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Rain clothing
Ronald Vezzani, Photographer
Pittsburgh | PA | USA | Posted: 9:50 PM on 11.04.12
->> Hey Folks,

Looking for suggestions on inclement weather clothing for photographers. Mainly looking for good sturdy pair of pants.
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Jeff Gammons, Student/Intern, Photographer
Destin | Fl | USA | Posted: 10:11 PM on 11.04.12
->> Rab makes some of the best rain gear out there. I prefer their jackets over some of the arcteryx I own.

Here is a link to their site:

Look into their Drillium series, they are super light and breathable.
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Mike Doran, Photographer
Petaluma | CA | U.S.A. | Posted: 1:14 AM on 11.05.12
->> You might try checking out this place as they carry a wide range of waterproof clothing.
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Andy Mitchell, Photographer, Assistant
Chattanooga | TN | USA | Posted: 9:19 PM on 11.05.12
->> MoonStone brand if you can still find it liscensed under the Pacific Trail brand, if not Columbia brand is the best bang for your buck. Columbia purchased the Pacific Trail brand and in doing so MoonStone went with them. Columbia also manages some other big name companys such as Mountain Hardware,Sorel,Montrail,and Pacific Trail all have excellent products. While Patagonia, North Face and the other well known brands provide great gear, you pay a lot for the name. So if money is an issue look to Columbia and if money is not an issue look at Patagonia.
I have and use the MoonStone pants with a Patagonia Storm shell.
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Michael McNamara, Photographer, Photo Editor
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 9:26 PM on 11.05.12
->> I picked up a great pair of Gore-Tex pants at a golf shop about ten years ago, and they've held up wonderfully. They're designed to be worn over your regular pants, so they go on really easily, and are really easy to take off if you don't need them. And since they're designed to be kept in a golf bag, you can roll them up and they fit into a lens pouch for a 70-200.
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Dave Prelosky, Photographer
Lower Burrell | Pa | US | Posted: 11:26 PM on 11.05.12
->> As a sidebar, I'm making my seemingly annual request for ideas about good gloves and boots. I have just enough of a medical condition that I need to watch my extremities...
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John H. Reid III, Photographer
Gates Mills | OH | USA | Posted: 6:39 AM on 11.06.12
->> Dave,
The Sorel boots are outstanding. I've had a pair for over 25 years. I have the felt liners, you can get wool as well. If I could find a glove / mitten that kept my hands equally warm I'd be a happy camper (shooter)!,default,pd.html
They are clunky and somewhat heavy, but they work!
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James Durbin, Photographer
Midland | Texas | USA | Posted: 4:23 PM on 11.06.12
->> I have Gore-tex (or however you spell that) pants from Columbia that were cheap and work perfect. I typically wear them over whatever pants I was already wearing. I can't speak for their durability because they live in my trunk and come out twice a year when West Texas gets its annual rainfall.
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Philip Johnson, Photographer
Garland | TX | USA | Posted: 6:09 PM on 11.06.12
->> For gloves when I am out in the cold windy New Mexico weather I wear a pair of winter golf gloves like these and then add a pair of mitt folds like these

This combination has worked every well for me.
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Erik Schelkun, Photographer, Photo Editor
Tipp City | OH | USA | Posted: 6:57 PM on 11.06.12
->> I cannot help with the rain pants, but I came across these gloves the other day. It looks like they may be too thick to be able to change camera settings easily, but for those really nasty cold days they might be great having the electric heat. (columbia also makes electric boots too),default,pd.html
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 6:06 AM on 11.07.12
->> Frogg Toggs!
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Jamie Roper, Photographer
Lawrence | KS | United States | Posted: 10:52 AM on 11.07.12
->> Filson, for real.
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Mike Huffstatler, Photographer, Assistant
Rancho Cucamonga | Ca | United States | Posted: 12:17 PM on 11.07.12
->> I think it depends on your anticipated use. There are some great lightweight solutions, and there are some much more durable.

I like the Froggtoggs mentioned above but only for light use. I had a set that just didn't hold up.

For heavier usage I really like the Cabelas Guidewear stuff. They offer several versions depending on preferences. I have a set comprised of bib overalls and and a parka style jacket that has always kept me dry and comfortable...despite fitting a little tighter than they did when I first got them :). Between the pockets on the pants and the big pockets on the parka there is a ton of room to stash stuff away and keep it dry. Last I checked they offer an insulated version and a non-insulated.

I'd encourage you to consider bib/overall style for the best coverage and mobility. You will keep much better coverage in place when bending over, squatting down, etc.
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Thread Title: Rain clothing
Thread Started By: Ronald Vezzani
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