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Selling stuff on ebay
Matt Cashore, Photographer
South Bend | IN | USA | Posted: 6:15 PM on 12.21.11
->> I've been an ebay buyer for a long time. I recently tried selling several items via ebay and while they technically sold, only about half the buyers completed the transaction. Is this typical of the ebay selling experience? Buyers think winning an auction simply gives them the *option* of buying...? Yuck.
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Ron Manfredi, Photographer
Merrick (Long Island) | NY | | Posted: 6:29 PM on 12.21.11
->> And unfortunately, they can NOT receive negative feed back for that. I have found that about 1 in 10 "winners" do not pay. About 3 in 10 need a couple of reminders!
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Wesley Bunnell, Photographer
North Branford | CT | | Posted: 6:35 PM on 12.21.11
->> I've usually had better sales than that but have run into an occasional problem with a non paying winner. Unless things have changed recently you may just be having a bit of bad luck.

You may already know this but you can file with ebay to have the sellers fees refunded to you. There is also a way to block certain buyers from bidding on your auctions in the first place if its the same person causing problems.

Overall I've used ebay much less over the past couple of years just due to their increase in fees on top of what paypal charges. I've gone back to sites like this and message boards with pretty good success.
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James Broome, Photographer
Tampa | FL | US | Posted: 6:36 PM on 12.21.11
->> The changes to disallow negative feedback to buyers happened a few years ago. I haven't sold since the change. Prior, however, I never had a single person not follow through on the sale since early 1999. I'm guessing the inability to ding people for not following through has caused more deadbeat winners.
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Michael Prengler, Photographer
Fairview | TX | USA | Posted: 9:38 PM on 12.21.11
->> Matt - I sell a lot of stuff on ebay. Try not to do auctions, do "buy it now" and if you want require immediate payment. I have only had one person ever not pay me and that was an auction. Another very important thing, make sure you send your items with "signature delivery confirmation". There are scammers out there that will win, pay, and they say they never received the item even though they did and request a refund through ebay/PayPal and they will get it. You will NEVER get your money back out of ebay or PayPal. The only protection you have is that someone at the address signed for it. One other thing I do on my auctions if I run one is I require people with less than 5 transactions to check with me prior to bidding. If they don't, I kick their bid and block their ID. Last but not least, when you setup your auctions block bidders from countries you don't want to ship to. Most of the time for me that is everyone that is not in the US proper.
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Juerg Schreiter, Photographer
Fort Lauderdale | FL | USA | Posted: 10:17 PM on 12.21.11
->> I've sold a ton of stuff on ebay, always got paid never a problem. it's the greatest place on earth to sell stuff and get great prices for old stuff.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Tracyton | WA | USA | Posted: 1:35 AM on 12.22.11
->> I had one of my 70-200 2.8 canon lenses fall in a stream a few years back. I sent it to canon and they told me it was toast. Totally bummed I listed it on ebay hoping to maybe get $25. Low and behold I got $750 from a guy in England who used the glass for a telescope. I pretty much got half a down payment on a new 70-200 2.8 lens.

Ebay is hit and miss,
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Thread Title: Selling stuff on ebay
Thread Started By: Matt Cashore
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