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Adobe pulling out of MacWorld!! ??
Phil Hawkins, Photographer
Fresno | ca | usa | Posted: 2:00 PM on 12.09.08
->> It's a sign of the apocalypse.
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Michael Fischer, Photographer
Spencer | Ia | USA | Posted: 4:18 PM on 12.09.08
->> There's more to a show than the booth cost; the travel and lodging costs plus the cost of pulling people off of their regular assigned duties can make the booth costs trivial by comparison.

Delkin's comment may indicate something else. Typically when a supplier moves off of a floor to a hotel to meet "privately" with vendors, it's seen not only as cost cutting but as a way to control who they see - or don't see ... hmmmmmm.....
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 5:42 PM on 12.09.08
->> Software trade shows are quickly becoming irrelevant. In the old days it was really the only place you could kick the tires on new products and easily pick up literature, maybe a free copy if you sit in on the pitch, and go to training seminars.

Now, everything you ever wanted to know is available online - early beta reviews, demo downloads, you can even buy software immediately online. If it's hardware you need to try out, all you do is pop into your nearest Apple store...or order it overnight from MacConnection. If you still need more hands-on, most big companies like Adobe have regular, regional seminars with guest speakers and targeted training sessions.

If Steve Jobs didn't speak at MacWorld regularly, people just wouldn't go because they really don't need to anymore.
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Todd Corzett, Photographer
Livermore | CA | USA | Posted: 11:44 PM on 12.09.08
->> I've been going to MacWorld for over a decade (and the only reason I wasn't going longer was I was stuck in elementary school). Over the years there have been several large downsizing... I hate how they only use one hall these days.

With the increase of the internet there have been fewer reasons to even go to the shows though... all of the product info is online (and easier to find than walking around at a show). Back in the day you could get some good give-a-ways and show specials, but these days most vendors don't even have products in-stock on-site (for those great Friday show ending deals).

Sign of the apocalypse? Nah... just the continuation of the trends we have been seeing for a long time with the increasing availability of information online. Yes, I'm kinda surprised that Adobe would pull-out all together... after being one of the larger booths over the years (but one that I never really paid attention to).

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Paul Nelson, Photographer
Temperance | MI | USA | Posted: 1:23 AM on 12.10.08
->> I think free swag and free software is keeping the attendance from looking worse at most trade shows. When that goes bye-bye, uh oh.
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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 4:59 PM on 12.16.08

"Apple today announced that this year is the last year the company will exhibit at Macworld Expo."
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 1:48 AM on 12.17.08
->> Jobs skips out as top speaker at Macworld,0,1136934.story
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Tom Knier, Photographer
Lancaster | PA | USA | Posted: 1:55 AM on 12.17.08
->> I'll still be going to NAB in April. That's a trade show that gets bigger and bigger and bigger every year...
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Thread Title: Adobe pulling out of MacWorld!! ??
Thread Started By: Phil Hawkins
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