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WT-4a Transmitter with Verizon's Mobile Hotspot devise?
Ken Steinhardt, Photographer
Anaheim | CA | United States | Posted: 2:28 PM on 07.03.09
->> Hi Everybody,

I'm new to the group. I read the Eye-Fi card thread and some information is posted about live view software.

Anybody wrote about or had experience with paring a Nikon WT-4a Wireless Transmitter with Verizon's Mobile Hotspot devise?

Due to ever changing technology and the decisions made by people who usually don't do the work, I have to figure out a way to send photos or at least one from my cameras (D3 or D700). Thinking "BlueSky," I'd like to tag images in camera then transmit to a target on the web, leaving the edit decision to me. I have read a little about a live-view option enabling a photo editor or assistant in the newsroom to see and choose images from the whole take.

I cover a breaking news beat. My paper will be launching a new web site with a new web publishing tool soon. The plan is to have news posted to a rotating spot, while the story is still live.

Unfortunately, the new publishing tool our paper is using, our stories can't be published / posted to the web until editors have a photo. I have filled the need before by using a cell phone camera, having an editor catch the photo in the newsroom. We all find this is very limiting and the quality is poor.

My task to up the quality without further hindering my photo gathering while on scene.

I have been talking with our I.T guy who suggested using a Verison mobile hotspot devise, that looks like you can carry it while shooting. This way I could not have to return to my car, leaving the scene to transmit.

I have been reading the information on about the WT-4a Wireless Transmitter. It sounds to me you can connect in Thumbnail Select mode: where thumbnail images can be displayed on a connected computer, and selected images can be downloaded and saved. Maybe by a photo editor back at the desk?

Has anybody used this combo before? is there something else out there that I don't know about yet? What combination of equipment would I need, including software.

Thanks in advance for your solutions, thoughts and ideas.

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George Bridges, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 3:18 PM on 07.03.09
->> Ken,

I have not used it with the Verizon device but you should be able to make it work. It has some good features but they are limited in what you control compared to pairing a WT transmitter with a Cradlepoint PHS unit.

I dont' know if you can to the browse remotely function on the Verizon as it is complex, but it can be done with Cradlepoints as their programming allows for the proper settings to be input.

See my article about Cradlepoint PHS300 units with a USB modem here:
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 4:45 PM on 07.03.09
->> Ken,

The Verizon unit is basically a private label Novatel MiFi 2200. Pretty simple to set up from what I understand. Here's a review from the engadget guys:

I have not used it yet, but I've been hoping someone I know will get one. It looks pretty simple.

As for the WT-4a, it's a little tedious to set up, but once you do it seems to work fine. On the camera you specify a source folder (you can specify a folder on either card) and set it to transmit anything in the folder or only images you select.

If you shoot with a D3, you can set the camera up to write duplicate images to both slots. This comes in handy when doing wifi. For example, if you're just interested in transmitting lowres shots quickly you could set the D3 to write full-sized images to slot 1 and small images to slot 2, then configure the WT-4 to transmit images from slot 2. Then you have full resolution images in slot 1 for later, and your editors get web-sized images quickly.
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Ken Steinhardt, Photographer
Anaheim | CA | United States | Posted: 2:53 PM on 07.05.09
->> Thanks George and David,

This sounds like just what the doc ordered.

It sounds like the Verizon MiFi 2200 hasn't been tested and the Cradlepoint PHS has great tech support.

I just want to make sure I'm grasping this...With the Candlepoint, I keep my USB access card. So there is no employment of a new ISP.

The MiFi 2200 can be near the camera warn in a pouch with no USB cord connecting to anything else. but the MiFi requires a switch in ISPs

I'm leaning toward the MiFi due to the bulk factor and possible physical disconnection potential of the candlepoint unit when covering breaking news.

So what's on my shopping list?
one MiFi 2200 unit
WT-4a - Is it possible to connect two cameras on one WT-4a or do I need two units?
Do I need Nikon software, or is it included with the WT-4a?

Thanks again.
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 3:37 PM on 07.05.09
->> The WT-4a can be swapped between cameras, but you can't connect two cameras to one unit at the same time.

The software that comes with the WT-4a is just for setting up the unit (actually setting up your D3 to use the unit). If you want to do remote control of your camera via wireless, you need additional software (Nikon Camera Control Pro 2).
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Ken Steinhardt, Photographer
Anaheim | CA | United States | Posted: 3:57 PM on 07.05.09
->> Thanks for your help guys.
Please add anything on this thread you feel I may have missed.
I'll beep you posted with the progress.
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Thread Title: WT-4a Transmitter with Verizon's Mobile Hotspot devise?
Thread Started By: Ken Steinhardt
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