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Image recovery software
Jesse Beals, Photographer
Tracyton | WA | USA | Posted: 12:44 PM on 02.03.12
->> Well I did the un-expected and reformatted my CF card and did a photo shoot over the card last night. Now I am trying to recover the photos that were on it from the first shoot. I ran the card through disk doctor and recovered (7) of the 350 files. Any ideas on a good image software recovery program that might be able to pull up more then 7 files?
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Ryan M. Kelly, Photographer, Student/Intern
Newport News | VA | USA | Posted: 12:47 PM on 02.03.12
->> I've had good luck with SanDisk's RescuePro software a few times in the past, their cards normally come with a code to activate the software for free. Depending on how full the card got after the reformat though you may be SOL.
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Will Powers, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 12:58 PM on 02.03.12
->> If you took enough photos seven may be all you can get. Once it is written over, you won't be able to recover the first batch.
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Ron Manfredi, Photographer
Merrick (Long Island) | NY | | Posted: 1:14 PM on 02.03.12
->> I have success with two programs:

Drive Rescue (no longer supported)


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John Meore, Photographer
Tuxedo | NY | United States | Posted: 2:43 PM on 02.03.12
->> This is probably something everyone has done once and only once... It has happened to me.

Now, I erase images from my cards, but I almost never format a card in the field if I can help it. Too risky grabbing the wrong card and poof all the work is gone.

Once it is formated, it becomes harder to recover the data.
Erased images are easier to recover

I have used Disk Drill to recover images from dying hard drives. It also works on cards.
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Jim Colburn, Photographer
Omaha | NE | USA | Posted: 2:45 PM on 02.03.12
->> I highly recommend PhotoRecovery ( It finds things that other programs don't.
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Chris Pondy, Photographer
Anthem | AZ | United States | Posted: 12:06 PM on 02.05.12
->> Did the same thing 2 days ago and used Card Rescue and got all my images back. The card had been formatted not just erased so I was very pleased and it was well worth the $40.

Chris Pondy
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Guy Rhodes, Photographer
East Chicago | IN | USA | Posted: 12:17 PM on 02.05.12
->> This is one reason I use large number labels on each of my cards, and I shoot them sequentially as the day goes on. I know that if I'm on card 3, card 1 is not an option. Plus, I use the tried and true technique of putting the shot / full cards upside-down in the card wallet.

With that said, I've had excellent luck with Lexar's Image Rescue software for those rare slip-ups.
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Brad Camp, Photographer
Bainbridge Island | wa | USA | Posted: 1:07 PM on 02.05.12
->> No worries Jesse--not much to recover anyway---bwaa, haa haaa--See you in the studio Mon :) (he works with me at olympic photo--so I get to raz him...)
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David Dennis, Photographer
Bakersfield | Ca | US | Posted: 2:11 PM on 02.05.12
->> Unfortunately I have done similar things. I have used some software called Active@ File Recovery for Windows -

I would agree with Will. Depending on the size of your CF card and how many pictures you took the second round. You could have easily wrote right over what you might have been able to recover. So the seven images may be all that is left. I would tuck the card away until you can verify depending on the importance of the shoot. Otherwise I would chalk it up to a big mistake. And then schedule a re shoot, if possible.
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Thread Title: Image recovery software
Thread Started By: Jesse Beals
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