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Chicago photographer cleared of all charges
Joe Cavaretta, Photographer
Ft Lauderdale | FL | USA | Posted: 11:20 PM on 02.10.09
->> For those of you who have followed this :
BTW, Mike is a SS member and maybe now that it is all over he can tell us how it all went.
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Delane B. Rouse, Photographer, Photo Editor
Washington | DC | US | Posted: 11:38 PM on 02.10.09
->> The link is:
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Walter Calahan, Photographer
Westminster | MD | USA | Posted: 11:45 PM on 02.10.09
->> I can see the police on the street laughing all the way to Dunkin' Donuts on this.

They'll arrest him again if they feel like it.

Why? Because the attitude of the boots on the ground is they can do whatever they please.

The only thing that will stop this is if the judge ruled that the arresting police and all officers up the chain of command will pay a huge, big butt fine, that isn't paid by the Police Union.

Want to stop it, tax their wallet. Meanwhile the only harm is to the tax payers. The tax payers are the real victims of the BS.
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William Purnell, Photographer
Wichita | Ks | | Posted: 1:53 PM on 02.11.09
->> Most all officers with those "do whatever they please" attitudes already know ways around the system.

The simple fact is, just like in the case with Mike, even if you are cleared most likely there was still significant punishement dolled out.

Those kinds of officers know this, they know that just arresting you and having you fight the charges in and of itself is a pretty harsh punishment.
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Mike Anzaldi, Photographer
Oak Park | IL | USA | Posted: 1:05 AM on 02.12.09
->> the link provided is the update i gave to the folks at discarted. she simply copied the email update i provided for her, so it is a good summary of the trial.

what i would say here, that i didn't say there, is that i find it immensely ironic that the cop claimed i chilled potential witnesses. me? the journalist? aren't we the ones who usually complain about being chilled by entities like government?

bad deal, really. as stated above by walt and william, this is nothing for the police. let it be clear, the complaining witness in this case had NO issue with presenting a fictional tale on the stand. he showed zero respect for the court, the judge, and his profession in the process. "disgrace" is approriate.

the police statement from the scene and reported in the chicago tribune, is that an off-duty chicago cop shot a robbery suspect in self defense. he died from a single gunshot to the stomach. ok. fast forward a week where the family of the victim gets the coroners report back that confirms 4 gunshot wounds. true story. how do i know? they called me. CPD won't talk to them, so they read about my ordeal, and tracked me down. they are a family who lost their brother/father/husband/uncle to an incident involving a CPD cop. they believe the case is not as reported. they claim witnesses say the cop wasn't even armed at the time of the alleged robbery attempt, but went to his car to retrieve his piece. who knows if there is any truth to that. perhaps not, but obviously, the police determined that accurately reporting that their cop put 4 bullets into the victim was not a good idea. they had to lie. who would ever know? they went into spin mode immediately to protect this cop in what would- at the very least- read like excessive force. so, the person who is paid large to protect the police department from negative press shows up, gets briefed, and determines the first job in controlling the message is to control the images. how tv handles this depends on the police statement, and the images collected. it's either a 15 second voice over pictures on the 2 stations that still have a stringer budget, or it's a 2 1/2 minute package on all 5 stations. their spokeswoman is paid to assure the story is a 15 second VO. there are no rules, either legally or ethically in this endeavor.

now imagine. some dude with 2 big canons, an eng camera, and a carbon tripod turns up directly across the street from the victim. in other words, the media shows up...quickly. there is zero doubt that i am there in a professional news gathering capacity, and not a tourist. removal of me is critical, in the CPD's opinion. they see a white lens hanging off a ridiculously large camera body and they're worried it's a device capable of seeing the truth! can't have one of those around while attempting to re-write history.

the complaining witness here is a freshman commander who was promoted to the job just months before this incident. i won't bore you with the details of how it all unfolded, except to say this: the guy backed himself into a corner and had zero skill in negotiating a way out. he insisted i stop filming, and insisted upon seeing news credentials. i didn't comply with the filming part, and couldn't comply with the credential part (didn't have them on me, or need them at the time). he didn't give himself an out in the case that i would refuse his unlawful order to stop shooting, or to present creds. so, what's a new commander to do? he is surrounded by the cops he oversees, and is not moving toward resolve. if you're a cop, and not particularly crafty in communicating (or being a cop), you have few tools in the box. arrest is one of them. beating me with the handle of a gun is the other. i was arrested. so now the commander has arrested a journalist. commanders don't arrest. now his worker cops are all watching closely. there was no turning back. after struggling for hours to find a charge, he was forced to write a report to match a violation recommended by CPD legal affairs. forget the slippery slope. this was a sh** sandwich avalanche. the whole thing was toxic. a possible cover-up, arresting a journalist armed with mighty support, deleting images.

these are indeed the same folks who were duped by a kid with a cop costume. in that case, the CPD claimed: "The senior officer was in full control of the squad car at all times, and the 14-year-old never interacted with the public while present with the assigned officer," said Chicago police Asst. Supt. James Jackson.

oh yeah?

they claim here the kid drove the car, was on a foot chase, and wrote tickets.

the CPD is a mess. no rules, no oversight, no consequences. my deal is a drop in the bucket of incompetence for them.
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Thread Title: Chicago photographer cleared of all charges
Thread Started By: Joe Cavaretta
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