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|| Member Message Board

How'd you sell your first photo?
Robby Gallagher, Student/Intern, Photographer
Brookings | SD | USA | Posted: 11:36 AM on 02.11.10
->> I was sitting here thinking about it, you know, how I sold my first picture. I guess it never would have happened if I didn't first offer to do it for free.

I am Cedar Rapids and SDSU's women's basketball team was heading to Iowa City to play the Hawkeyes. So I called the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls and the Register in Brookings and said, "Hey I will be there, do you want pictures?" They did and ever since I have been there Brookings area photographer.

It's not that great of a story, but I was wondering how you all got it going.

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Daniel Berman, Student/Intern, Photographer
Seattle | WA | US | Posted: 12:46 PM on 02.11.10
->> As a 17 year old just starting to shoot, I desperately wanted to cover a local 3-day national music festival called Bumbershoot.

I emailed my completely meager portfolio to every newspaper and magazine in Washington State listed in an online journalism phonebook.

After days of no responses, one chain of weeklies called The Enterprise Newspapers emailed me back.

Chris the photo editor told me that while they don't cover Bumbershoot, he would like to offer me some freelance assignments if I was interested.

My first assignment with them was at a bakery attempting to build the world's largest cinnamon roll. The bakery did not succeed, but I also got my first cover photo, and a headline which read "Sticky Fingas"

Some five years later and The Enterprise has remained one of my most loyal and profitable clients. It's definitely about building relationships, as Matt Brown has said.

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Max Waugh, Photographer
Bothell | WA | USA | Posted: 1:04 PM on 02.11.10
->> I think my first license was to a small nature preserve in Illinois for an image that was incorporated in a placard. It was fun having the opportunity to visit the place a while later when I went out to the Midwest to shoot a football game. Like most of my business, that lead came from search engine traffic.

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Clay Carson, Photographer
Little Rock | Ar | USA | Posted: 1:13 PM on 02.11.10
->> I had just graduated from High School and was cruising one night with my buddies and we saw a fairly large house fire. Road was blocked by a police car so I walked in through some woods and started shooting. Someone puts a hand on my shoulder from behind and asked "Who are you working for?" Fearing it was the authorities, I turned and lied "with the Democrat". The guy looked a bit startled and said, "That's funny, I work for the Democrat and I don't know you". Then he laughed, gave me his card and told me to bring some prints in the next day. They used one, paid $10 and ran it page one. I went to work for that newspaper 2 years later, and after 30 years, still work there.

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Debra L Rothenberg, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 1:23 PM on 02.11.10
->> I was 16 and snuck my camera into a concert-Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. I sent some photos off to a "fanzine" who sent them to Southside's manager. Several months or so later I got a call and I was terrified, actually thinking I was going to get arrested for taking photos when the ticket said no cameras. Southside loved the photo and they used it on his next album. It was the first photo I ever took with my Minolta SRT-201, and I made a whole $75.
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Brian Hollingsworth, Photographer
Austin | TX | USA | Posted: 1:28 PM on 02.11.10
->> I was a 20 year old undergrad, living in a less than desirable Boston neighborhood. At about 10pm I was standing by my living room window talking on the phone with my mom. I heard a series of pops outside. I turned and looked out the window just in time to see a man walking away from another guy crumpling to the sidewalk near a bunch of pay phones across the street. I told my mom, "I gotta go. I think someone was just shot outside of my house, and I'm going to go take photos," and hung up.

DON'T EVER DO THIS TO YOUR MOM! Take it from me, lie to her. Tell her it was a car crash, you have to use the bathroom, the dog threw up...anything other than someone was shot and you're going to go investigate.

I ran outside, and from my side of the street I snapped a few shots of the scene. I remember the guy's eyes seemed to be staring right at me, and I was amazed I could see them so clearly even from about ten yards away. Before I could cross the street, cops cars moved in and established a perimeter. The local news showed up a few minutes later, and one of the photographers saw me with a camera and asked what I got. They bought the roll for a kill fee. They never ran the photo. There was a brief mention of the incident in the police beat, but it was just one of several incidents that night. I heard that the shooting was drug related, and the victim was probably dead before he hit the ground.

I don't think the kill fee was worth upsetting my mom so much. I wish this hadn't happened pre cell phone days when I could have called her right way I was going to go use those pay phones.

The second photo I sold was of another murder on my block...supposedly in retaliation for the first shooting I photographed. I moved the next semester.
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Juliann Tallino, Photographer
Seattle | WA | USA | Posted: 1:32 PM on 02.11.10
->> Right after high school I took a photo class taught by the local newspaper photographer, I didn't even own an SLR at the time, had to go buy one for the class (Olympus OM-1). Guess I did okay in the class, he liked my stuff and I started stringing for the paper, so I was getting paid right from the git go, they even sent me in town (Boston) to shoot a Bruins game once. :) I was 19 at the time. Photo school soon followed.
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Michael Ip, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 1:57 PM on 02.11.10
->> I was working for my school's yearbook and our team had made it to the NCAA tournament. The photo editor said he'd be able to get me credentials to shoot it, but wasn't able to pay for the plane ticket, food or lodging. So I started making a list and calling every newspaper that had a team in that regional. I finally got a hold of the Des Moines Register who wanted to use me to cover the Northern Iowa game and offered to pay me for that.
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 3:30 PM on 02.11.10
->> I got a kit for graduation and wasn't thinking of doing photography as a job, either full or part time, just on my own. The local teams general manager saw me shooting and asked who I shot for as he saw me around a lot (season ticket holder). Turned out he strongly disliked the team photographer they had and wanted to get rid of him, so he asked to see some samples. Once seeing them he started to put them out and slowly faded out the other guy by using him less and me more. Good thing was even though I knew nothing about the business aspect of it all he comes over one day INSISTING to pay! Still shoot for that team, though we've gone through some good and bad GM's since!

First major published photo was because of the above ex-photographer again, he got banned by a few teams and stopped submitting to a magazine. After four years of practicing I contacted them and they said "the usual guy in that area hasn't been submitting", as they were not told about him being banned. So without him submitting they had an opening, just happened to contact them at the right time. Had two photos in the first issue and only remember one - Ryan Madson (now with Philly). Had known him for a few years personally since he started with the first team mentioned so it meant a little more having known him.

Rest as they say, is history!
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Drew Hierwarter, Photographer
Kingsport | TN | USA | Posted: 3:57 PM on 02.11.10
->> Back in the very early eighties I was shooting any race, anywhere I could talk my way in. Mostly local, short track stuff. At the old Riverside Raceway in Southern California there were places where only a waist high chain link fence separated the fans from the credentialed shooters. I used to shoot there a lot.

I put together a small portfolio of shots and sent it and a cover letter, cold, to Stock Car Racing magazine.

They came back almost right away offering to credential me for the next NASCAR race at Riverside. After that I shot every NASCAR race on the west coast for them for the next 18 years!
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Robby Gallagher, Student/Intern, Photographer
Brookings | SD | USA | Posted: 4:04 PM on 02.11.10
->> there are a lot of amazing stories out there haha. I am actually pretty jealous. Being from this area, I do not have a lot of opportunities to big time teams, or a team with a greater following I should say. However, one day I am going to have my stuff published in a magazine or newspaper, one that a ton of people will see. Haha, I know the business is a tough one to get into, but I am willing to try. If anyone of you know of internships in your area, that would be great to know about. I would like to apply haha. Thanks!
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Bill Mitchell, Photographer
Tempe | AZ | USA | Posted: 4:41 PM on 02.11.10
->> I was in the right place at the right time, and shot some photos of a Korean pitcher who had just come to the United States. I posted them on my own personal website. The New York Daily News was doing an article about the competition for international players who did not have to go through the MLB draft. They searched the internet for photos of the player, and the only thing they could find were the few shots I had taken. They purchased one and that put me on the road to specializing in photographing obscure minor league baseball players.
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
| | | Posted: 4:45 PM on 02.11.10
->> Shooting a crime scene a few blocks from my house as a young kid, sold them to my local paper ... then kept selling them spot news photos long before I could even drive.
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Greg Kendall-Ball, Photographer, Assistant
Abilene | TX | USA | Posted: 5:18 PM on 02.11.10
->> A few years ago I approached the local paper about doing some stringer work. Never could get a response from any of the editors.

I wound up doing some documentary work in Northern Uganda, and came back with some decent images. A guy I was playing softball with used to be the sportswriter for the paper, and one night, we're joking around in the dugout, and I told him he should hire me to be the team photographer. He told me he'd think about it, but he wouldn't just *give* me the job. I'd have to show him my portfolio, and compete against the rest of the guys.

He had never seen my work before, and when he did, he contacted one of the editors, told them about me, and gave me the name and number of the person to call.

After a week or two, I got a call to shoot some luncheon. I still remember the thrill of seeing that first image in print.

That was almost two years ago, and I've been "perma-lancing" ever since.
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Steven Mullensky, Photographer, Photo Editor
Port Townsend | WA. | USA | Posted: 5:32 PM on 02.11.10
->> I think it was a shot of Bill Muncy's hydroplane racer on San Diego Bay I took from a helicopter. Or was it a pro basketball player called World something or other? Geez, I wish I could remember. But anyway, I do remember being thrilled and getting paid.
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Jim Comeau, Photo Editor, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 5:44 PM on 02.11.10
->> I've never sold an individual photo. I've only been a staffer or did event stuff for day rates.

Plus, I don't think I've ever taken an individual photo worth selling.

That's why I edit instead of take pictures :)
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Kelvin Ma, Photographer, Assistant
Boston | MA | | Posted: 6:14 PM on 02.11.10
->> When I was in college, I posted on some thread here about how I got to shoot at Wrigley Field for the first time ever, thinking I was hot s**t.

Then Jack Gruber publicly tore me a new one for what was in reality a truly craptastic job on my part. (It was one of the best kick-in-the-butt/reality-check pieces of career advice I ever had, now that I have the benefit of hindsight. If you're reading this, thanks, Jack!)

Oddly enough, Sports Illustrated On Campus contacted me a few weeks later, knowing I was at that particular game, requesting a photo of some kid throwing out the first pitch.

And that is how I sold my first photo.
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Tim Vizer, Photographer
Belleville | IL | USA | Posted: 11:57 PM on 02.11.10
->> I was covering a regional boys soccer game in 1973 or '74 between rival schools (Granite City South & GC North) in my hometown for the high school newspaper and yearbook at GC South.

As I remember, it was really cold weather and the sports reporter/photographer from my hometown paper, the Granite City Press-Record (now defunct) was using a POLAROID to try and get B&W pictures! He couldn't get any shots since the pictures never "developed" -- it was too cold for the chemical process to work -- he saw me on the sidelines and asked me to print some action and celebration shots of the game for the paper.

I was shooting 35mm Tri-X, I had my own home darkroom my dad had built for me, and I rushed home, souped the film (man, I haven't said THAT for a decade), made several prints and dropped them through the newspaper's mail delivery slot around midnight.

No deadline pressure, since the paper only published two or three days a week, and I think it was a couple days later, and I had my first ever published photos in a "real" newspaper! And they paid for them too! A whopping $7.00 for the first shot, and $3.00 for each subsequent photo from the same event. I think they ran three or four shots from the game. I continued shooting for them into college, mainly doing spot news and sports. I was using an old stop-down metering Mamiya Sekor camera, which I think is still functional!
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Israel Shirk, Photographer, Assistant
Boise | ID | US | Posted: 12:23 AM on 02.12.10
->> One summer break (I was in architecture school at the time), I went to Idaho to play and work and found out my shoulders couldn't handle doing construction. So I went around and took some photos of some houses which were built nearby, and ended up accidentally showing one to the kid of someone who built one of them. They apparently liked the photos, and picked them up right away and hired me to do some more.

The next call I got was from Tennessee Log Homes for a national campaign! That paid for all my gear (at the time), and I just stuck at it after that.
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Jeff Barrie, Photographer
Indianapolis | IN | USA | Posted: 12:33 AM on 02.12.10
->> My first paid shot was from the 1995 Indy 500, the Stan Fox first lap crash. I was a stringer for UPI and after the crash a runner came and picked up our film. When the race was over I went to the UPI darkroom (a trailer with garbage bags over the windows)and was told that my shot wasn't used because the film was damaged. The guy who souped it didn't have control over the temps and it burnt the film. Looking at the negs I could see images and they looked fine. At the suggestion of an 'old guy' who also shot for UPI, I went to the Kodak room. They put the negs in a device and then scanned them into the computer. At first everything was blue, then the next one was all yellow but when it came to red, well it looked like a photo of red clouds. He asked me who did this, I told him and he said flat out, "you'll never get a color shot out of these. This film is ruined." Then he brought up a black & white image. It looked great. A guy who happened to come in asked who's photo that was and I said mine. He wanted to buy it for his paper, a paper in Portugal. He offered me a $100, I said ok. The Kodak guy put it on a disk, I handed it to the guy and he gave me a $100 bill.
I never got to see my first shot published, the guy did pay me but, he never sent me a copy of the paper like he promised to do, rat.
For a couple of years after that I was known around Indy as the guy who had the ruined film and still managed to sell a shot for publication.
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Steven Worthy, Photographer
Raleigh | NC | USA | Posted: 9:36 AM on 02.12.10
->> My first photos sold were to a post card company, APS, in Charlotte NC back in 2000. The State was building a new Natural Science musuem in Raleigh NC. Called APS and asked if they had any views of the museum and current ones of Raleigh. Was told NO and they wanted to see what I had.

That day came, when the barriers came down, and shot some views of the building on Kodak ASA 100 slide film. Went around town and shot some other vistas of the city which were well talked about but not on a post card at that time.

Sent off my ten best, made in-camera duplicates for myself, and some days later, received a check for $100 for four of the slides they purchased. Mailman delivered the check to the wrong house but had a decent neighbor and finally received my mail.

Their first printing had the wrong photo credit and notified the company of the error. They fixed the error and sent me 50 post cards from the next printing. Later, that card finally ended up in the stores and was neat to see it.

All of these years later, the company still sells that post card of Raleigh. They bought the rights to the images but did not mind as it was cool to see something I shot being published somewhere.
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Richard Orr, Photographer
Longmeadow | MA | USA | Posted: 10:22 AM on 02.12.10
->> I was 13 years old. I took some pictures of a motorcycle race my brother was in. I was supposed to be racing as well, but I was hurt, so I just tagged along to take photos.

I took about ten rolls of pictures. I printed some an sent them to a regional magazine, New England Trail Rider. They bought them for $7.00 apiece. I got a check for something like $42. I was hooked.

That was in the spring of 1974.
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Butch Miller, Photographer
Lock Haven | PA | USA | Posted: 10:40 AM on 02.12.10
->> I was fresh off the bus returning home from a 4 year stint in the USN in 1978 ... shooting my high school holiday wrestling tournament for fun ... a reporter from the local paper said if I could have prints on his desk first thing the next morning ... he would pay me for them .... been doing it full time since shortly after that season ...
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Renay Johnson, Photographer
San Diego | CA | | Posted: 11:12 PM on 02.13.10
->> The very first photos(5) sold were from an MMA match in Tijuana, MX. The lady bought them because it was her husbands first fight which he won. The first published photo was from the same MMA match but the promoter stole the image, cut off the watermark from the bottom even though it butchered the fighter's legs and used it for a fullpage ad in a magazine and fliers. After the promoter called me unprofessional after I asked him to remove it from his website(wrote email)and threatening small claims court, The wireservice I sent the image to called the guy and he ended up paying for the image. The experience wasn't a good first published image experience but it was my first "published" image.
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Nick Morris, Photographer
WorldWide Global | ALL | Terra Firma | Posted: 2:04 PM on 02.14.10
->> My first paid photo made A-1. It was my first assignment and I thought I had tanked it so bad because for a week I didn't see it run. I thought for sure it was my first and last attempt at becoming a PJ. Almost two weeks later I get a call early am from a friend excited that I had made the front page. I was a bit confused because I didn't do anything wrong lately. It turns out the story ran front page almost two weeks later. That first paid assignment is framed quite nicely and hanging to this day in my office and has been followed up with many many more A-1 shots. It was an incredible feeling to start off my career with a front page assignment.
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Jonathon Bird, Photographer
Port Clinton | OH | United States | Posted: 5:19 PM on 02.14.10
->> I was living in Massachusetts while attending school and one afternoon I set out to check out a place that black bears are known to frequent in hopes of getting some pictures. After having no luck I was driving along the Mohawk trail on my way back home. As I was coming around one of the many hilly sharp corners a lady was running down the middle of the street flagging me down. I stopped having no clue what was happening then I saw two of the largest mules I have ever seen sprinting right down the middle of the road. I pulled the car over and grabbed the camera but they disappeared before I could get any pictures. Luckily I hung around a while and the mules came back and I caught a picture looking east on the Mohawk Trail with the lady stopping traffic in the westbound lane and a sheriff's cruiser blocking the eastbound lane and one of the mules running across the road between the lady and the sheriff's car. I contacted the Greenfield Recorder and the rest was history. After that I began working for the Brattleboro Reformer and any other newspaper that was willing to pay me for my photos.
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Nik Habicht, Photographer
Levittown | PA | USA | Posted: 6:36 PM on 02.14.10
->> I heard a bunch of sirens one night, and decided to find the incident -- which turned out to be a single-car vs. telephone pole rollover accident. Terrible photo -- but a very nice police reporter at the Trenton Times asked me to bring it in, and it ran in the next day's paper. That was April of 1992.
Emboldened, I bought a police scanner the next day, and started chasing ambulances and firetrucks. It took three weeks to get my next picture in the paper -- yup, I sucked....

The Times was only taking accidents or fires from freelancers at the time; they had 18 full and part time photographers on staff. One of them suggested that I contact the local weekly papers and try to sell them other shots from the same accidents and fires. That led to contacts, and to covering community events and eventually sports for the weeklies...

In March of the following year, I asked The Times photo editor about a Summer internship; got a call a couple of days later around noon: "Want an internship? I've got three photographers on vacation and two more out sick, be here at 2 p.m."

That three-month internship turned into a 13 year career at The Times...
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Jack Kurtz, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | United States | Posted: 9:13 PM on 02.14.10
->> I was in Pakistan in the summer of 1979 while I was in college and visited a town called Darra Adam Khel ( in the Northwest Frontier Province, on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. I made some touristy snaps of the town and its famous gunmakers and came back to the states thinking "that was fun." In December '79 the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and I was sitting on the photos of the Pakistani tribesmen and their guns trying to figure out what to do with them.

I went to a magazine rack, bought copies of every gun book I saw, including Soldier of Fortune, and a six pack of beer, sat down at my typewriter (this was 30 years ago, way before computers) drank beer while I wrote a story and cover letters and mailed them out.

Two weeks later Soldier of Fortune bought the story. First (and easiest) sale I ever made. At the time I thought, "wow this is gonna be easy."
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Jack Kurtz, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | United States | Posted: 9:16 PM on 02.14.10
->> Should have mentioned that I lost the original clip in one of my moves. Last year my wife found a copy on ebay and gave it to me for a birthday present. It was the May 1980 issue.
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 3:40 PM on 02.15.10
->> I'm in Miami at the time,16 years old, working in Menswear department at the Sears store in Coral Gables. I look across the street at the hamburger joint, which has evidently had a window crasher .. a Mercury Cougar crashed inside the building. Police and fire units are there and lots of red lights. I grab my camera out of my car and shoot a roll and then called the Miami Herald photo department.I run down after work and they run the film and tell me they'll "let me know."

They give it above the fold good play on 1B in the Sunday Herald the next day. Called it "Caged Cougar". I couldn't have been prouder. I was already hooked, and from that moment on I have had a serious Jones for photojournalism.
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Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 12:02 PM on 02.19.10
->> I was 15 in 1968, and black students at my recently-integrated high school rioted and destroyed much of the school building. I photographed the whole thing and got a front page and inside two full pages of images. I got kudos from the editor, publisher, photo staff and $50, which, in those days, was stratospheric riches. (Gas was $.22 a gallon) That appearance landed me an assignment from state senator Frances Dawson's office to photograph a poverty-stricken black neighborhood for a water infrastructure development bill she was submitting.
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Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 12:04 PM on 02.19.10
->> Oh, I forgot to mention it was the Chapel Hill (NC) Weekly.
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