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I think it's time to laugh again...
Kevin Leas, Photographer, Assistant
Rochester | NY | USA | Posted: 7:06 PM on 03.03.09
->> ...and what better way than with a video wherein Miley Cyrus's date magically morphs, werewolf-style, into a paparazzi? I nearly spit my tea out when I saw this, because no one told me what the video was about. It gets better - skip to about 2:30 to see a whole paparazzi dance team!

There's been too much depressing discussion here today, so forgive me if this is incredibly off topic, but I think some of us should be glad for the chance to lighten up.
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Pat Farrington, Photographer
Ft. Collins | CO | USA | Posted: 11:02 PM on 03.03.09
->> Well, the 20 or so seconds I watched was more of a Miley Cyrus video than I hope to ever see again. Couldn't they at least have taught the guy how to hold a camera properly?
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Luke Sharrett, Student/Intern
Bowling Green | KY | United States | Posted: 11:10 PM on 03.03.09
->> I hope he's better at hail-marying with a 70-200 than I am.
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Mike Janes, Photographer
Attica | NY | USA | Posted: 1:08 AM on 03.04.09
->> I prefer the new Buffalo Wild Wings commercial with the photographer who helps send the game into overtime. Like Pat I hope I never have to see another Miley Cyrus video again! Especially one where they just copied the theme from a Weird Al video that he copied from Michael Jackson. About as original as the music. At least I know those dance lessons will pay off, errrr....
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Aaron Rhoads, Photographer
McComb | MS | USA | Posted: 2:39 AM on 03.04.09
->> I couldn't watch the entire thing. Did I miss the part where she goes Britney on the paps, bald swinging an umbrella?
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Thread Title: I think it's time to laugh again...
Thread Started By: Kevin Leas
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