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Screen Cover for Nikon D3
John Middlebrook, Photographer
Frederick | MD | US | Posted: 9:59 AM on 04.07.08
->> I have not ordered one yet but just found a manufacturer of an after market D3 screen cover.

If anyone has purchased one, let us know how it does.
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Bob Ford, Photographer
Lehighton | Pa | USA | Posted: 10:07 AM on 04.07.08
->> Sorry to go "off topic" but...

$24.99!!!! Really?
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Andy Heidt, Photographer
Murfreesboro | TN | USA | Posted: 10:56 AM on 04.07.08
->> Invisible Shield makes a very nice screen protector for the D3.
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Jonathan Roberts, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 11:35 AM on 04.07.08
->> I've had the Hoodmans on two D3 cameras a little over a week now. They fit the camera really well--much better than the LCD cover that came with the D2X cameras.

Regarding price--they are a bit pricey, Bob. I did, however, buy a bunch of the screen covers for the D2X cameras over the years. I would loose them when the covers would snag on credentials or shirt buttons. The covers that Hoodman is making for the D3 seem to not have a point where they will snag. I hope not to replace these as many times as I did the $10 Nikon LCD covers.
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Kent Miller, Photographer
Peekskill | NY | USA | Posted: 12:51 PM on 04.07.08
->> I really have no idea why you would need this. I took the one off my D2X the day I bought it and have never found a reason for it. I thought Nikon may have the same idea by not even including one on the D3. At 24.99 for a .25 piece of plastic. I hope I never need one.
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Allen Hubbard, Photographer
Spokane | WA | USA | Posted: 2:13 PM on 04.07.08
->> I bought one just as a little protection, I actually liked the Hoodmans that flipped out for screen viewing in bright conditions but they are not making one for the D3.
The clear one fits well and gives the extra protection I wanted.
Ya it is a rediculous price for a piece of plastic but in the long run I hope it's worth it.
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Bryan Hulse, Photographer
Highlands Ranch | Co | USA | Posted: 2:32 PM on 04.07.08
->> I agree with you Kent. I have never used a pesky screen cover on any of my digital bodies, and have never had an issue.
I bought one of those Hoodman covers Allen speaks of for my D2x. The stupid thing cost $50 bucks and broke the first 30 seconds I installed it.
Just don't put the body in the gravel when changing a lens and you shouldn't need one.
I wonder if Hoodman sells those plastic covers for my couch?
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Thread Title: Screen Cover for Nikon D3
Thread Started By: John Middlebrook
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