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Lyle Waisman, Photographer
Chicago | IL | USA | Posted: 4:51 PM on 07.27.11
->> I've recently started using the R-Strap system, and my Aquatech covers don't work properly with the tripod socket attachment.

Are there any rain covers that work better with Black Rapid connectors?
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Sam Santilli, Photographer, Photo Editor
Philippi | WV | USA | Posted: 5:24 PM on 07.27.11
->> Black garbage bag, three or four rubberbands.
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Darren Carroll, Photographer
Cedar Creek (Austin) | TX | USA | Posted: 5:44 PM on 07.27.11
->> Not sure what kind of lens you're using, but if it's a long(ish) zoom or small tele like a 300/f4, buy the Think Tank Hydrophobia 70-200 and you won't have to worry about using any straps on your camera body as the strap is an integral part of the cover. Ingenious.
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George Bridges, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 6:56 PM on 07.27.11
->> Since most rain covers are designed to cover the top and allow some access through the bottom, the fact the R-Strap holds the camera upside down makes the rain cover kind of pointless.

I'd go with Darren's suggestion. Most of the time you can use the R-Strap if you like, but when it is raining, pull it off and don't worry about putting a new strap on, it's built-in. Sure the camera will hang differently off your shoulder, but the whole point is protection from the rain, and you are best doing that how the rain cover is designed.
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Daniel Goncalves, Photographer
Jacksonville | FL | USA | Posted: 9:16 PM on 07.28.11
->> I like the disposable optech rain covers. Cheap and small enough to keep on in all your camera bags and you can make it so you can have your strap come out the bottom but still be protected.

I use mine on up to a 70-200/2.8.
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Chad Hipolito, Photographer
Victoria | BC | Canada | Posted: 12:13 PM on 07.29.11
->> These work great:
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Luke Johnson, Photographer, Student/Intern
St.Petersburg | FL | USA | Posted: 12:54 PM on 07.29.11
->> Has anyone used the new Canon Rain covers?
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Chris Large, Photographer
Okotoks | AB | Canada | Posted: 11:46 PM on 07.29.11
->> I agree with Chad - the kata covers are great bang for the buck. I've used them on a couple of shows that we were under rain towers for weeks on end with total dry cameras and lenses. The one thing I do is put a hinged Velcro plastic cover that swings down to cover the front element when I'm being soaked but actually not shooting.

I've tried several kinds, including garbage bags and rubber bands - a lot cheaper than several other brands but work as good or better.
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David Scott, Photographer
Portland | OR | US | Posted: 1:27 AM on 07.31.11
->> I've used an AquaTech Sports Shield for two seasons now and it's held up very well. The only thing I can compare it to is an old Laird Rain Hood which I think I used in the '80s. :)

-- Dave
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 1:49 PM on 07.31.11
->> +1 for Kata and OpTech covers.
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Butch Miller, Photographer
Lock Haven | PA | USA | Posted: 2:10 PM on 07.31.11
->> @ David ... I too had one of Larid's covers ... as I recall they were Christy Camera Covers ... made with Gore-Tex ... I don't think they are available ... quite nice at the time, I still have one somewhere ...

The Think Tank Hydrophobia is a nice collection as well ...

... and I have been using the Newswear Poncho for about 7-8 years now (bought it before the ThinkTank, Kata or Aquatech options were available )

Unfortunately for Lyle, I don't think any of these suggestions are optimal for carrying a camera/lens unit with an R-strap ...

Sometimes when the weather man is calling for rain, I will enclose a D300, 17-55, SB800 combo in a heavy clear plastic bag that I receive prints in from the lab. I use rubber bands to fit the plastic to the flash so the IR and other sensors are not obscured by folded or bunched up plastic, use a little gaffer tape to secure the bag to the lens hood (cutting out the plastic for the lens opening and eyepiece) ... twist the opening of the bag around the connect-R and seal with some more gaffer tape leaving the swivel uncovered to it can move ... it isn't pretty, but gets the job done ... you can't access the camera or flash controls from underneath the plastic, but for night field sports, it is rare I have to make any major adjustments to setting, though the plastic is thin enough to allow changes ...
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Thread Title: Raincovers
Thread Started By: Lyle Waisman
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