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Pocketwizard Problem
Joel Strickland, Photographer
Melbourne | Victoria | Australia | Posted: 2:28 AM on 04.12.10
->> Hi all

I hope someone can help me out there

I am having problems getting a pair of Pocketwizard Plus II's to trigger a camera, when they are set up on a long straight beach.

I cant seem to be able to get any longer then 50m out of them before they stop triggering the camera

They are in line of site of each other

Any ideas?


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Mark J. Terrill, Photographer
Simi Valley | CA | USA | Posted: 2:35 AM on 04.12.10
->> Joel,

Get them as high off the ground as possible and make sure that the transmitter and receiver antennas are parallel.

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Mark Peters, Photographer
Highland | IL | USA | Posted: 7:29 AM on 04.12.10
->> Also, ensure that the antennas are pointed straight up.
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Geoff Miller, Photographer
Portage | MI | USA | Posted: 9:44 AM on 04.12.10
->> Joel,

If you're mounting the cameras along metal fencing, it may be attenuating the signal. If that's the case, try mounting the PW with the antenna perpendicular to the fencing, if you haven't already. But as Mark mentioned, make sure both antennas are in the same horizontal or vertical orientation.
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Bryan Hulse, Photographer
Nashville | Tn | USA | Posted: 10:27 AM on 04.12.10
->> Yes, if the camera and PW are on the ground, your distance is quite limited. You need to get the PW's up in the air. If you have any metal nearby, the distance is reduced even more.
I have long cords from my PW's and have even put them up on a light stand with the camera on the ground.
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Jon Currier, Photographer
Portland/Vancouver | OR/WA | US | Posted: 2:22 AM on 04.15.10
->> I like to separate my PW with a cord to reduce interference with the flash. I have also made a small attachment to stretch above the flash out of Pvc in the air when needed. It make for a direct line of sight to the camera.
Good luck let us all know what happens.
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Louis Brems, Photographer, Photo Editor
Moline | IL | United States | Posted: 9:25 AM on 04.15.10
->> OT, But, Does anyone know of a good place to have a pair repaired?
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Vern Verna, Photographer
Greenville | SC | United States | Posted: 6:23 PM on 04.22.10
->> remember they dont work well near water and dont transmit well at all thru water. Ur body is 70% water so if it against ur body that causes problems too. I would say at the beach (remember sand is extremely wet and saturated with water at the water level so the higher the tide the closer it gets to ur wizards. Get em as high as possible and get the antenna straight up.
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Thread Title: Pocketwizard Problem
Thread Started By: Joel Strickland
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