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The Voice of Reason?
Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 10:48 PM on 11.02.12
->> I want to personally thank SS's Mike Anzaldi for his succinct and (what must have been time consuming) analysis of the "Hurricane Sandy" thread. I know over the years "Mr. Mike" has been an illuminating light here on SS. The only thing I have never truly understood is if he likes the business (photojournalism) so much why does he hate everyone who comments on these threads? Yes, I respond to many threads on SS. People agree with me, people disagree. Such is life. But, Mr. Mike, why so angry? Why must you poke a stick in everyone's eye? Madelin was out of line. Plain and simple. There's no getting around that. Oh, I know the big bad hurricane didn't do anything to Chi-town, which begs to question....if someone close to you had been affected by the storm would you be ass? Just wondering. I realize over the years you love to be the agent provaceur, but really....a natural disaster of this magnitude deserves some respect even from you.
Man if you hate us so much why are you here?

P.S. can I put this on my resume?
"Liddy, with the stamina of a porn star, drops yet another quarter into the machine."
Man if you hate us so much why are you here?
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Timothy Andrews, Photographer
Pearl Harbor | Hi | USA | Posted: 3:18 AM on 11.03.12
->> I think my only question is, Chuck, where do you find the time? I mean, clearly you're a fantastic photog, but it seems as though you have infinite time to spend on this forum. Perhaps it's attributed to that phenomenal stamina....
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Thread Title: The Voice of Reason?
Thread Started By: Chuck Liddy
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