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GWC and fake press pass BOOTED
Brad Camp, Photographer
Bainbridge Island | wa | USA | Posted: 6:38 PM on 12.10.11
->> So my team is shooting a massive wrestle tourney with hundreds of wrestlers--its a contract gig for us and all.
In walks the local GWC, flashes a fake press pass and starts shooting everyone and all.
We are used to GWC stuff and have no problem there--except when he faked his way in--got to the announcers table and blabbled over the microphone--"hey, im so and so photography--come to by website later for candid pics.."
The meet director heard that and promptly booted this GWC but out of the coliseum--on the grounds that no ethical media professional would represent a news outlet and so blatantly promote like that.
The GWC camera says "im with the media, I can do what I want"...2 big guards removed him quite efficiently after that--
The editor of the paper is going to have a 'clarity' chat with the 'former' freelancer...
Wow--never seen that before, but thanks to the meet director for understanding some sense of professional ethics...
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Michael Johnson, Photographer, Photo Editor
Geneseo | NY | USA | Posted: 6:46 PM on 12.10.11
->> Nice... we could use event directors around here like that. Instead it's "you have a camera....why come on in and feel free walk around like you own this place"
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Jerome Davis, Photographer
Rochester | NY | USA | Posted: 8:51 PM on 12.10.11
->> I know what you mean mike.
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Sam Santilli, Photographer, Photo Editor
Philippi | WV | USA | Posted: 4:44 PM on 12.11.11
->> Brad, we run into this all the time. We even have one guy in my area that has a criminal record that shows up to events.
BTW, did the GWC even have any pix published by the paper he was supposed to be shooting for? That's why I carry the e-mail from the paper that wants me to cover an event on me.
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Brad Camp, Photographer
Bainbridge Island | wa | USA | Posted: 5:20 PM on 12.11.11
->> Sam--he did not have an assignment--that was the issue with him showing up--he made up a press pass and used to it get access to the event and the floor under the guise of being editorial--he totally started shooting everything, handing out cards to parents/coaches and getting on the intercom, which got the tournament director chaffed.

the editor of the paper is none to happy about the guy representing the paper without authorization--he is an occasional 'dad that goes to stuff and take a pic for the paper guy'.

We see GWC all the time and we are used to that--which is fine--but as former news staffers--you don't show up with a fake press pass, get restricted access because of it and blatantly promote your personal business over the intercoms (while WEARING the media badge--)

Score one for the meet directors and the editor for understanding professional ethics.
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Rick Yeatts, Photographer
Dallas | TX | USA | Posted: 10:37 PM on 12.11.11
->> I know of a parent of an athlete who did the same thing (made his own credential) to try to gain access to a NCAA Conference Swimming Championship.
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 1:29 PM on 12.12.11
->> Amazing what people will do, unfortunately run into them a lot out here.

This past season had a guy represent himself as a team doctor. Nobody questioned him until he started acting like a fan asking for photos and autographs on the field, he was a doctor but not the team one.

Had one girl come down to the dugout looking at me funny saying "there's no photo pit?" Just replied nope, do you have a pass to be here? Of course she did not and started yelling how she has insurance so that makes her a professional and thus allowed to be in the dugout! Oh, so that's how it works??

Worst part is half of them would get away with it if they acted professional in any manner, but nope they have the same mentality as this guy in that they're fake media and can do what they want which usually gets them found out quick.
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Michael Prengler, Photographer
Fairview | TX | USA | Posted: 1:59 PM on 12.12.11
->> Did anyone see the Oklahoma Texas Tech game and the photog chewing out the Tech DB on the sideline after a late TD catch? I thought it must be the kid's dad but the kids reaction looked like he didn't know the guy.

After the game they are interviewing Tuberville and the same guy is just loitering around behind Tuberville in view of the TV cameras etc. He stayed in-frame for the entire interview. I have screen grabs of it....
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Clark Brooks, Photo Editor, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 5:16 PM on 12.12.11
->> A year ago at the state football championships a school allegedly made and distributed counterfeit passes.

Not pleased, the result was this by the Illinois athletic association:

This year, to combat the possibility of the situation from returning, accredited reporters and photographers were given an extra sticker that had to be affixed to their media pass. Event security was to remove anyone who had a what appeared a valid pass but not the sticker.
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James Durbin, Student/Intern, Photographer
Carbondale | IL | USA | Posted: 8:40 PM on 12.12.11
->> I will be the first to admit that I used to use my cameras and a nice confident attitude to get on fields in my younger days, before I worked for any publications, in order to build my portfolio. If any one of us has NEVER done that as a young shooter then they must have come out of the womb a professional photographer. But acting unprofessional while representing oneself as one is where the real problem lies. I'll be the first to help out a young shooter if they just ask.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Tracyton | WA | USA | Posted: 3:08 AM on 12.13.11
->> The issue here is the Guy With Camera came in saying he was with the local paper. The event people got excited that the paper was here to cover. But then the guy changed course and starts photographing kids from outside the county and not the local kids during the wrestling tournament. To make matters worse, he starts handing out business cards to coaches, parents and athletes after each match. And the topper, during the event he goes up to the PA announcer hands him a card and asks to be recognized as the photographer covering this event and for all parents to go to his personal website to purchase prints / not the newspaper that he was supposedly shooting for. Even knowing that the tournament had it's chosen photography service on hand to assist all parents with action sports photos.

Kinda funny watching him leave, he stood his ground ever so heated saying he was doing nothing wrong. It's people like this that are bringing this industry down.
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TD Paulius, Photographer
Orland Park | IL | USA | Posted: 9:40 AM on 12.13.11
->> He should have borrowed Luke Johnson's $20 shirt!
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Denny Kyser, Photographer
Russell | Pa. | United States of America | Posted: 9:54 AM on 12.15.11
->> I am glad he got booted, wish more places required credentials to shoot events. Not trying to make things complicated but at least make insurance a requirement, before someone gets hurt and its next to impossible for professionals to get access.
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Thread Title: GWC and fake press pass BOOTED
Thread Started By: Brad Camp
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