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roller derby advice
Micah Escamilla, Photographer
Calimesa | CA | United States | Posted: 1:30 PM on 11.15.09
->> i'm shooting roller derby for the first time tonight. i've never been to the venue before, but have been told that the fluorescent lighting is decently bright. we'll see about that.

anyone have tips/suggestions?
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Crystal LoGiudice, Student/Intern, Photographer
Cedar Rapids | IA | USA | Posted: 2:22 PM on 11.15.09
->> It really depends on what the venue looks like but I have shot a lot of photos of the Roller Derby team in Baton Rouge, La and the lighting in most of the places I have photographed them in was pretty bad. If you have access to shooting with an off camera strobe or light of some kind that can make the images really pop. Though, you will be limited to were ever you set up for action/crash shots.

I have Alien Bee strobes and usually set one up somewhere out of the way where it won't get crashed into or toppled over by spectators. Though, if the place is really colorful mood lighting shots can be cool too. I would say get there early to scope out the space. I had a very good relationship with the team in Baton Rouge so talking with the women before hand and introducing yourself never hurts either. Roller Derby isn't all about the action so try to look for stuff that makes the women unique.

Well, that is just my 2 cents. Good luck and have fun!

Oh, and not trying to promote my website or anything but if you want to see some of the images I have shot with strobes, go to the "Roller Derby audio slideshow" link on the top of my website ( and I have a few images in that slideshow weaved between the portraits that will give you an idea of the look I went for. Hope this helps.
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Micah Escamilla, Photographer
Calimesa | CA | United States | Posted: 6:07 PM on 11.15.09
->> great crystal, thanks!
i'm pretty excited to get out there tonight and try it out. it seems they're looking for a league photographer as well, so we'll see about that too!

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Alan Schwartz, Photographer
Rochester | NY | U.S.A. | Posted: 3:07 PM on 11.16.09
->> Hi Micah, I shot a few bouts in Rochester of the Roc City Roller Derby club. I've shot available light for a few bouts, and I had a couple sb800 at each corner for the previous bout. Another guy had an alien bee in each corner. At this particular venue it's 3200 at 2.8 at 1/320. They really do not go very fast. Strobe helps stoping the motion, but I still had to shoot at 1600 to grab the ambient light. Plenty of portraits and a great atmosphere. Really a fun time.
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Octavian Cantilli, Photographer, Assistant
Grand Rapids | MI | United States | Posted: 5:17 PM on 11.16.09
->> A couple more cents to throw onto the pile ;p

If you don't have big strobe power, this could be a case where an on camera direct strobe could be cool. Red eyes on girls dressed as demons can be very appropriate :) I once made a few images I liked this way...
You'd be ready for images anywhere in the arena, not just a particular zone. If there's a nice close wall perpendicular to where you're trying to point your camera, you can get the light off camera. Also try playing with slow shutter speeds while zooming. However, if you go this route, I'd highly suggest using a grid and color correcting your strobe as close to possible to the ambient light.

Get there early and see if you can charm your way into the locker rooms...
You shouldn't be lacking things to photograph. A good friend of mine new to the sport broke her ankle the other night... :|
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Stan Lim, Photographer
Riverside | Ca | USA | Posted: 6:14 PM on 11.16.09
->> A co-worker photographed this just this weekend.
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Micah Escamilla, Photographer
Calimesa | CA | United States | Posted: 6:52 PM on 11.16.09
->> hey stan, that's the same bout i went to! i met silvia after it was over. she's very sweet - it was both of our first time shooting rd and looks like she gathered a gallery! :)

i don't have any lighting equip other than one 580exII, so i did what i could. practiced a lot of panning :)

i'll have pics up soon.
thanks again everyone!
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Thread Title: roller derby advice
Thread Started By: Micah Escamilla
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