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Pocket Wizard AC power supply
Bryan Crowe, Photographer
Fullerton | CA | US | Posted: 1:12 AM on 09.11.08
->> I'm having a problem locating the proper AC power supplies for either the Plus2 or Multimax.

Purchased two from samys that fit neither model but the sales guy said they worked with both. The Multimax units are twice the price of the Plus2's at $60 each.

Is it possible to get the connector and make your own ? The connector on the Multi looks like a mini RCA plug.

Can't find any info on the PW site.

B&H shows it but not available.......
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David Guralnick, Photographer
Detroit | MI | USA | Posted: 3:21 PM on 12.01.08
->> I'm reopening this thread. I went to Radio Shack today to get an AC power supply for a multimax. Had the right 3v adapter and tried with a couple different plugs but couldn't get it to work. Reversing polarity and trying both the 500 and 700mah versions didn't help. Does it need batteries inside just to complete the connection? What am I missing?

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Chad Hipolito, Photographer
Red Deer | AB | Canada | Posted: 4:39 PM on 12.01.08
->> Possible firmware update?---
I kinda skimmed through it, but it might be the help your looking for. I own the PW Plus, never needed a AC power supply, actually didnt even know they existed. I learned something new today.
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Eric Canha, Photographer
Brockton | MA | United States | Posted: 5:31 PM on 12.01.08
->> I have never looked into powering from AC but just checked out the PW site. The photo for the plug "PW-AC-MX" shows it to have 3 or maybe 4 bands plus tip and what even looks like a collar. This is hardly a 'standard' plug and just using a 1/8 plug is surely shorting the bottom 2 or 3 bands. You may be able to get this cord as an adapter that will carry the voltage from a 1/8" mono plug to the correct plug bands.
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David Guralnick, Photographer
Detroit | MI | USA | Posted: 6:52 PM on 12.01.08
->> Eric-

That cord is for the newer version of the Multimax. I have the original. This is the official AC adapter, and it looks pretty basic. Looks can be deceiving, I guess, but I don't really feel like spending $50 on what should be about a third of that.

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Al Goldis, Photographer
East Lansing | MI | USA | Posted: 12:16 PM on 12.02.08
->> I have several. They are all pretty old so I have no idea about the current generation.

Mine all look exactly alike except the stickers show different specs; one type is 3VDC 400mA and the other type is 4.5VDC 300mA.

Outer jacket is - and inner is +.

No batteries needed. Oh, and both types were sold as LPA parts although they are generic transformers with nothing identifying them as LPA or Pocket Wizard.
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Michael Ciu, Photographer, Assistant
Lorain | OH | USA | Posted: 10:42 PM on 12.03.08
->> They are made by Jameco and are part number 15544. Just found one of my boxes from the last one I purchased.
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Thread Title: Pocket Wizard AC power supply
Thread Started By: Bryan Crowe
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