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|| Member Message Board

Chad Hipolito, Photographer
Vancouver | BC | Canada | Posted: 6:18 PM on 03.09.10
->> My PC recently bit the dust, the blue screen of death plagued my computer and no longer works so I've since installed Parallels on my Macbook to use certain PC programs that I don't have for Mac. I was wondering what anti-virus or internet security program I could use to protect both sides. Or am I fine protecting just the PC side? If that's the case I had Kaspersky installed on my PC without issues.

I know Norton has such a program to protect PC and Mac at the same time but the customer reviews are mixed and it sounds like it causes problems with certain programs and it likes to scan often which would slow my computer. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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Gerry Maceda, Photographer
La Quinta | CA | | Posted: 10:38 PM on 03.09.10
->> Chad, I use AVG Free from Grisoft on the Windows side of my Mac (thru Parallels). They also have a paid version which has more features like anti-spam, firewal and others. Here's the link that compares the free and paid versions:

Aside from running an anti-virus program on Windows I also do occasional Snapshots of Windows in Parallels so that I could easily revert back to a Windows state in case it get's infected by a virus or malware.
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Mark Loundy, Photo Editor
San Jose | CA | USA | Posted: 1:09 AM on 03.10.10
->> Stay away from Norton for the Mac. I have heard an enormous number of complaints about it over the years. A lot of unexplained problems seem to go away simply by uninstalling it.

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Paul Stackhouse, Photographer
Cary | NC | USA | Posted: 7:17 PM on 03.10.10
->> Chad, If you want to try and bring your PC back to life. You could reinstall Windows and then use to easily load additional software. It has some good free security software options.

I use Sun VirtualBox (free) to run Windows on my MacBook and have Microsoft Security Essentials (free) running on it.
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John Korduner, Photographer
Baton Rouge | LA | United States | Posted: 7:22 PM on 03.10.10
->> The McAfee still hasn't even upgraded for Snow Leopard, so you're basically forced to uninstall it, until they get around to patching it up.
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Darren Whitley, Photographer
Northwest Missouri | MO | USA | Posted: 9:50 PM on 03.10.10
->> Anti-virus isn't needed if you keep your internet use limited to the OSX side of the computer. Keep your email and browsing Mac-based and you should be fine. And if your PC partition is messed up. Delete it and reinstall. It won't take down the Mac side of the machine.

If you insist on anti-virus, try NOD-32 by It's lite weight, not bloatware like McAfee and Norton. Nod-32 is about $40/yr.

The biggest threat to your computer is your habits. If you surf for warez or p o r n, you're more likely to get into the muck. A firewall such as a router should stop most attacks.
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Chad Hipolito, Photographer
Vancouver | BC | Canada | Posted: 12:27 AM on 03.11.10
->> I went for AVG on the PC side, free is good.

Paul, I will try that. I was told it could be a number of things like a new video card, which in a lap top this old wont make sense replacing, as well as memory, the computer is 6 yr old, which is ancient. I've only lost software which ive since installed on Mac through Parallels. I can remove the harddrive and have another portable external which is also good.

Thanks guys.
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Thread Title: Anti-virus
Thread Started By: Chad Hipolito
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