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1DX vs. 1D4
Tareq Abdulla, Photographer
Aljurf | Ajman | United Arab Emirates | Posted: 3:29 AM on 11.05.12
->> Hi all,

I am starting to upgrade my gear again after long time of coma because of bad financial issue, now the situation getting better.

So i shoot sports, soccer as usual and i use 2 bodies, but because i really liked my newer body [which is 1D3] i wanted to upgrade my older body [which is 1D MatkIIN], and as some may face it, i have 2 options:

Getting 1D4, someone told me there is few in stock new in a head office of local Canon Dealer.

Getting 1DX, it is a newer camera and faster.

What will be the best compliment to 1D MarkIII in your opinion?

Well, i have 1Ds3 for portraits and landscapes, so i am not buying one of above cameras for everything, i only will buy it for sports, and maybe use it for wildlife if necessary.

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Peter Buehner, Photographer
Orono | ME | USA | Posted: 6:54 AM on 11.05.12
->> Hello Tareq,
Hopefully others with more experience than I have will chime in but here are my thoughts:
The Mark IV is the same crop as your 1DIII. Depending on your lenses, this may be important since the 1Dx is full frame.

I moved from a 1DIII to a 1DIV. In virtually every respect the markIV is a better camera. Some have said (and I tend to agree) that the 1D III was quicker at initial focus lock.

My second body is a 5DIII. The only reason that I mention this is because the 1Dx has a similar AF system. the 5D III has a better AF than the 1DIV in my opinion. I must also say that the 1D IV blew me away when I moved from the 1D III.

If you only shoot soccer in decently lit arenas, the 1D IV is a very very nice upgrade. IF you need better high ISO and the best AF system out there, go for the 1Dx...and pay the price.

Best of luck
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Gregory Greene, Photographer
Durham | NH | USA | Posted: 9:29 AM on 11.05.12
->> As usual it depends on your shooting conditions. The 1DX is quite a bit better at high ISO then the 1D4 so if you are doing a lot of night games or indoor low light shooting that is the body to get. On the other hand, if you find yourself in focal length limited situations a lot then the 1D4 offers a nice balance between noise and reach. When cropped to 1.3x the 1DX just matches your 1D3 but the 1D4 puts 6MP more on target.
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Tareq Abdulla, Photographer
Aljurf | Ajman | United Arab Emirates | Posted: 9:57 AM on 11.05.12
->> Well, i forgot to say that all my soccer shots are at evening time, sometimes before sunset for first half and many times both halves after sunset, so it means i always shoot with high ISO under lights, and some stadiums don't have good lights, so i try to crank ISO up to 6400 with my 1D3, and i do crop, so noise level is sometimes an issue.

Well, i didn't say i don't want full frame at all, but i was thinking many will point that 1DX is a full frame, yes i know it is Full Frame, and that gives it also more appealing, i can use 300 or 400 with it, the ff will not be an issue here, i did shoot once with 1Ds3 and i liked the results, but the newer technology and better high ISO on that 1DX is what made my mind to think about it more, i was going to buy 1D4 in the past but i didn't.

Thanks all.
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Steven Limentani, Photographer
Charlotte | NC | United States | Posted: 1:58 PM on 11.05.12
->> I have both and shoot a lot of soccer, agree with many of the comments that have been made. To me, the only advantage for the Mark IV is the crop. In every other way the 1DX is better, be it AF, ISO, etc. Not sure that 12 fps is meaningful in RAW, but if you shoot jpeg, 14 fps might be. I have been impressed enough with the 1DX that when finances allow, I expect to get another one!
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Tareq Abdulla, Photographer
Aljurf | Ajman | United Arab Emirates | Posted: 2:04 PM on 11.05.12
->> Ok, i am getting 1DX soon, if not next week then after that, i don't want to wait longer as i want to shoot better high ISO performance every week.
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Thread Title: 1DX vs. 1D4
Thread Started By: Tareq Abdulla
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