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OT - iPod battery replacement
Dianna Russell, Photographer
Springfield | MO | USA | Posted: 6:40 AM on 04.23.08
->> I can't live without my iPod. I use it to listen to the broadcasts when shooting, as well as listen to music, podcasts, etc at work. Unfortunately the battery will barely last a couple hours and it is steadily getting worse.

So, I did a search and came up with a few options. Send it in to Apple and pay $59. for a replacement, send it in to one of several companies that will replace the battery for me or order a kit from one of those places and do it myself. Gulp. Do it myself? Hmmmm. I guess I'm a bit nervous about doing this myself so I wanted to ask the great SportsShooter nation about it.

Has anyone out there bought one of the kits to replace their iPod's battery? Was it as easy as they say it is? I found two companies that look promising and they are inexpensive: $29.00 or

Kokopellimusic $16.99

I am so relieved that there are options and that I don't have a $350. paperweight. :o)

Help and comments please.


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Denny Medley, Photographer, Photo Editor
Kansas City | MO | USA | Posted: 7:16 AM on 04.23.08
->> Dianna,
Like most of the places that sell replacement batteries or parts, they'll tell you that it's not for the 'feint of heart'. That is true. However, that being said, I've ordered and replaced a video screen on my wife's 30GB Video iPod, and if you take your time, follow the directions that came with the replacement part, and make sure you get all of those tiny ribbon cables seated properly when putting it back together, it's really not all that bad. After replacing one internal part, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a go again if need be.

So, go ahead and give it a try - just be patient, go slow, and remember to align the center button properly on the click wheel, as it's not attached to anything, but just 'floats' on the wheel.

Or, you could use your old one as a paperweight, and go buy yourself an early iPhone Christmas present!
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Andy Heidt, Photographer
Murfreesboro | TN | USA | Posted: 10:05 AM on 04.23.08
->> Dianna-
I replaced the battery on my third generation iPod with the kit from about three years ago, and although it wasn't simple, I've done many more difficult things in my life. Like Denny said, follow the directions, take your time, and be very careful with the ribbon cables and you'll have no problem.
Good Luck!
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Rob Kerr, Photographer
Bend | OR | US | Posted: 11:39 AM on 04.23.08
->> Hi Dianna,
I successfully did the iFixit battery replacement on my 3rd generation iPod with no grey hairs. It was a reasonable challenge and big money saver. As the others said, go for it slow and steady.
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Michael Sackett, Photographer
Sterling Heights | MI | USA | Posted: 12:23 PM on 04.23.08
->> Dianna,

I replaced the battery on my 3rd Gen Ipod and the hardest part was getting the case open, but once you had that done, it was a piece of cake. Just don't give up and make sure you follow the instructions. Much cheaper than the Apple option.

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Pat Christman, Photographer
Mankato | MN | USA | Posted: 6:03 PM on 04.23.08
->> I'll second the route. It's not simple, but definitely doable. The directions they send are thorough and complete, and they include all the tools you need.

You'll want to do it when you have time to take it slow. It took me about 20 minutes to do, and I'm not particularly techincal.

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Dianna Russell, Photographer
Springfield | MO | USA | Posted: 5:47 AM on 04.24.08
->> Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I feel better about it now. I think I'll probably go with the iPodjuice company.

Denny, I'd rather not go the paperweight route. I just replaced my phone in Nov. with an HTC touch screen -- along with a new two-year contract with Alltel.

Thanks again, all.

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Walter Calahan, Photographer
Westminster | MD | USA | Posted: 7:21 AM on 04.24.08
->> Other World Computing also sells Pod batteries.

I've replaced two so far.
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Thread Title: OT - iPod battery replacement
Thread Started By: Dianna Russell
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