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Another Take On The Sacramento Bee Affair
Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 11:56 AM on 02.06.12
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Willis Glassgow, Photo Editor, Photographer
Florence | SC | USA | Posted: 1:00 PM on 02.06.12
->> Very interesting. But that's the difference in news in Great Britain, Europe vs the USA. When i lived in Austria, nobody even blinked about setting up a shot. EVERYONE did it. I couldn't believe it. My colleagues over there thought my ethics were silly. It's just the way they are over there.
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Stew Milne, Photographer
Providence | RI | USA | Posted: 8:49 PM on 02.06.12
->> like adding a soccer ball to photo when it's not in the frame? I heard many a story about that from the European shooters.
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Sean D. Elliot, Photographer, Photo Editor
Norwich | CT | USA | Posted: 9:35 PM on 02.06.12
->> the problem with that line of discussion is that Garfield is a Yank ... co-host of the NRP show "On the Media" ... which I enjoy immensely. Someone needs to watch what the watchers are doing and keep us all honest.

the next problem, obviously, is how deeply I disagree with his statements.

His premise appears to be that the ends justifies the means. that as long as we report the general facts of a story it does not matter if we ... make-up quotes, fabricate our images ... I don't know what else he would support. But I don't share that belief.

It's possible that makes me naive, or idealistic. I guess I can live with that.

I believe we must be honest and ethical throughout the practice of journalism. It may be difficult but that does not mean it is not worth the effort.
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Peter Huoppi, Photographer
New London | CT | USA | Posted: 10:57 PM on 02.06.12
->> Wow, I lost a lot of respect for Bob Garfield after reading that.
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Mike Anzaldi, Photographer
Oak Park | IL | USA | Posted: 11:18 PM on 02.06.12
->> i came away with the impression that the author does not disagree that the practice of manipulating photos is wrong, but rather the response to this episode is over-blown. not wrong. over-blown.

can't help but agree. nobody is arguing that the guy was wrong, but even the criminal justice system has varying levels of punishment that depend on the crime, the intent, the damages, the show of remorse/the display of defiance. in this case, the guy is guilty of modifying a picture. bad, bad, bad, fired, blacklisted. but ultimately, what did he do? manufacture reality? not really. he motored through a frog lunch at 10fps and merged a couple frames. bad idea, and universally unacceptable. the end result? not even the birds would argue the authenticity of the frame this guy put together. it happened, just not exactly ;)

all things considered, it's the newspaper. some of the writing and reporting that comes out of even the best papers is often hinky. it happened, just not exactly.

the sarcasm in this piece is great. the guy is getting roasted by journalists. the author is pointing out a simple pot and kettle thing. i get it, and i think it's funny.
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Michael Prengler, Photographer
Fairview | TX | USA | Posted: 11:51 PM on 02.06.12
->> Mike - I think he was suspended and then subsequently fired after it was discovered that he had manipulated more than one photo. One of his tinkerings being a NPPA POY winner.

What was really sad to me is that the original POY shot was plenty good without "fanning the flames".

The only question I have for him is, why? We know there is a multitude of checkboxes he could check as to why, but which is it? When we start to get those answers is when others will really learn from this event.
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Will Lester, Photographer
Ontario | CA | USA | Posted: 12:20 AM on 02.07.12
->> There is nothing to learn from this except don't do it!!!
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Mark J. Terrill, Photographer
Simi Valley | CA | USA | Posted: 1:50 AM on 02.07.12
->> Mike,

Not only did he manufacture a moment that never happened, he manufactured elements of the photograph that don't even exist. There are multiple images of the same plants in that frame (which is how he got caught). It's a flat out lie and I can't fathom any other way to see it. There are "no tolerance" rules in most news organizations about this sort of thing. He's been around a long time and I'm quite sure that he was well aware of them, especially after the Brian Walski incident a few years ago that involved the same sort of manufacturing. I don't think that he is at all surprised that he was fired.
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Mark J. Terrill, Photographer
Simi Valley | CA | USA | Posted: 1:58 AM on 02.07.12
->> BTW, I had an experience with European photographers that I won't soon forget. I was covering rowing at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. After one of the races that involved two rowers in one boat, several photographers on a boat dock started yelling at them to jump out of the boat in celebration. They did so and swam to the dock where the photographers continued to tell them how to celebrate. I asked one of the photographers what the hell they were doing and he couldn't understand why I had a problem with it. I said "It's not real!" He said "It was for us."
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 3:45 AM on 02.07.12
->> I do immensely enjoy listening to On The Media and like Peter I came away a bit dismayed at reading what Bob Garfield had to say, not taking the issue as seriously as many here would.

I think the main cause of this is that Garfield works in radio where they chop-up interviews to no end to make them perfect. We accept this in radio, heck even in TV where we run b-roll over some edit point where we spliced together two bits or more of footage.

You can read about how On The Media and NPR interviews are highly worked and polished pieces before they hit the airwaves.

Even better to listen to the audio piece.

Garfield needs to stick to his element.
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Martin McNeil, Photographer
London | London | United Kingdom | Posted: 6:04 AM on 02.07.12
->> Oh lord, don't get me started on the ding-dong I had with some "local" photographers around the time of the 2008 Olympics. No, I wasn't shooting them - but I had a fairly strong opinion on this article

We've all been at the sidelines of events and witnessed bad or questionable judging and ref calls... but it's *not our job* to get involved.

Needless to say, I was surprised that I seemed to be the only person in my locale (at that time) to have this viewpoint.
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Thread Title: Another Take On The Sacramento Bee Affair
Thread Started By: Jim Colburn
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