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Adam Lau's story
Thomas B. Shea, Photographer
Pearland/Houston | TX | USA | Posted: 10:26 AM on 08.18.09
->> I really enjoyed your story and the pictures on your website. I sure hope you are selling this story. You did a great job.

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Willie J. Allen Jr., Photographer
St. Petersburg | FL | USA | Posted: 10:40 AM on 08.18.09
->> What a killer story. This young man has got a large pair! He makes me proud to be a former San Francisco State University photo student!!!!
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Max Lashin, Photographer, Assistant
Fort Lauderdale | FL | United States | Posted: 11:25 AM on 08.18.09
->> As a big fan of watching whale wars, I really enjoyed Adam's pictures and story telling. I was very lucky to listen to Paul Taggart speak at FSU a couple months back and he was on the first sea sheppard trip and his stuff was also very inspiring. I emailed Adam personally and spoke with him about finding great stories like his, I'm still searching for my own story but Adam gave me some great words of advice. Thanks and congrats again!
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Adam Lau, Photographer, Student/Intern
Stockton | CA | USA | Posted: 11:54 AM on 08.18.09
->> Guys - thank you for the generous comments!

Thomas - I haven't sold the story anywhere yet. Guess I don't really know how to start. Any tips? :) Does one just drop an editor an email cold or something?

Max - keep working man! All I knew to do was focus on my own interests and passions...and I got lucky. There must be things you know about that no one else does. Just gotta dig out the compelling story in there!
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Andrew Nelles, Photographer
Chicago | Ill. | usa | Posted: 12:57 PM on 08.18.09
->> Again, awesome story Adam. Fantastic job.
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Matthew Hinshaw, Photographer
Prescott | AZ | USA | Posted: 1:40 PM on 08.18.09
->> Nice story Adam. It must have been emotionally and physically trying but it sounds and looks like it was definitely worth it. I am sure when you sell this story you will be able to fund new equipment for next years trip, I cannot wait to see photos from that one too. Good luck and again great job!
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Codie McLachlan, Photographer
Edmonton | AB | Canada | Posted: 1:48 PM on 08.18.09
->> I hope selling his story will fund new equipment, because after reading that, no one will want to lend him any!

Seriously... very awesome story, very awesome photos.
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Thread Title: Adam Lau's story
Thread Started By: Thomas B. Shea
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