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Live Music Mic for HDSLR
Brian Jenkins, Photographer
Burlington | VT | United States | Posted: 3:45 PM on 04.01.11
->> I have the Nikon 300s and I am looking to get a mic for it. I primarily shoot live music. I do have an external audio source (Zoom h4n) but I would like something for the camera itself. I mainly shoot up close to the bands and stage and I want use the sound from the camera as a reference or as a back up to the Zoom. I plan on using the mic for other projects as well. I have looked at a few mics out there but looking for suggestions for experienced users.
Thanks in advance!
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David Welker, Photographer, Student/Intern
Springfield | MO | USA | Posted: 10:44 PM on 04.01.11
->> i personally use the rode shotgun mic for the majority of my video work with my mk IV. I am still learning the way around video but figured I would throw out that mic to start.
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Chris Peterson, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbia Falls | MT | USA | Posted: 7:03 PM on 04.05.11
->> The Rode Video Mic Pro records sound very well and can be adjusted for gain. I use it regularly, but the shock absorber system is sorta flimsy. I wish it was better built.
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Matthew Jonas, Photo Editor, Photographer
Evergreen | CO | USA | Posted: 7:30 PM on 04.05.11
->> I would go with something a little smaller and more discreet if you are going to be working in the pit in front of the stage. I use a Sennheiser MKE-400 mic for most on camera work. It has a built in shock absorber, is made of metal, runs on a single AAA battery and has a 2 step gain adjustment and wind filter.
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Doug Murray, Photographer
West Palm Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 7:27 AM on 04.06.11
->> I use the Rode Video, but Nikon just announced their own which runs of the camera battery.
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Jonathan Castner, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 9:17 AM on 04.06.11
->> When I'm in a situation like that my first move is to get a feed from the sound board and run that straight to my Tascam recorder. That is how you get clean sound. If you get there ahead of time and ask nicely there is rarely an issue with this, the guys from the TV stations get that all the time. Room sound is nearly always a total mess or worse so I don't even bother. If you are trying to make sure that your video is syncing with your "good" audio then nearly any mic will work so long as it can handle the sound pressure from the concert and you can turn down it's gain enough to not be clipping.
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Thread Title: Live Music Mic for HDSLR
Thread Started By: Brian Jenkins
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