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Flash Battery Questions -- Underdog and rechargeable AA
Nik Habicht, Photographer
Levittown | PA | USA | Posted: 4:08 PM on 04.29.12
->> Hi folks,
I've been out of the game for a few years now, but am getting ready to jump back in. In the intervening years, a few of my Jon Falk manufactured Underdog batteries appear to have died from neglect. Mr. Falk appears to be out of business. Any suggestions on who might be able to replace the cells in these batteries?

Also, I've acquired a Canon 580 EX II. I know that at least Robert has mentioned using rechargeable AA cells in flashes -- are there any particular brands that are better than others?

Thank you very much for any suggestions!
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Mark Loundy, Photo Editor
San Jose | CA | USA | Posted: 4:21 PM on 04.29.12
->> The UnderDogs were originally built by Jon VanBeekum, then of the Miami Herald. Internally, they are just 6v gel cells that you can get in many places. I used to make my own. Jon started the same way.

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Sid Hastings, Photographer, Photo Editor
St. Louis | MO | United States | Posted: 5:32 PM on 04.29.12
->> If you're not up to doing the updates yourself, there are retail places that specialize in battery sales that also do updates of rechargables.

Here in St. Louis the local Batteries Plus franchises have repair benches in several of their stores. Most of their work comes from replacing cells in rechargable drills and saws for contractors, but here they also will update your specialty photo batteries. They've done work for me on old Quantum batteries.
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Greg Francis, Photographer
Rochester | NY | USA | Posted: 5:53 PM on 04.29.12
->> BatteriesPlus has the cells probably. If the battery is anything like a Quantum Turbo, it's a marine cell from many places like BatteriesPlus, just unplug the old cell and plug the new one on alligator clips. The Quantum Battery 1 is 3 D cells soldered together.

In terms of AA's, I just got a Lacrosse BC-900 charger which charges each cell individually, I think it's going to extend the life of many of my batteries, I use Duracell & Rayovac, and I have a few Lacrosse cells that came with the charger.
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Peter Caty, Student/Intern
Syracuse | NY | United States | Posted: 6:23 PM on 04.29.12
->> Get the Sanyo Eneloop battery Nik. They can sit for months and not lose a charge and they outlast any standard AA in the 580 EX II. The best rechargeable AAs I've owned.
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Frank Niemeir, Photographer
Woodstock | GA | usa | Posted: 7:22 PM on 04.29.12
->> "It was originally introduced in 1989 by John VanBeekum from Miami, FL. Jon Falk, President of Jon Falk Lights Ltd., Inc., and author of Adventures In Location Lighting, took over manufacture and distribution of the popular UnderDog flash battery in 1995."
Looks like the old domain has been taken over by dog fence batteries.
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Thread Title: Flash Battery Questions -- Underdog and rechargeable AA
Thread Started By: Nik Habicht
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