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|| Member Message Board

How Do I Cover 8 Golfers in a 50 min Span?
Mark Kauzlarich, Photographer, Student/Intern
Madison | WI | | Posted: 3:08 PM on 06.02.12
->> So I just started a new internship at a local newspaper in the area. Both shooters are off (one on vacation, one had to take off to not go over on time) on Monday, and I'm shooting the WIAA State Golf Championships.

I have three high schools to cover, and I've checked the schedule, for D-1 the two local places start back to back. Cool. Less to worry about... I think?

How do I budget my time to get solid shots of the top shooters? Say I knock it down to just the top two or top three shooters from each high school... Do I get shots of them teeing off, and hang out there to get all those shots in the first 50 minutes, then skip ahead some holes and find a spot or two and do it again?

If I work my way through I can get a few options but they'll all be similar. 5 hours after the first tee time I have to shoot my third high school. I'm working on time contraints for that but I should be more free there.

I read all the articles on here about things to think about, and looking at who the leader is on the second day, find the best pairings, etc, but not much on a situation like this. Thanks in advance for your advice (I probably shouldn't get ahead of myself, but I'm feeling optimistic today).
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 3:15 PM on 06.02.12
->> Start with the ones you need, follow as long as you can and work back. a map of the course is ESSENTIAL and where you should start. last but not least DEMAND a golf cart. if you try to shoot that many kids while walking you'll fail. looking at the map and tee times you should be able to formulate a plan. see where you can cut through to other tees/fairways/greens without burning a lot of time in egress. covering a bunch of high school kids is somewhat challenging but if you plot it out in advance you won't a)stress yourself out b)die c)and you will get the job done. good luck.
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Nic Coury, Photographer
Monterey | CA | | Posted: 3:17 PM on 06.02.12
->> With what Chuck said.

I've been shooting PGA golf at Pebble Beach for 5 years and it's not too bad if you manage your time efficiently.

Start with the ones teeing off first and follow them for a hole or so, then backtrack, so you get everyone (if they're on the same course that...).
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Mark Kauzlarich, Photographer, Student/Intern
Madison | WI | | Posted: 4:07 PM on 06.02.12
->> Should I follow the first group or two groups of golfers for maybe the first and second hole? Then go to the third hole or backtrack to repeat with the first and second of the next high school? Cycle through like that? A lot of leapfrogging from what I understand.

I finally called my editor who is on vacation because of something else that is going on, and he said just do the second and first of each team. Also... it seems like they go in reverse order from 5th to 1st.

I'll think about the golf cart. I don't know that its allowed here though, and being that its my first time out, I don't want to start out on a bad foot.
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Michael Prengler, Photographer
Dallas / Ft. Worth | TX | USA | Posted: 4:18 PM on 06.02.12
->> Get there early and shoot them on the driving driving range and putting green too. You have them captured in a closed area for a while.
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Tim Vizer, Photographer
Belleville | IL | USA | Posted: 4:35 PM on 06.02.12
->> Ditto to all the great ideas presented already, PLUS one more:
get somebody from the golf course that truly knows the course layout -- plus all the shortcuts -- and have them be your chauffeur. That way you don't have to worry about navigation, or parking the cart out of the way. Your driver can drop you where you want, pick you up when you signal him/her and save you precious minutes that you need for the next golfer. You still have to do your homework and be very, very prepared, as the guys before me said, but I make use of a driver whenever I'm jammed for time, trying to get numerous golfers in a limited time frame (!!!) or it's a course I'm unfamiliar with. Also, this person is usually pretty familiar with who I'm there to shoot, and can tell me if they're right or left-handed so I know where to set up on the tee or a hole. And more than once, they've suggested other golfers to me, that have finished very high or have outright won the thing (and who I wouldn't have necessarily shot without their guidance). It's like having the "pro" in the cart with you, to some extent. I'm also NOT a golfer myself, so I value all of this type of information to help me make better shots.

Good Luck!!!
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Nic Coury, Photographer
Monterey | CA | | Posted: 8:17 PM on 06.02.12
->> Yeah, usually how I do it is walk the first few holes with the first golfer, then backtrack to the others and just shoot as needed.

It really depends on your course layout, but some tee boxes are right near the previous hole's green, so you basically just have to turn around.
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Nik Habicht, Photographer
Levittown | PA | USA | Posted: 9:25 PM on 06.02.12
->> Ask for a golf cart. If you can get a driver, even better. Talk to the writer -- there's a writer on the beat, right? He should be able to point you toward likely contenders. Keep an eye on the scores, if possible, and/or talk to the writer while you're out there: There might be a surprising dark horse story developing, or there might be some other unforeseen twist that will require art.

Nic's right -- typically the distance between the green and the next tee are short. I've had luck following a group through a hole, shot them teeing off on the second hole, and dropped back to shoot the group behind them wrapping up on the previous green. Lather, rinse, repeat....
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Stew Milne, Photographer
Providence | RI | USA | Posted: 11:44 PM on 06.02.12
->> Golf carts are for weenies. Walk/run the course. That's why most photographers are skinny, unlike the writers who sit in the media room and eat all day.

Covering golf is tough. Like many have suggested, you can bounce between the tee of one hole and the green of another to get a variety of shots with fairly little effort.

good luck.
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Matthew Jonas, Photo Editor, Photographer
Longmont | CO | USA | Posted: 12:20 AM on 06.03.12
->> Do what I do. Just send the intern...oh..I..uh..yeah.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 2:09 AM on 06.03.12
->> stew, that is perhaps the most idiotic advice I have EVER seen on SS. Seriously? "Walk/Run" the course? have you ever covered golf? I think not. When I read stuff like this on SS I want to stick needles in my eyes.
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Aaron Jaffe, Photographer, Student/Intern
San Diego | CA | USA | Posted: 2:30 AM on 06.03.12
->> I think he was being silly Mr. Liddy.
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Bob DeChiara, Photographer
Burlington | MA | USA | Posted: 8:18 AM on 06.03.12
->> Knowing the course layout inside and out is key. It helps to know any shortcuts as well. After covering my first golf event last year I didn't want to return for the final day. I felt I was all over the place without much of a plan and to touch on what Chuck mentioned, totally stressed out. But the final round went more smoothly when I had plan on who and where to shoot and a better idea of the course. The TPC of Boston is not an easy layout for golfers let alone photogs. Comfortable footwear is a must!
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Brad Barr, Photographer
Port St. Lucie | FL | USA | Posted: 9:28 AM on 06.03.12
->> All good advice so far. I'd add just a couple things.
Check out the course, and see where on it YOU want the shots...and work things out from there. ie when I cover the Honda Classic, the most notable features of that course are the 15,16,17th holes known as the Bear Trap, and of course 18.
Most courses. have a signature hole, which is always a good place to start. Par 3's afford shots of tee and green w/in easy reach. Find one that has uncluttered backgrounds and with the light working in your favor and you can let much of the action come to you. The 15th at Doral comes to mind here. A par 3 with the afternoon light perfect, and deep lush greenery behind the tee box. The 14th green is only a few feet away, as is the 15th itself.

Working golf is often about working smarter, not harder. Often a couple par 3's occur within a 3-4 hole stretch. Again lots of shots in range w/o circumnavigating the earth.

18th hole always is key as well, as emotions run high as the pressure builds, even in HS golf. The entire teams are typically surrounding the green on the last couple groupings. Jube, disappointment, and normally a good view of the clubhouse all occur on 18
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Simon Wheeler, Photo Editor, Photographer
Ithaca | NY | USA | Posted: 9:39 AM on 06.03.12
->> Mark

If you get a golf cart you need to allow some time to figure out how to secure the gear in it. The gear will get bounced around a lot. Golf courses are not that smooth. I don't know if Stew is joking about walking but I always walk covering the New York State high school championships that are held here at Cornell every year. I'm usually shooting 5-10 golfers for 5 different papers. The trick is to know the course and have the golfers come to you. Work back and forth between adjacent tee's and greens. Don't run up and down fairways as there aren't many good opportunities for a good picture from a second shot on the fairway. If you can find a few spots where you can work adjacent tees and greens you can catch each group several times during the round without doing big distances around the course. Carry a water bottle.

One thing I found about having a cart is I would often find the cart would be on one side of the green and I would be on the other after everyone putted out and by the time I got back to the cart the golfers were starting to tee off on the next hole.

Good luck keeping all the names straight. You will find that the spectators are often family members or coaches and can help you ID the golfers.

If you have access to one a 300 4.0 will lighten the load.
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Stew Milne, Photographer
Providence | RI | USA | Posted: 9:54 AM on 06.03.12
->> Chuck, STOP, don't stick those needles in your eyes. Seriously, getting a golf cart might make your life easier, but it's not always possible.

I have covered a lot of golf in my days, and at my local PGA stop, they don't give the media golf carts. So yes, I walk and or run the course to get all the photos I need. So do all the other photogs. The lazy ones stay at the close holes/greens near the media center and miss a lot of good photos.

@Simon. Very good advice. I find the cart to be a hindrance, for all the issues you mentioned. If you need to get out to a hole at the far end of the course, then grabbing a quick ride out there on a cart is nice, but using it to follow the action from hole to hole seems to be more of a pain in the ass than just walking.
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Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 12:08 PM on 06.03.12
->> Mark,

It sounds difficult, but it is pretty easy job. The first thing you need to do is "GET". Get there EARLY, get a CART, get TEE TIMES for the golfers you need and get a course MAP.

I've shot the Illinois high school golf tournament for the past three years. We have three classes at three different courses, all 7-10 minute drives apart. I usually have several clients for each class with specific golfers to catch at each course.

Study the map and find the closes green and t-box. That is where you want to be. Get the first group with players you need putting, then follow them over to get t-shots. You will get back to the green just in time to get guys chipping on and putting. Get them teeing off and repeat until you have all the players you need.

Missed someone? Need a more dramatic shot? Hop in the cart catch up to them, get the shot and head back to the club house. As you head back, shoot kids you might need extra frames of to CYA or catch the kids teeing off who qualified as individuals (here, their foursomes tee off toward the end of the rounds).

Head to the next course and do the same. When you get there ask the club house folks where the first group is on the course. Head to the green or tee box in front of them and repeat steps above.

Good luck and have fun. I envy you. At least you golf championships are in the summer. Our tourney is held at end of October/ beginning of November, which is great for shots featuring flurries, hail and sometime frigid temps.
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Rodrigo Pena, Photographer
Beaumont | CA | USA | Posted: 12:30 PM on 06.03.12
->> Mark is it important to get the leaders or winners? If not, you have had some great suggestions already. If there is no pairings sheet, (most places have one, but don't have copies to hand out), I take a photo of the one copy so that I can refer to it. If you have a camera phone, it's better to take a photo with your camera phone so you can refer to it easier. This idea goes for all rosters where you can't get a physical copy.

Next, if you have to walk and need to cover a lot of shooters, get to a section of the course where you have several holes that intersect, like Brad mentioned. Sometimes there's a portion of the map where the holes all come together. Sometimes not.

Par 4 holes are difficult to get good reaction. Par 3 and par 5 holes there is a better chance of birdie or eagle (good scores), thus better chances at getting a good reaction.

Some places don't allow carts, some do. It is better if you travel with a reporter because they can give you the information that they are gathering while you are shooting. They can get color for their story and you get a nice chauffeur. Some places have volunteers who can escort you. If you have never driven a cart on a golf course, there is a chance that you could ruin a golfer's concentration by moving your cart too close to them. You want to avoid that situation.

When you're starting out and don't know who is on the hole that you are on, talk to parents and/or coaches to see who is playing on the hole. (Remember to whisper) Then ask if they know where the person you are covering might be. This helps more if you talk to the coach. Parents help with ID'ing the kids on the hole, but don't know much beyond that. Don't forget to ask them how the golfer is doing. Sometimes this info is very valuable.

If you're really crunched for time, just nab tee shots of the kids you don't really need too much on the first tee and wait for the kids that you are going to follow. Normally the ones you're not covering tee off first and will finish first. If you grab a quick tee shot and miss them on the course, at least you'll have a shot of them.

In the future if you're looking for the winners at a pro event, wait until they have finished 9 holes because sometimes you can waste lots of time following people who fall off the leader board after finishing 9 holes. After 9 holes you'll get a better idea of who is in the lead. If you don't have reliable leader boards, ignore this.
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Adam Vogler, Photographer, Photo Editor
Kansas City | Mo. | USA | Posted: 1:00 PM on 06.03.12
->> I'd just add one thing, this is high school golf so figuring out who is who might be a challenge, some kids might not even be wearing school colors. Since your editors want the top two kids for each team dig through the photo archive and do a google search to find some photos of the kids you need and either print them out or put them on your phone. If your schedule allows you to get there early that can also help to ID by sight the kids you need. Be sure to confirm who is who with the writer or a parent or coach. Also I always shoot a photo of the tee marker when I start shooting on a hole so where photos were shot is permanently in my archive. G'luck!
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Mark Kauzlarich, Photographer, Student/Intern
Madison | WI | | Posted: 2:41 PM on 06.03.12
->> Hey guys,

Thanks for all the help. A few things I think I've picked up on or I want to add:

-I've tried finding photos of the guys I need and can't find any really, so I'm going to try to get there early and go to the two high schools and their top two shooters and try to get headshots before the round. Thats something our paper does thousands of, and we might want them, but at least I can reference them then.

-There are no carts offered to media in Wisconsin. You can get a ride TO the hole you want to shoot, but you can't drive around afterwards.

-Here is a course map:
I have the schedule with pairings and the map, both printed out, and I want to follow the second, then the first at one high school, and about 40 minutes later the second and the first come through at the second high school. I think I am going to follow right away the second through 3, then the first through 6, then double back to 2 or 3 and go through 6 again with the second group. Then I can always run off and get whatever other images I want before the third high school 5 hours after the first starts. I can run around and grab miscellaneous or more specific images but at least I can try to get 2 to 3 holes right off the batt for fall-back at the very least.

Talked to my editor and I'm not as quite as pressed for time, but I still want to be as concise and quick as possible. I'll talk to parents and try to find out the name of at least one of the kids in the group, so I can at least find out what group we are in and confirm who I'm shooting.

Keep any other ideas coming.
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Nik Habicht, Photographer
Levittown | PA | USA | Posted: 3:10 PM on 06.03.12
->> Mark,
on the ID thing -- another trick is to shoot the kids you need from head to toe, and then write their names down in the order you shot them or number the prewritten list in the order you shot them. That way you don't have to remember that the kid in blue shorts and a white top is John Smith, while the kid in blue shorts and a white and plue striped top is Adam Jones.

Knowing which kid is wearing which outfit can be helpful -- during editing/captioning, especially if you have a few kids who resemble each other, are wearing almost identical clothes. Different shoes, socks, ball caps, sunglasses, or towels sometimes make the difference when everyone from the school is wearing blue over tan....
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 8:54 PM on 06.03.12
->> PAY for the cart if that's the hangup. When you're shooting with a minimum of two bodies and one lens is long, trying to walk it is CRAZY.

Make friends with the Pro before the thing starts if you can. GET THERE EARLY. I will ID kids at the starting tee, there's usually a official there if you need a assist - or just ask the kids - they're always friendly. The school's logo is usually on the golf bag so that's a help. So are parents - trust me, they will be there in quantity.

I like shooting golf. Shoot wide open on the long lens and throw the backgrounds out and you're good to go. A wide angle is very helpful. If you're looking for inspiration, anything golf by Bob Beck should help.

Go make pretty pictures it's not that tough when it's golf.
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Rich Obrey, Photographer
Gorham | ME | USA | Posted: 10:36 PM on 06.04.12
->> I didn't see it said specifically - so I'll ask: are the golfers all starting at the first tee? Here in Maine it's a shotgun start for the championships, so it doesn't take two days.

With a shotgun start, you can start any place and the golfers will come to you, or you can work backwards.

And the parents walking along in the gallery are always good for IDs.

And finding that "sweet spot" where a tee and green are close together is key for me.

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Mark Kauzlarich, Photographer, Student/Intern
Madison | WI | | Posted: 11:45 PM on 06.04.12
->> Alright guys, if you want a recap, I can give it to you.

I showed up around 9am instead of 7am. I got setup and ready as the first group was coming off the 9th hole at 9:30am, and everyone was shocked at how long the rounds were taking. Turns out they were already looking to be an hour behind. Everyone was starting at the first tee until the afternoon groups started around 12pm, so I caught my first high school as it was coming up the 9th fairway. I scrubbed shooting all but the top two from the three high schools and turned those into priority. Sadly, after the hectic day, that turned out to be a mistake, as one of the dark horses is tied for second. Luckily he's tied with the number one golfer for his team so I had those shots.

No cart, but I gambled when someone saw me huffing it up with the 1's from the first high school, trying to beat them to the green. There would have been no chance in hell, so its a good thing that when someone offered to have me "jump on back," I trusted my 300 2.8 to the guy in the passengers seat and held on for dear life going around the turns and up and down hills as my 6'7" 210lb body hung to the back standing up. Not the safest for me or my gear, but it worked. Surprised there weren't any wheelies.

Got my shots and followed them through 13 where we were backed up again so I followed the number 2 golfer from that first high school for two holes, then cut back to 12 (I think) to catch the second high school's 2 and 1 golfers in a similar fashion.

With backups all day, I was able to use the 15-18 as a good staging area. I shot my last two high school groups coming down 15 and 16, then shot them on the tee at 17, and waited, then did 17-18 for the 1's.

Using the D3's audio recording was a great tool. I asked a parent which group was which. I shot a picture of the group where I could see most faces, and said the hole, the high school, the group, and if it was hard to tell, what other high schools' colors were.

The downside:
-No cart. I asked, and I was warned by an area shooter to expect this, but no carts. Later in the day, I saw two camera crews with them, so I was just fantastically happy about that setup for them, but not for me. Oh well.
-Sunscreen should be applied 500x daily for me. I got burned. Bad. More so than Jim Colburn when he posts a particularly wacky OT message.
-Water for the players at the hole, even though by the path, and even though everyone else who isn't a player is drinking from it, will get you yelled at if you try to drink some yourself. No matter how friendly you are with the marshall.
-Your second body will fail, out of spite, because you didn't use it enough. My D7000 failed on me for no reason. I posted in another thread about it, asking for help, if you have any ideas. I'll be posting an update there.
-You will get heat stroke, and die. Maybe not the dying part, but if you're 6'7" and not good at finding shade, no matter the water, and sunscreen, and breathable clothing, you still can get heat stroke and throw up in a clubhouse bathroom. You also will be professional enough to not make a mess, and get back to shooting.

All in all, everything went well. As expected, the best images were of the kids that did poorly. Sand-trap photos aren't as hard to come by as I expected. I would love to shoot more, but I need to get my D7000 fixed ASAP, then get a second D3, and I would love to have a 400mm out there instead of a 300.

If anyone wants me to, I can put images up from my first foray into golf shooting. They would just be on SS here.

Thanks everyone for the help and tips. Feel free to sound off on anything, particularly the lack of carts. But please, be a little nice to me. It was a pretty rough day, despite how comical I make it sound. I felt like shit for a long portion of it, and was pretty unhappy at the end of the day. This was cathartic though, so I hope you enjoyed.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 11:59 PM on 06.04.12
->> okay mark so you learned some things. some things you didn't. if other media had carts why didn't you? raise hell about that. no "oh well" should have been a "HELL NO". and I am sorry but they yelled at you for wanting water? tell the marshall who told you you that you can't drink from that source to jam it up their ass. seriously, you're kidding right? what will that asshole do? call the cops? I can see that now....."I'M SORRY OFFICER BUT THIS GODDAMN PHOTOGRAPHER THOUGHT HE DESERVED WATER!!!" you need to get a lot more assertive if you think you will survive in this business. and , yes, I am being nice. I know from other posts you are considering going overseas to work in the Middle East. here's some advice...rethink that...if you let some dipshit marshall at a high school golf tourney tell you that the water is unavailable you will most likely be killed in any life threatening situation in a foreign country. use aloe vera for your sunburn.
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Mark Kauzlarich, Photographer, Student/Intern
Madison | WI | | Posted: 12:31 AM on 06.05.12
->> I drank the water Chuck. I didn't care. I did tell him off, but more eloquently than you put it. I told him if they weren't going to give me a cart and going to make me walk 36 holes to do work to cover their event, if they were going to make me pay $2 for a soda at the club house, I was going to drink from their giant tub of water. And then I filled up my bottle. And he let it go. He tried to get in my way a couple times, but what are you going to do.

I'm an assertive guy, but I don't sound off like you, Chuck. You know that, we've emailed before. I am more level headed, but I don't take people's crap. I'm also not too worried about about going abroad. I don't see much correlation between life and death and bullets flying and taking photos of a few nice kids a few wealthy whining ones.

Oh, and as for the cart. Once I saw other media with them, it was late enough in the day, and I was the furthest away from the club house I could have been, that you couldn't have paid me to walk up that hill just so I could cart back down it and up again 10 minutes later. Made no sense. Plus, I pushed a bit and the guy was adamant, and it wasn't worth getting into a fight and getting credentials pulled or anything silly. I got my exercise for the day, even if it did mean getting a little bit too much sun.

Sorry I let you down, Liddy. I'll try to channel my inner Chuck the next time a little girl cuts me off while I'm walking and kick her in the back of the head. Then I'll punch her parents for not teaching her to watch where they're going.

... that was sarcasm by the way. Seriously. I wouldn't do that. I'm a nice person.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 12:57 AM on 06.05.12
->> Mark, "I don't see much correlation between life and death and bullets flying and taking photos of a few nice kids a few wealthy whining ones."
this my lad, is where you will fail. sorry. that is the sad sad truth. no sarcasm here. just the truth. I do wish you well but you have much to learn. you just don't see it. but hey, what do I know? you're just out of college and KNOW it all.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Chicago | IL | usa | Posted: 1:33 AM on 06.05.12
->> Golf can be really hard when you're juggling multiple schools to cover. I'm shocked that carts for media is rare by you guys, it's pretty standard around here. That's tough for sure. Worst case here is that I might have to share one with another photographer because they've ran out.

I had one HS tournament last fall where they were claiming no carts for media. I had like 8 or so schools to cover on a very tight schedule, so I just told them without a cart they were simply not getting coverage. They had one ready to go promptly.

What did your editor have to say? I imagine the staff has been through this before.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer, Photo Editor
PLANET | EARTH | | Posted: 7:51 AM on 06.05.12
->> Andrew +2. it's high school. no cart = no coverage. that won't work with the PGA but I've NEVER seen it not work with a state high school athletic association.
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Michael P. King, Photographer
Madison | WI | USA | Posted: 10:24 AM on 06.05.12
->> For those of you bitching about Wisconsin's lack of golf carts for photographers...

-The state championship tournament is different than the regular season. Most regular season meets you'll have no problem getting your own cart to get to wherever you want to. It's not a hard and fast rule of "no carts in Wisconsin." At state, they're likely reserved for the contracted photo and video teams the WIAA employs.

-"No cart, no coverage": tell that to your editor and see how far that gets you.

-Being a jerk about it to tournament personnel isn't going to fix things or improve relations between photographers and the WIAA.

-Part of "doing the job" is keeping ourselves physically able to do the job (whatever it entails) and dealing with the constant barrage of obstacles we encounter on a day to day basis. It means being prepared. (So I really applaud Mark for posting questions so he could learn what to expect)

A lot of the remarks just play into the hand of those who slam photographers for taking the path of least resistance. I don't mean to say we shouldn't take advantage of efficiencies when they present themselves, but this job, when done well, isn't easy. Accept it. Move on.
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John H. Reid III, Photographer
Gates Mills | OH | USA | Posted: 10:45 AM on 06.05.12
->> On the water front, I was once working at an MLB game at a stadium which no longer exists, long enough ago that they did not charge for meals. They had a sign that stated no food or beverage was to be taken from the room. I would bring my own water bottle, and before going out filled it up with water from the soda fountain machine water tap. Not from a bottle, it was tap water. As I was about to leave the "guard" at the door pointed to the sign. Really. So I emptied out the water from the bottle, then filled it from a water fountain outside the room in the concourse. Other friends have told me stories about being scolded for taking a water from a bucket where everyone, their brother, aunts, uncles and cousins seemed to be allowed, but not a lowly photographer.
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Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 1:48 PM on 06.05.12
->> Mark,

On the subject of food and water, staying both hydrated is just as important to us as it is to the athletes we are photographing. A rule of thumb I use is if I'm covering an event that will last more 1-1/2 hours I bring my own food and/or water. This is a far better option to get through an assignment that offers over priced food/water, rain/traffic delays, little opportunity to take breaks, ect. From May 1 to November 1, I reuse Gatorade bottles filling them 3/4 with water and freezing them. Before heading out to shoot I top them off with water and pack a bag of licorice, fruit bars (avoid FiberOne bars like the plague unless you really one to have fun with course marshals) or a couple of bagels in my vest/bag. For longer assignments I'll bring a few sandwiches in a cooler (left in the car) or go gourmet with homemade hummus and pita. For long assignments on hot days have a couple of bottles of water is every bit as important as remembering to bring a 400mm or compact flash cards to an assignment.
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Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 2:10 PM on 06.05.12
->> Chuck wrote, "...what will that asshole do? call the cops?"

Yep, he probably would have and the responding officer(s) - there is at least two or more at every Illinois state event I've covered and probably the same holds true in Wisconsin and other states - would escorted him off the premises and ask him not to return if he had become belligerent enough to warrant that call.

"I'm shocked that carts for media is rare by you guys, it's pretty standard around here."

Not surprising since the WIAA and the print media are still involved in combative relationship. Andrew, it is likely one of those things the state organization has imposed as retribution for their ongoing disagreement. The fact that Mark was not allowed a drink was another stab at their relationship.

Mark wrote in his post-action report: "
-Water for the players at the hole, even though by the path, and even though everyone else who isn't a player is drinking from it, will get you yelled at if you try to drink some yourself. No matter how friendly you are with the marshall."

Brains, not brawn was in order here even if you didn't bring water. In this case, you should have quietly asked one of the parents to fill your bottle or get you a cup and thanked them. I probably would have taken their email address and late sent them a photo of their kid on that hole.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 3:35 PM on 06.05.12
->> For hydration and nourishment while shooting the PGA event here in Norton, I used a Camelback. My routine was to fill the bladder 1/2 - 2/3's full of plain water the night before and place it in the freezer. In the morning I would add enough Gatorade to fill the bladder and then pack a few Cliff bars in the same compartment as the frozen bladder. The ice block worked to cool the Gatorade and water it down (I find Gatorade to be too sweet) and kept the power bars cool and solid as well.

As an additional upshot of having a 1 liter block of ice on my back, not only did it keep me cool I also packed 2 pairs of spare socks in the backpack. If you start shooting very early in the morning you will end up with your feet soaked from the morning dew in no time flat. There is nothing nicer than being able to change into a cool dry pair of socks on an August day when he temps are in the 90's.
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Pat Lovell, Photographer
Bloomington | IN | US | Posted: 4:23 PM on 06.05.12
->> Honestly, no cart available doesn't surprise me either. I cover a lot of NCAA golf in the spring and early summer and once you get to the NCAA Regionals or Nationals, they don't give the media a cart either. Well, you don't get one to drive yourself, you can get a driver, if they have one available.

I've covered tournaments that gave me a driver for the day, some that will drive you to a spot and offer to come pick you up later and I've covered some where they hand you a map and say "enjoy the walk"...

Usually, in D1 golf, at a normal event or even a Big 10 event, they will accomodate media with your own cart. Once the NCAA gets involved it's in the rulebook that media is not allowed to drive a cart. (I was told this at Ohio State by the SID during NCAA Regionals this year).

High School is another story, I've covered quite a bit of HS golf and have never been turned down.
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Bradly J. Boner, Photographer, Photo Editor
Jackson | WY | USA | Posted: 4:35 PM on 06.05.12
->> This entire thread makes me really appreciate the fact that the folks at the golf courses where I shoot tournaments aren't complete and total douchebags.
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Chicago | IL | usa | Posted: 4:46 PM on 06.05.12
->> ""No cart, no coverage": tell that to your editor and see how far that gets you."

Michael, in the instance I mentioned the editor was aware. It has a tough situation, not a bluff. Tight window of time, several schools to cover, everyone teeing off at the same time on different holes. It just wasn't possible without wheels.

Regardless, I also applaud Mark for posting his questions. Sounds like he did his best to adapt to the situation and learned from the experience.
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 7:45 PM on 06.05.12
->> The one instance I had to PAY for a cart, I had multiple schools to shoot, was late, and the clown behind the counter wouldn't budge. "I have nothing from the Iowa High School Athletic Association that says I have to provide you with a cart" It was a state championship.

"You have nothing to say you don't then either, correct?" I responded.

I was out of time and "no one was available from the IHSAA to give him the go ahead."

I paid him $45 and he thought he'd won. "So, I assume you'll get a lot of publicity from this " I asked. He said "You bet" he responded.

"Well, tell your boss when you see him that none of my cut lines will identify the course for three newspapers. Also be aware that I'll tell the sports editors what happened and I suspect they'll identify the town but not the specific location. - Enjoy the $45 - in my opinion it would have been a lot better deal to have supplied me the cart as a courtesy as every other course I've ever worked has been kind enough to do - but that's just me" I said as I walked out.

As for food, a can of Progresso Light Soup with a pull off top cost $1.89 is low cal, good for you, and is quite refreshing.....

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