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Nikon 400 2.8 AFS-II vs VR
Sean Meyers, Photographer
Salisbury | NC | USA | Posted: 10:30 AM on 09.17.08
->> Hello all. Anyone use these two lenses and can offer advise? I'd like to save a little $ by getting a used AFS-II but want to see if much has changed with the new VR. I can do without the VR so I'm mostly concerned about focus etc.

Thanks. If you have either to sell, let me know.

- Sean
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Wade Barker, Student/Intern, Photographer
College Station | TX | USA | Posted: 10:33 AM on 09.17.08
->> I switched this summer and decided to go with an AF-S II for the substantial cost savings. I've been very happy so far. Focus with the D3 is very fast and accurate. Good luck finding a used one though, they are in very short supply.
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Jeff Mills, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 11:28 AM on 09.17.08
->> I bought the AF-S II as well. I never used the IS on my Canon 400, and didnt really want to pay an extra $1200 for a feature I knew I was never going to turn on so went with a new AF-S II.

I've been very happy with t so far, save for the dumb two peice hood design, which as I understand it carries over to the VR version.

No complaints about focus speed, sharpness or anything else. I really love that its "only" 9.7lbs as well. Much more manageable than the Canon versions I used to shoot. 3lbs or so really does make a bit of a difference.
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Chris Williams, Photographer, Photo Editor
Stevenson Ranch | CA | USA | Posted: 11:36 AM on 09.17.08
->> The two piece hood has been fixed on the VR version. The sections pop right on with no effort now.

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Matt Cashore, Photographer
South Bend | IN | USA | Posted: 12:08 PM on 09.17.08
->> There is no way to 'fix' the two piece hood! It is and always has been a terrible idea.
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John Scarpa, Photographer, Student/Intern
Bedminster | NJ | United States | Posted: 10:19 PM on 09.17.08
->> Yes there is a way to fix it....

Make it a one piece hood! Nikon will catch on sooner or later. (hopefully sooner)
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Thread Title: Nikon 400 2.8 AFS-II vs VR
Thread Started By: Sean Meyers
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