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New MacBook Pros
Chris Covatta, Photographer
Dripping Springs | TX | USA | Posted: 9:44 AM on 09.10.12
->> Ok all you young computer geeks can you help an old man out? I need to get a new 15' MacBook Pro. Should I go with Retina display and flash drive or traditional hard drive and no Retina display? Any thoughts.
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Jack Kurtz, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | United States | Posted: 10:41 AM on 09.10.12
->> Flash drive? Yes. Whether you get Retina Display or not, SSD is the best thing since sliced bread. Retina Display? I don't know. FWIW, Adobe is releasing Retina updates to Photoshop and Lightroom later this year. That may be enough to push people on the fence over to the Retina display Macs.
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G.J. McCarthy, Photographer
Dallas | TX | US | Posted: 10:59 AM on 09.10.12
->> Chris -- we switched to solid state drives here at the DMN a while back, and like Jack said, absolute greatness. You seriously will wonder how you ever worked before.

Good luck,

- gerry -
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Garrett Hubbard, Photographer
Washington | D.C. | USA | Posted: 11:20 AM on 09.10.12
->> Chris, +1 for the SSD. I ended up with a Retina only b/c when I chose all the options I wanted it was the same price as the non-Retina. Save your pennies and go with the standard processor. Few tasks that most photographers do will see time savings with that extra processor horsepower. On the other hand, all tasks that photographers do will see a huge bump from the SSD.
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Sam Morris, Photographer
Henderson (Las Vegas) | NV | USA | Posted: 11:38 AM on 09.10.12
->> I can't speak to the MacBook Pro and Retina display, but when we recently had our old MBP's replaced, I talked them into getting us MacBook Airs. We have separate monitors in the office, but I have not missed the couple inches of screen size when working in the field. Between the SSD, the light weight (which I didn't care about previously but I am enjoying now) and the money I saved the company, I am very happy.
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Corey Perrine, Photographer
Naples | FL | USA | Posted: 12:48 PM on 09.10.12
->> Pros and Cons on SSDs...
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Dave Einsel, Photographer, Photo Editor
Houston | TX | United States | Posted: 2:47 PM on 09.10.12
->> I dropped an SSD in my 2008 MBP and it gave the thing new life. That might be a consideration for you.

As for the new ones, do you need a DVD drive? If so, only non-retina machines have them. If not, I might consider an Air. The retina display is pretty nice but is not supported by Adobe yet. Of course it will be but for what software versions? I currently use LR 4 and PS 5. The update will likely only apply to current versions, i.e.. CS 6. The same goes for peripheral connections. What do you currently use? I hate having to spend a bunch more to upgrade things like card readers, pocket drives, etc. because the latest and greatest does not support them.

Lots to consider. I would probably go for the non-retina at the moment but I am old like you. ;-)

Good luck.
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TJ Root, Photographer, Student/Intern
Towson | MD | United States | Posted: 3:02 PM on 09.10.12
->> I just had to replace my year old MBP since it was destroyed in an accident. I chose to get the non retina and put the money saved into a 120gb SSD from OWC, a data doubler, and 16gb of ram. The doubler allows the hard drive shipped with the computer to go where the disk drive would go, and then the SSD goes in the boot slot. I ran this on my last computer also and can say only fantastic things about the set up. You lose the disk drive but if you are considering the retina this shouldn't be an issue.
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Darren Carroll, Photographer
Cedar Creek (Austin) | TX | USA | Posted: 6:47 PM on 09.10.12
->> Hey old man,

Some good advice so far; but this might be more up your alley?

Oh, I kid, I kid... SSD is next on my list of upgrades, too.
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Thread Title: New MacBook Pros
Thread Started By: Chris Covatta
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