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Remote cameras with PW Flex & Mini
Randy Abrams, Photographer
Bath | NY | US | Posted: 11:52 AM on 08.23.11
->> Does anyone have experience with the doing remote camera triggering using the Pocketwizard Flex and Mini (for Nikon)? Basically I'm wondering about distance achieved. I tried a D700 with Flex (all current beta firmware) up on a running track level in a gym. I tried firing it with a Mini from down on the gym floor and got very poor distance. Wondering if I would be better off getting a pair of Plus IIs for the triggering?
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Paul DiSalvo, Photographer
Highlands Ranch | CO | United States of America | Posted: 12:34 PM on 08.25.11
->> According to specs I've seen, MultiMax and PlusII have a range of up to 500 meters while Flex/Mini are rated at 360 meters (drops to 240 if you're doing TTL flash stuff) so a pretty big drop. Of course these are perfect world numbers and in reality, actual range is lower. I do some soccer remotes and have had better luck bringing in a small light stand and mounting my remote trigger as high as I can go. With the camera and trigger at ground level, distance was way lower as the ground absorbs a lot of the radio energy. I also bought a 6' mono audio extension cord to let me raise the PW even higher on the light stand.
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Robert Beck, Photographer
Carlsbad | CA | USA | Posted: 4:59 PM on 08.25.11
->> Doug Pensinger uses them in Denver for basketball. 'Seems to like them. I use them for high speed strobes and love them.
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Justin Edmonds, Student/Intern, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 5:30 PM on 08.25.11
->> Doug actually hard wired strobes and remotes for NCAA and NBA playoffs because of the spotty results. Both the MultiMaxes and Flex/Mini produced inconsistent results at the Pepsi Center so he didn't want to risk it.

I hardwired for the NCAA tourney but I used both the MM and Mini on lights for NBA playoffs and they worked great. I will say that I definitely notice a drop in consistency with my mini TT1 in everyday use. Occasionally it even struggles in portrait situations. The 1/500th sync is amazing though.

Every venue and situation is different though so what issues we may have at our venues probably won't be the same at yours.
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Randy Abrams, Photographer
Bath | NY | US | Posted: 7:59 PM on 08.25.11
->> Thanks for the replies. I know some have said that when the batteries are getting low the units start acting funny. I may try some fresh batteries to see if that makes any difference. I'm worried now about the Mini/Flex being able to fire lights in this particular gym. I've never had any problems with my Cybersyncs for light triggering so I'm hoping the PW will work.
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Thread Title: Remote cameras with PW Flex & Mini
Thread Started By: Randy Abrams
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