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Death of journalism's Queensberry Rules
Jack Megaw, Student/Intern, Photographer
Pittsburgh | PA | America | Posted: 10:52 PM on 04.11.09
->> Here is an article I found interesting. It is about British journalist Colin Freeman and his experience reporting from dangerous areas around the world.

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David Ryder, Photographer
Park City | UT | USA | Posted: 11:09 PM on 04.11.09
->> i like how he says " ... my photographer and me ..."
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Paul W Gillespie, Photographer
Annapolis | MD | USA | Posted: 11:27 PM on 04.11.09
->> I think American Journalists lost their ability to go into war zones without becoming targets long ago.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer
Durham | NC | USA | Posted: 10:50 AM on 04.12.09
->> In my humble opinion I think this comment here sums up this guy's story:
" that I am the last person anybody should seek advice from".
Any westerner who in the last decade had the notion you could wander around a war zone anywhere in the Middle East with a set of "rules" was either delusional or simply hadn't done any research. Knowing that times HAVE changed is part of acknowledging the inherent dangers of reporting in the various hot spots as so many of the really great photographers/writers have done. So to anyone who reads this guys little diddy and thinks, "Wow that would be cool, I think I'll move to, fill in your blank here _____________(afghanistan, iraq, iran, palestine, somalia, etc.) best make sure your life insurance is paid up. Sure there are ways to report from these areas but they involve much more thought and planning than this guy used. Hence, his being shot in the ass and kidnapped. And one other thing to think about, although this fellow can speak somewhat flippantly about those two incidents they could have gone the wrong way very easily. The bullet could have found an artery in the leg, he bleeds out..end of story and the pirates could have cut their losses after a few weeks and left him dead in a cave. I just think that kind of writing is somewhat irresponsible.
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Paul W Gillespie, Photographer
Annapolis | MD | USA | Posted: 4:20 PM on 04.12.09
->> I think a good documentary to watch about being a PJ in world hot spots is "Dying To Tell The Story." A documentary about Dan Eldon, a PJ who was killed in Somalia, and other journalists and why they do what they do. It is only on VHS and could be tough to find, but well worth it.

Another good film is Frankie's House. This is a feature film made for TV, based on the life of Tim Page and colleagues during the Vietnam War. This is another tough one to find, but an excellent movie

And of course their is Nachtwey's War Photographer. Awesome movie that puts you there with Nachtwey, at least in a visual sense. I might have to have a screening for my Photo Monkey's Photo Night. Perhaps a double feature with "War Photographer" and "Dying to Tell The Story."

Some other feature films are Salvador, with James Woods, and Under Fire, with Nick Nolte.

These two are more Hollywood films with possible some reality to them, but not much. I think in one of them you never see the PJ changing film, he just fires away.

I hope I did not hijack this thread, I just wanted to point out some good examples of stories that show what being a journalist in a war zone is really like.
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Pat Farrington, Photographer
Ft. Collins | CO | USA | Posted: 1:32 AM on 04.13.09
->> Paul,

Dying To Tell The Story is available on DVD through
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Thread Title: Death of journalism's Queensberry Rules
Thread Started By: Jack Megaw
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