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Missing Screws in Canon Mark II N and Eos 1D
Serafin Martinez, Photographer
Carolina | PR | | Posted: 5:59 PM on 04.23.09
->> How many of you have sent your camera to repair at Canon NJ and mths later the screws are missing does anybody know were to get them. The Screws are in front top were the body cap is placed. (In Black) not the metal part, you can see a photo in the following link,
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Lisa Hall, Photographer
Oklahoma City | OK | USA | Posted: 7:19 PM on 04.23.09
->> I had to replace some screws on my 1D before. Found the correct size at two places----an eyeglass store & a hardware store.
Good luck!
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Todd Spoth, Photographer, Student/Intern
Houston | TX | USA | Posted: 8:26 PM on 04.23.09
->> The tiny, black screws for the lens mount can come loose every once and a while. I have a piece of black gaff over mine. Canon Repair or Parts should send you out a baggie of them no problem though. You shouldn't need to be a CPS member.
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Harrison Shull, Photographer
Fayetteville, WV | Asheville, NC | | Posted: 9:07 PM on 04.23.09
->> I used to rattle screws out of my old Nikon film bodies all the time. Having spares is nice, but blue Loctite on the screws prior to putting them in solves the problem. Don't get red Loctite or those screws will be permanent. Alternately, a dab of clear nail polish on top of the tightened screw has also been reported to work well.
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Ryan Chalk, Photographer
Vacaville | CA | US | Posted: 2:29 AM on 04.24.09
->> I have the same problem, and seeing this post prompted me to take action. I contacted Canon support via email and here is the response I got:

Thank you for contacting Canon product support. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you. We are sorry to hear that you are missing a screw from your EOS 1D.
Regrettably, we do not have the ability to send screws here in technical support. For the price and availability of the screws, please contact the Jamesburg Factory Service Center below and select the appropriate prompts for ordering parts:

Canon Factory Service Center
100 Ridge Road
Jamesburg, NJ 08831

Phone: (800) 828-4040 and ask to speak with a Jamesburg Parts Representative, or you can call them directly at (866) 481-2569

Business hours: 9 AM to 8 PM (ET) Monday to Friday
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Jim Owens, Photographer
Cincinnati | OH | usa | Posted: 6:56 AM on 04.24.09
->> Sarafin, Ryan,
I just replaced the same exact screws in one of my Mk IIN's and I had to order some screws for my 400 2.8 lens where the lens mounts to the body.
Make sure when you contact them that you and the representative confirm what screws you need. They have the IPB there on computer and can track the right size down.
Ditto on using blue not red Loctite.
I ordered two scews for the body and two for the lens and was sent four screws for the lens and two extra for the body. The cost was around 8 bucks shipping and all. A bargain when you KNOW you have the right parts.
BTW, the scewdriver size is a 1.4 Phillips metric in a jewelers' size I believe. The screws are also designed with a dual slot, meaning you can use a common flat blade jewelers' screwdriver. I would encourage you to check the screws in all your lenses in that as they start to back out, the lens will not seat properly against the body and will prevent locking. If the lens can't lock, guess what ? It won't work.
Good Luck,

Good luck,
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Serafin Martinez, Photographer
Carolina | PR | | Posted: 12:31 PM on 04.25.09
->> Thanks for the info everyone.
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Thread Title: Missing Screws in Canon Mark II N and Eos 1D
Thread Started By: Serafin Martinez
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