powell | TN | USA | Posted: 7:30 PM on 11.11.12
->> I am soooooo pleased with Premiere Pro cs6. Can't tell you how great it is to be working in an application that is powerful, doesn't hog all the ram in my machine, and works so seamless with photoshop and LR....
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Jason Joseph, Photographer
Dublin | OH | USA | Posted: 8:57 PM on 11.11.12
->> Premiere Pro CS6. I manage the team that produces all of the educational and instructional video content that is produced for the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State. So we have put it through its paces and back a few times over. The only hiccups that I have encountered have been around getting the software to play nicely with the AJA Kona cards that we use, but the most recent drivers have fixed that. Otherwise, there were no hardware modifications necessary. Its fast, accurate, full of options and flexibility and is a great example of how Adobe has listened to and acted upon user feedback over recent years. We were a FCP house for years until the release of X. We tried X, but decided, as a team, that it wasn't going to fit our workflow.
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 8:58 PM on 11.11.12
->> I was a FCP7 user, sold my FCS3 package, had enough money to buy FCPX, Motion and Compressor with some leftover. So moneywise it was a good deal.

No real need to buy Motion unless you're doing fancy motion graphics. If you need to compress in the field you can buy Compressor. But for the office you folks should have a dedicated computer/software to compress like the excellent Telestream Episode which will take your big edited video .mov file and spit-out optimized formats for broadcast, web, mobile, archiving, etc.

Sanity-wise you're going to have to unlearn how your operate as FCPX is very different than FCP. That's one of the main causes of grief amongst users crossing-over from the old to new versions. Once you do learn how to operate FCPX the workflow is easier/faster as all the little quibbles you had to monkey with in FCP7 are gone. I'm talking as someone who edits video for more journalistic projects and not feature film or experimental art.

A 'must-buy' if you use FCPX is Event Manager X which will help to get control of the Projects/Events library.

I'm editing on a MacBook Pro 2.66Ghz i7 duo-core which works alright but I do wish I had a quad-core.

If I had to do it again though, I'd seriously consider going to Adobe Premiere Pro as it has a much deeper set of tools that tie into it like After Effects, tons of plugins and is more like FCP7. Also being an Adobe product it should work well with Photoshop and Lightroom (I'm an Aperture user myself).
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David Shea, Photographer
Riverside | CA | USA | Posted: 3:53 AM on 11.12.12
->> Adobe Premiere Pro.

I already had experience working with After Effects so it seemed like a natural transition. The guys at MediaStorm sum up my sentiments better than I could, especially about that damn Magnetic Timeline.
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Dominick Reuter, Photographer
Cambridge | MA | USA | Posted: 9:45 AM on 11.12.12
->> I you want the next stage in what you're already familiar with in FCP7, then adobe premiere is the way to go. There's even a shortcut to remap your keyboard to match FCP7, so your hands wont even know you switched.

On the other hand, I have been working a little bit with FCPX and it is a truly remarkable piece of software. Very different from what we're all used to at this point, but very intuitive and very capable of producing nice looking projects very fast, assuming you have the necessary hardware.
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Peter Caty, Photographer
London | UK | United Kingdom | Posted: 10:52 AM on 11.12.12
->> If you want an editor that closely resembles Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro is it. Plus, you can program Premiere to use Final Cut keyboard shortcuts. There's no need to convert to ProRes either with Premiere.

I found the learning curve for Avid is higher and better film productions, where multiple people are working on the same project at once (sound, color correction, titles).
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Darin Sicurello, Photographer, Assistant
Gilbert | AZ | USA | Posted: 11:08 AM on 11.12.12
->> AVID is the professional standard. Most all movies and Film are Post' with it. I'm certified in Media Composer.
AVID has high computer requirements that you can't just install on any computer.

But I won't be surprised if Adobe and AVID merge in the future.

For the time being ADOBE Premiere Pro will work best for you and works on all PC's and Mac's but there interface is becoming closing in on AVID.

Also it works well with Adobe After Effects.
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Garrett Hubbard, Photographer
Washington | D.C. | USA | Posted: 3:30 PM on 11.13.12
->> I think you would be really happy with either FCPX or Premiere Pro.

I've been on FCP since 4.0 and I was quite acquainted with it before I begrudgingly switched to FCPX after I left the paper. I haven't used Premire since 2002 so I can't speak to the new version. I've heard amazing things about it though.

FCPX has taken me a bit of time to think about editing a little bit differently but I'm really happy now. I'm working faster and it keeps on getter better with every update. A few things I like a lot better than FCP 7
1. keywording and metadata for your clips. Take your notes in the computer with markers and search keywords when editing.
2. Plays well with my DSLR's. No need to transcode
3. Utilizes all cores and renders a lot faster as a native 64-bit program
4. Key framing is more intuitive
5. Automatically kills dead audio channels on import
6. Every audio clip in your timeline automatically appears with an easily adjustable keyframe to ramp the audio

If you will be using it for the paper then I'm sure you will have everything you need in the FCPX.

I did do a hardware upgrade to 16gb of ram, 1gb vram and that really helped.
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Thread Title: Opinions: FCPX? Premeire? Avid?
Thread Started By: Robert Hanashiro
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