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Question for Canon to Nikon switchers?
Martin Beddall, Photographer
Horsham | West Sussex | UK | Posted: 8:44 AM on 09.08.11
->> I've done a partial switch from Canon back to Nikon and am now using two D3S cameras for some work. Absolutely love them - my last Nikon digitals were the D1X & D100 - what a difference. However I have two gripes. The reddish skin tones - okay fixable, but a bit annoying at times.

But also the back button focus ( AF-ON ) I keep finding both bodies just refusing to focus at times, with different lenses although the worst seems to be the 70-200? Maybe it works differently to the Canon, but has anyone else who has switched found this? Or is this just operator error? Or do I need to take these cameras in to Nikon?
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David Herren, Photographer, Assistant
Bakersfield | Ca. | U.S.A. | Posted: 9:14 AM on 09.08.11
->> I switched to Nikon at the end of last year, and I am still figuring some small things out with my cameras (D700). I had a problem with the reddish skin tones too, but quickly figured out that I had my camera set to "vibrant". Easy fix, and that took care of the skin tone problem. As far as the focusing problem, I find that my camera 'searches" with my 70-200VR1 at times too. Especially in low light. It may be something I am doing wrong, but the I do feel that the Nikon's are a little more finicky (sp?) than the Canons, BUT my portraits have never looked better!
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Andy Bronson, Photographer
Bellingham | WA | USA | Posted: 12:32 PM on 09.08.11
->> Martin, if you have older style lenses, they seem to not focus as well as newer VR II lenses. Also check menus for focusing points and how they relate to the focus switch on the camera back. 9 point AF with single point switch , or 3D tracking with switch set to the middle tracking point on the switch. It took me a while to figure out which set to use with what sport, feature. And our old lenses dont make it easy to get good sharp images. So, good luck
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Patrick Murphy-Racey, Photographer
Powell | TN | USA | Posted: 11:18 PM on 09.08.11
->> I have found both are true so far. My portraits have a warmer tone to them-- it helps to do a custom WB on each lit setup you do but the files are definitely different than canon...

as for the AF-ON button, I find that I cannot aquire action as good as the mark 4's but that once it finds focus even on a moving subject, it holds very well. My issue is with the first aquire--kind of slow to wake up and react...

agreed on both points... the flash doesn't suck though!!!

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Thread Title: Question for Canon to Nikon switchers?
Thread Started By: Martin Beddall
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