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iPad camera connection kit??
Jim Pierce, Photographer
Waltham | MA | USA | Posted: 8:59 PM on 02.06.11
->> If I have the iPad camera connection kit it looks like I can attaché my CF reader and transfer or at least attach pics to an email and send them off.

Is this true? I would love to bring my iPad to events and transmit from that rather than my laptop

Anyone use the iPad for transmitting 5mb files thru email?

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Jack Kurtz, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | United States | Posted: 9:47 PM on 02.06.11
->> The iPad may not provide enough power to use a CF reader. There is no yes or no answer to that. Different people with various USB CF readers have had different results. But you could use a CF to SD adapter ( ) in your camera, shoot to the SD card and then edit on the iPad.

In terms of using the iPad to transmit, it's really easy. (In the interest of full disclosure, I don't have an iPad, but I use an iPhone 4, and it's the same workflow.) There's a slick little app called Filterstorm ( that allows you to access your photos, color correct and edit them, write captions AND ftp them to a client. Filterstorm is great and worth every penny of the $4.99 price.

I wrote a piece on using the iPhone and Filterstorm a couple of months ago here:’s_Get_Small.html (you'll have to cut and paste the url)

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Andrew Brosig, Photo Editor, Photographer
Nacogdoches | TX | United States | Posted: 9:57 PM on 02.06.11
->> I don't have an iPad, but one of the guys at the college I cover was showing his setup the other night before a basketball game. He tethers his D3s directly into the iPad via USB through a little doodad that plugs into the bottom. I was getting set up myself, so didn't take too long a look at it, but it seemed to work well and fairly fast. I'm not sure what software he was using, or any of the other particulars. But I'm sure details could be found easily enough.

Hope this helps
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Butch Miller, Photographer
Lock Haven | PA | USA | Posted: 9:12 AM on 02.07.11
->> Currently, USB card readers are problematic. Prior to the update to iOS 4.2.1, many readers would work, in the most recent update, Apple chose to limit the power level to the Camera Connection Kit USB connector, rendering the use of a card reader to useless status.

Currently, I use the connection kit to connect the camera directly and load the images I want on the iPad, process in Filterstorm and upload via FTP right from the app. Easy peasy. I don't use email for larger files as it can be problematic for many reasons.

So to answer your question, yes, you need the Camera Connection Kit, no, you likely won't get an unpowered CF card reader to work ... but you can load images by connecting the camera to the iPad.
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Steve Violette, Photographer
Gulf Breeze | FL | USA | Posted: 9:44 AM on 02.07.11
->> Jim,
If you are using Canon, you can also use the WFt transmitters. I use the wft-e2a with mbpro, mbAir and iPad. with the iPad it is straight forward with the Shuttersnitch App and works great and will send any file size or type with the newer version as long as your email will handle the size.

Otherwise take a look at the eyefi cards and the review done by rob galbreath and he walks you through the set up. Shuttersnitch does work as advertised

Good luck

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Chris Russick, Photographer, Assistant
St. Petersburg/ Krakow PL | FL | USA | Posted: 10:54 AM on 02.07.11
->> Jim,
I do have an iPad and have used it to download and transmit. You may download directly from the camera to the iPad using the USB cable. The camera will power the CF card. I don't know how this works with Cannon equipment however I can affirm that it does work properly when connected to a D3. Workflow is certainly not as fast as using photomechanic to weed through images however the iPad is MUCH more portable.
Feel free to email me offline if you have specific questions. I'm happy to help.
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Jeffrey Nycz, Photographer
Warsaw | IN | USA | Posted: 7:23 PM on 02.07.11
->> Jim:

I use a jail broken iPad, Eye-Fi card, My-Wi and Shuttersnitch software to transmit images wirelessly to the iPad. At the end of this year, Eye-Fi will have an App and firmware upgrade to transmit wirelessly without performing a Jailbreak.

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Jim Pierce, Photographer
Waltham | MA | USA | Posted: 9:57 PM on 02.07.11
->> Thanks everyone I see I have a few options and will investigate. Used the laptop tonight at the Bean pot but boy the Ipad would be much easier....

Keep the opinions and options coming!!

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Thread Title: iPad camera connection kit??
Thread Started By: Jim Pierce
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