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1D4 Thoughts After a Couple Games
Gregory Greene, Photographer
Durham | NH | USA | Posted: 10:07 PM on 02.13.10
->> I finally had a chance to use the 1D4 at a couple
of hockey games and the first half of a womans
basketball game. I wanted to give the expansion
AF setting a chance since there have been some
good reviews on it. I was using CFIII-2-standard,
CFIII-4-continuous, and CFIII-8-surrounding. I
had center AF point selected for horizontal shooting
and two points up in vertical with CFIV-16-2 set.
All shot with my 70-200 f2.8 non-IS zoom with MA
set to +8.

I have to say that for me that set of parameters
was pretty inconsistent. Granted I was shooting
through the glass for hockey which had it's fair
share of puck marks and smudges but I was
hoping for a bit better out of Canons latest. The
basketball court was even more problematic in
my opinion. I would definitely not use expansion
there again. The AF simply grabs other players
too randomly. I'm going to try using the slow
sensitivity at some point but I don't have much
confidence in it.

I do have some hope that for gymnastics it will
work out as the gymnists are alone and isolated
from the background a bit more.

More hockey and basketball this week. On my
1D2 I found I had the best results with no
expansion and sensitivity set to fast. I jump
around a lot and usually just fire off bursts of 2-4
shots during peak action. I'm going back to those

I know this is subjective, but I miss the tank like
feeling of my 1D2. I know the 1D4 is built well but
it just doesn't have that same ROCK SOLID feel as
the 1D2. Maybe it's just the weight. I don't know.
Curious if other people notice it.

Still trying to dial in the right settings that will
work with my shooting style. One really nice
change for me is the buffer and write speed. The
1D2 would leave me incapable of taking photos
sometimes as I waited for the images to write.
The 1D4 is way faster and I never found myself
waiting. I'm not even using the best cards either
as I thought for the money the Sandisk 16Gb
60mb/sec ones were good enough.

Anyways, my 2 cents as a part timer.
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Russ Isabella, Photographer
Salt Lake City | UT | USA | Posted: 1:37 AM on 02.14.10
->> Gregory:

I was very happy with my 1DIV's AF performance shooting NCAA basketball. I posted a thread with some photos/impressions here:

My relevant settings for C.FnIII:

2- -1 = one scale point to the left of center (moderately slow?)

AF acquisition was super fast, tracking was consistent, didn't lose focus much at all.

There's a great Canon document that covers the many complexities of the AF system. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet:
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Gregory Greene, Photographer
Durham | NH | USA | Posted: 10:05 AM on 02.14.10
->> Thanks Russ. Pretty much the settings I shot with other
then the sensitivity being one notch slower. I will
definitely try a slower setting at some point. I did get
a chance to read over that 1D4 pdf on focus and before
going to the games set up my camera to give some of those
suggestions a try.

For whatever reasons it was just very inconsistent. There
were times when I thought I was locked onto a single player
with no one else around her yet the photos came out slightly
out of focus. Other times I thought I had acquired initial
AF tracking on a player yet as I followed the player for
a few frames it was in and out of focus. These were not
very fast motions either, simply players dribbling from one
side of the court to another. You would think that in
standard sensitivity it could keep up.

Certainly not ruling out the photographer at this point.
I'm a part timer only and with a new camera there is
always a need to get use to it and know all the settings.

Off to take pics of my finacee's daughter and her horse.
I haven't had much of an opportunity to shoot AF one shot
yet so I want to get some casual portraits in.
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William Purnell, Photographer
Wichita | Ks | | Posted: 11:34 AM on 02.14.10
->> I've only gotten to play with a MkIV for a few minutes so no real testing involved. But I liked what I saw in the moment. Then again I've never had any real problems with my mark III's. Aside from what I'd call normal issues with any equipment thats super sensitive and so critically accurate. I calibrate and tweek my monitor every two weeks, I dont just say "This Lacie is junk" because it requires fine tuning.

But on a bit of a side note, do you guys think there is so much worry and paranoia about it that people might be a tad hypercritical when it comes to testing out the autofocus on new canons?

Like they shoot 100 frames that would require some skill and 10 are OOF they automatically go "oh.. camera's junk, canon demons again".

I've often wondered how many "bad III's" were actually "bad photographer". Just my morning rant, but I'm not really complaining, I look forward to buying "bad" mark IV's in a year for 2k.
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Gregory Greene, Photographer
Durham | NH | USA | Posted: 12:27 PM on 02.14.10
->> I think to a certain extent it is in the back of peoples
minds. I know it is for me. I avoided the 1D3 because
of all the problems reported from varied sources not just
Rob Galbraith. On the other hand I also realize that
coming from a 1D2 there are a lot of differences between
the bodies so I have to be patient and try the various
settings and find the right ones for me.

I know that my own skill level comes into play here so I
would never expect the camera to be perfect. I'm just
looking for consistency so that I have some idea of what
will work and what won't.
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Russ Isabella, Photographer
Salt Lake City | UT | USA | Posted: 1:24 PM on 02.14.10
->> William: No doubt this will depend on the person. It's probably equally likely someone would ignore/deny problems rather than admit their 5G's might have been misspent. What would be great is if we could be assured of cutting the wheat from the chaff where all reviews/impressions are concerned. I don't think that's possible, so for me, I'll read a lot of what's out there and try to keep an open mind, but ultimately, it's how the camera performs in my hands that I have to be concerned about.
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David Rossiter, Photographer
Lethbridge | AB | Canada | Posted: 2:15 PM on 02.14.10
->> You will increase the guality of you photogs a lot when shooting through plexi-glass by stopping the lens aperture down 1/2 stop. And get a Mamiya M77mm #2 collapsible rubber lens hood so you can press up tight and not worry about bumping the front of you lens agains the glass.
RE: the lens hood -- everyone that has a Canon 70-200 f2.8 should get one of these they are soooooooo much more usefull that the Canon stock hood.
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Thread Title: 1D4 Thoughts After a Couple Games
Thread Started By: Gregory Greene
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