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OT: Vista Print Busines Cards WARNING
Tom Ewart, Photographer
Bentonville | AR | USA | Posted: 10:55 PM on 09.21.09
->> I usually have good luck making online purchases, but wanted to warn people about Vista Print. A few months ago I tried there service and had some quick business cards printed--I liked the cards so much I went back and made a substantial order of cards. They are constantly trying to sell you other items and upgrade your order as you try to finalize your order and check out. That I didn't mind. But come to find out that they offer you an instant discount of $10 or something, which I guess I said yes to, but in the fine print that automatically enrolled me into some sort of Vista Print Rewards Program. That program bills you $14.95 per month--I guess I missed that so called fine print. I didn't recieve anytype of notification I had enrolled, no welcome to the club e-mail or package in the mail--If I would have I might have caught it sooner. The charges appeared with different notes on my bank statement so that I didn't immediately see that they were reoccurring charges. When I googled the VPCLUBUS code on my statement... we'll go ahead and google it to see what alerted me to this problem... It looks like I'm not the only one who has run across this. Anyway this is my quick PSA on them
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Michael Ip, Photographer
New York | NY | USA | Posted: 10:58 PM on 09.21.09
->> Is this something you can do a chargeback on? I just ordered some business cards through them. I pretty sure I unchecked all the free offers, but I might have missed one.
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Tom Ewart, Photographer
Bentonville | AR | USA | Posted: 11:13 PM on 09.21.09
->> They refunded the last charge they made, it was charged today, which is when I caught it coming though. I've also been told I can fill out a form at my bank and they will try to pursue them and get the other other charges--its just something I was told my bank will attempt.
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Daniel Putz, Photographer
Jefferson | MD | USA | Posted: 12:05 AM on 09.22.09
->> I saw that scheme recently and decided against them (I've used them in the past...I don't recall the ridiculous offers and ads). I went with FedEx Office instead...same upload utility...but no offers. All business.
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Renay Johnson, Photographer
San Diego | CA | | Posted: 2:36 AM on 09.22.09
->> I was just about to order some cards from Vista. That's been happening lately with other companies. One of the online florists based here in my city pulled the same thing with a customer. Customer was not happy and made sure he called one of the news stations here and made the 5 o'clock news.
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Alan Schwartz, Photographer
Rochester | NY | U.S.A. | Posted: 7:48 AM on 09.22.09
->> Same thing happened to my wife. I think you need to uncheck something when you place the order or you are enrolled in the fifteen bucks a month club. I called them and complained and they took the charges off of my bill for the the previous five months.
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Curtis Clegg, Photographer
Sycamore | IL | USA | Posted: 8:52 AM on 09.22.09
->> Thanks Tom, I have fallen for similar ploys (I won't go so far as to say they are scams) in the past.

As always, TANSTAAFL
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Josh Lehrer, Photographer, Assistant
NY | NY | USA | Posted: 9:11 AM on 09.22.09
->> I had this same problem, I was being charged two different $14.95 charges per month for over 4 months. As soon as I noticed this, I called them and they refunded all the charges and stopped future ones. Frustrating experience for sure, but I'll say vista print was relatively agreeable when it came to refunding my money.

Best of luck.

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Sean Popke, Photographer
San Diego | CA | | Posted: 11:40 AM on 09.22.09
->> I don't want this to sound like an advertisement, but if anyone is looking for cards without the scam charges, I have a online design/ordering tool I set up. It's connected to a trade printer I've used for a few years - they do excellent work.

Here's the link:

They're not free, but it looks like the prices are comparable to vista print's use-your-own-image prices. Also, if anyone is looking for a more custom design, contact me - it's what I do when I'm not shooting.
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Jim Comeau, Photo Editor, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 4:52 PM on 09.22.09
->> is a great site for all sorts of printing. They did a few small 5,000 count orders of postcards, but when I ordered a 50,000 count order, they gave me a great shipping quote and turned it around several days faster than quoted. They never tried upselling or anything of the like to me.
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John Tucker, Photographer, Photo Editor
Cordova | TN | USA | Posted: 11:05 PM on 09.22.09
->> That's what happens when people click on those "You want to save $10 off your order" deals at the end of the transactions. NEVER fall for those just to get $10 and ALWAYS read the print of any offer after the original sale is made...that is usually a tip off that something is not good.
I've used Vista Print for years and have even made a few $'s myself ordering cards for other people. Never had a problem, but I have always been offered that SAVE $10 deal and always declined. Can't blame Vista Print for trying to make a $ or two.
Overnightprints has some great cards and they are my choice for personal business cards, but I have boxes of the Vista print ones that I hand out when doing events.
READ the OFFERS that follow your Vista Print transaction and STEER CLEAR!
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Brian Dowling, Photographer
Philadelphia | PA | USA | Posted: 11:21 PM on 09.22.09
->> Just use and $10 coupon code is "FREE07". I've used them twice and have referred them to friends and everyone has been more than happy.
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Delane B. Rouse, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 11:36 PM on 09.22.09
->> I had the same thing happen with Fandango (ticket service), after several months of recurring billing I noticed it...gave them a call and was refunded for 2-3 months.

Needless to say that was the last time I used the fandango service. I really don't like feeling like I was scammed.

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Thread Title: OT: Vista Print Busines Cards WARNING
Thread Started By: Tom Ewart
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