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Kudos to Canon CPS, Jamesburg, NJ
Joseph D. Sullivan, Photographer
Long Island | NY | | Posted: 12:48 PM on 10.25.12
->> After doing three videos last week with my 5DmkII I was shocked to discover on Saturday that it wouldn't power up. The top LCD worked but the back was stone dead. I removed the lens and then got the dreaded err 80 message on the top LCD. All dead. I overnighted it to CPS in New Jersey and they received it Tuesday. When I called Wednesday, they were working on it and today around noon, it was at my doorstep with a new main board and rear LCD (burned pixels). Thank you Canon.
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David Pointon, Photographer
Woodbury | MN | USA | Posted: 11:18 AM on 10.26.12
->> Joseph, I have a different kind of story , but one that goes to the value of being a CPS member. My 70-200 2.8 literally came apart with the screws on the mounting ring loosening and the electrical contacts ripping off. Sent it into CPS the problem was they somehow lost track of the package and never could confirm they received it. We were going through a search with their customer service people, Fed Ex etc. It then mysteriously showed up completely fixed. Unfortunately I had to rent another lens as I had a job and we had no idea where the lens was.

After explaining the situation they not only reimbursed me the rental fee, but refunded the entire $250 repair charge.
A little slip but they proved how valuable they are to my business.
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Joseph D. Sullivan, Photographer
Long Island | NY | | Posted: 2:11 PM on 10.26.12
->> I feel your pain David but I'll go you one better. I've had more hits than misses with Canon CPS but the one I just spoke about (too soon apparently) is a big miss!
When I brought the camera in yesterday, the two batteries from the grip were wrapped separately and needed recharging. When shipped Monday, they were fully charged. No explanation for any work done or why the batteries were discharged. I recharged one battery and when I inserted it into the grip... nothing. The back screen (new this time) was dead again. Right off the bat. The top LCD was functioning, the camera would focus and change aperture and ss but no shutter release. I recharged and added the second battery to the grip and then the top got an err 80 and it was done again. Just like on Monday and it was like they did nothing or there is a deeper problem they just missed. How could it work at the factory and then I get it and poof. I tried removing the grip before the second battery and it partially worked for a bit, then nothing. Some major electrical problem from a camera I've never had a problem with.
CPS says they're sending me a loaner 5D tomorrow and I shipped it this morning for repair II.
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Thread Title: Kudos to Canon CPS, Jamesburg, NJ
Thread Started By: Joseph D. Sullivan
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