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1DX firmware update - AF illumination and AF at F8
Steve Violette, Photographer
Gulf Breeze | FL | USA | Posted: 11:04 AM on 10.17.12
->> Finally - and it is not hardware related as earlier reported

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., October 17, 2012 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced a new firmware update in response to user requests which further enhances the capabilities of Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X Digital SLR camera. The EOS-1D X will now be capable of AF point illumination during AI Servo AF and cross-type AF for maximum apertures as small as f/8. The new firmware update is available now at no charge from the Canon U.S.A. website and can be downloaded by end users or through Canon Factory Service Centers.

AF Point Illumination During AI Servo AF
To support the needs of wedding, portrait, sports, wildlife, and theatrical performance photographers working in low light, the new firmware allows AF points in the EOS-1D X’s viewfinder to be illuminated in red when the shutter button is pressed halfway during AI Servo AF, for easy viewing of the selected point. This valuable feature will enhance the photographers’ ability to aim the camera accurately in low-light conditions, and when photographing dark subjects. To preserve exposure-metering accuracy, illumination is intermittent, not continuous. Three choices will be selectable from the menu system – Non-illuminated, Illuminated (Normal) and Illuminated (Brighter).

Cross-Type AF Support at f/8
The EOS-1D X is equipped with an innovative 61-point High Density Reticular AF System featuring up to 41 cross-type AF points, depending on the lens in use. The cross-type AF points recognize a wide variety of subject matter, making them highly desirable for maximum autofocus performance. Until now, cross-type AF on the EOS-1D X has been limited to EF lenses and lens/extender combinations with a maximum aperture of f/5.6 or larger. The new firmware allows cross-type autofocusing with the center AF point even when the maximum aperture of a Canon EF lens/extender combination becomes as small as f/8. Ideal for wildlife photographers and others who often use EF super-telephoto lenses with extenders, this new feature greatly expands the range of EF lens/extender combinations that support autofocus when used with the EOS-1D X.

If AF point expansion is selected with an f/8 maximum aperture lens/extender combination, the four AF points surrounding the center point will act as AF Assist points. This option effectively expands the size of the AF detection area to enhance autofocus performance with subjects that are small in the frame and difficult to track, such as small animals and birds in flight. AF points above and below the center will be sensitive to vertical contrast, while points to the left and right will be sensitive to horizontal contrast.

The link currently doesn’t work, but should shortly.
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Stephen Lam, Photographer, Assistant
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 9:44 PM on 10.17.12
->> Looks like the firmware is out!!!

and the link to the download:

FYI for the mac users: Select OSX 10.7 Lion as your OS and the download link should show up.
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Justin Edmonds, Photographer, Student/Intern
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 11:12 PM on 10.17.12
->> I've updated my firmware without any issues. It takes about 5-6 minutes in the camera to update.

To apply the new feature, you need to access the 5th AF menu (purple) and go to VF point display during focus. Select the first option "Selected (constant)."

Next go to VF display illumination, select enable. While in that same screen hit the "Q" button to the right of the screen. Then select Normal or Brighter (I like brighter personally.)

This will allow the AF point, in AI Servo, to blink red intermittently. The camera can not be set to have the point remain red like it used to in previous models. If you don't like it, you can go back into the previously mentioned menu and select Non illuminated to turn it off and the point will remain black.

This is not what we asked for, but at least you can find your AF point during night games now.
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Svein Ove Ekornesvaag, Photographer
Aalesund | Møre og Romsdal | Norway | Posted: 4:45 PM on 10.18.12
->> Here is a short video I made to show how the new af point illumination works
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Ting Shen, Student/Intern, Photographer
Chicago | IL | U.S. | Posted: 10:46 PM on 10.18.12
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Kevin Krows, Photographer
Forsyth | IL | USA | Posted: 6:31 AM on 10.19.12
->> I used this for about 5 minutes last night at a volleyball game and then turned it off. Very distracting! Reminds me of the flashing red lights they put around stop signs.

I'm sure it will come in handy at some point and I do appreciate Canon making the effort to accommodate users requests.
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Gregory Greene, Photographer
Durham | NH | USA | Posted: 9:05 AM on 10.19.12
->> I had hope for the FW fix but in the end I turned it off as well. One of the problems is that the whole viewfinder flashes not just the AF point. It's incredibly distracting. I don't think there is much Canon can do with this. The new design of the viewfinder is not going to allow the nice bright AF point that previous 1D bodies had.
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Svein Ove Ekornesvaag, Photographer
Aalesund | Møre og Romsdal | Norway | Posted: 11:32 AM on 10.19.12
->> Totally agree that it's distracting, guess I will use it in emergency only. I think that Canon should make it an option to make the af point constant illuminated in manual mode, because then it doesn't matter if the exposure meter isn't totally accurate while focusing.
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Thread Title: 1DX firmware update - AF illumination and AF at F8
Thread Started By: Steve Violette
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