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Hockey Playoffs
David Hague, Photographer, Student/Intern
Pittsburgh | Pa | USA | Posted: 7:02 PM on 01.13.10
->> I have shot hockey before but it has usually been at the expense of a team. Now I got asked to shoot a 6 team playoff for a college league. I have never done anything like this. In talking to a few people whom I have worked with on other items they told me about "League Kick-Backs" where I donate a % of profit back to the league to make sure I get it every year. I was wondering if many do that and if so how much? I never heard of it till I asked a co-worker. Next any tips on how to run everything would be VERY helpful. As I said I have only ever done gigs shooting for a team. Not where I am shooting to get everyone from both teams. I thank you in advance.
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 9:28 PM on 01.13.10
->> I've heard 10-25% but have never done it personally, and glad leagues around here don't expect it. One league mentioned it and I told them I'd raise my prices to make up for it so in reality it's getting passed on to parents, they didn't want that and have never brought it up again. We all have a cost of doing business that has to be met.

For a college league it seems strange for them to want a kick back because every photographer I know who does these type events for colleges is first paid by the league, then keeps all print sale profit, and if teams want it they have to pay as well (or the league may pay for rights to send them to the teams as well). I know it happens frequently in high school and youth sports as a fund-raiser or something along those lines, but they're usually more strapped for cash.

I'd probably want a trigger amount as well - so over x-amount they'd start getting the kick back. It first meets your cost of doing business in case sales are not as expected and makes them REALLY invest in your work and try to push your stuff as much as possible. Though, the leagues and stuff I shoot for do this anyways (push my photos) and don't get a kick back so depends on the client.

As for shooting all the teams, are they playing on the same ice the entire time or different arenas? Same ice and it'll be easy to shoot them all - if not then may need a second shooter unless you can see all at least once. Shoot warm-ups of course to get guys isolated who may not get as much time, backup goalies, etc. So may want to post some more details on the event itself and set up so can get clearer "how to" answers.
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David Hague, Photographer, Student/Intern
Pittsburgh | Pa | USA | Posted: 8:20 PM on 01.14.10
->> Thank you Mike it is a non profit league with a lot of cost to get the rinks and other things. This is for a club hockey team not for the NCAA. I had thought about the trigger amount so I will really go with that. I know the big thing for me is the travel and will make sure I cover that.
I was planning on shooting warmups just to get all back up players and everyone.
Thank you again you answered the main question that I had about the kick back.
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Delane B. Rouse, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 11:26 PM on 01.14.10
->> David,

Good luck with this one. First of all, non-profit means NOTHING...they're non-profit because they spend the money on travel and beer. I'm sure they do fundraisers so they don't have to pay for all of this out of their pockets.

My experience has shown that there won't be a lot of profit from this type of event since they're probably all bringing their own "club" photographer (i.e. the managers/coaches girlfriend) to shoot from the bench.

The best way to make money here is to have them pay you a set fee and let them have 100% of the sales (which is going to be a small number).

I could be seriously wrong, so will you let us know how this turns out?

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Jim Pierce, Photographer
Waltham | MA | USA | Posted: 4:16 PM on 01.15.10
->> David,

Did your contact bring up "kick backs"? If not then I wouldn't either and take all the sales you can get. I agree with Delane regarding profit and the mangers coaches/girlfriends etc with cameras. They have played many games already and I am sure there have been friends etc that have shots that they have been given. What are you going to do differently that will justify the cost to buy them from you?

When this all pans out I would love to hear how it went.

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Thread Title: Hockey Playoffs
Thread Started By: David Hague
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