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|| Member Message Board

SSA V Participants: THANKS!
Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 2:00 AM on 03.10.08
->> Longs days.

Not much sleep.

Lots of great, cool events to shoot.

Informative, educational and inspiring classroom sessions.

Wonderful work produced by you all.

Sports Shooter Academy V has been completed ... but it is not over.

As Michael and Matt said during this morning's wrap up: Take what you learned in these 5 days home and apply them to your every day work. Don't go back to your old, bad habits!

Thanks to ALL of you for making this workshop a HUGE success.

And thanks for the lengthy "Standing O" you gave the workshop faculty and staff ...

From The Kahuna: A BIg Mahalo to you all!
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Brandon Iwamoto, Student/Intern, Photographer
Fort Collins | CO | USA | Posted: 2:26 AM on 03.10.08
->> Bert, thank YOU! The workshop was simply amazing! Thanks to you and the entire faculty for the fantastic experience. I look forward to trying to make it back for next year, the nightly edits and morning slideshows are priceless.
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Octavian Cantilli, Student/Intern
Gainesville | FL | United States | Posted: 4:51 AM on 03.10.08
->> The Sports Shooter Academy really is the coolest sports photography event of the year! In no particular order here is why.

Not only is this a totally hands on workshop with a vast array of sports to shoot. The access Matt Brown and the rest of the faculty are able to secure for the participants is incredible. I constantly found myself saying holly crap man, we’re aloud to put a remote there, or we’re aloud to stand here.

Don Miralle alone brought over $50K of this own lighting equipment and let participants shoot their own portraits of ATP tour players with it. Don also secured a hands on underwater photography class sponsored by Aquatech.

Mike Goulding gave participants a tour of the OC Register’s studio then brought in a men’s Olympic volleyball hopeful for the participants to pose and try different lighting setups on.

Another truly special trait about this workshop is how every single member of the faculty knew how to critique your work in order to push you to do better next time yet not discourage you about your current level. Wally Skalij is especially good at this. Matt Brown, Wally Skalij, Mike Goulding, Myung Chun, Sean Haffey, Don Miralle and Robert Hanashiro are all very down to earth, easily approachable and eager to sit down with young photographers to share their insight.

It was very evident Robert Hanashiro went to great lengths to ensure as many of the logistical concerns were taken care of from cheap or discounted parking to detailed directions to the venues to making sure each participant had a fair share of time with the faculty to discuss their work.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the kind of person that would sugar coat a review like this for any reason. I tell it exactly how I see it.

The tuition for this workshop is an absolute rock bottom bargain. One of the things Bert told me was that even though SSAV had the most participants of any SSA to date, it held one of the lowest numbers of students. This is insane! If you are a serious student I can think of no better venue for you to look forward to and to continue to develop at. Some of the youngest participants of SSAV took many of the best photos of the workshop. If you want it, it’s here.

The last but certainly not the least great attribute I’d like to comment on is the chance participants have to network with other highly enthusiastic photographers. I know I made some new friends. Hell, I even got a new nickname, Octabank. Thanks Jordan.

So a big thank you to the SS faculty, staff, sponsors and the fellow participants for a fantastic workshop experience. I hope the faculty continue to have enough energy to hold it a couple times a year, and I hope others, especially students, continue to realize the great value and need of the SSA in order to keep the demand as high as it should be.
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Larry Strumwasser, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hicksville | NY | USA | Posted: 10:34 AM on 03.10.08
->> Thanks Bert,

This was a fantastic group of people, students as well as faculty!
Even as a working pro you need to have this kind of interactive workshop so you don't fall into an every day rut. This has helped my workflow, remotes, and seeing beyond the norm.

The varity of events were well planned out, classes fun and informative are part of the reason I will tell my buddies to go. This has the workings of a full time school if the staff has the time & energy. It is worth double $ for this kind of interaction. Robert Hanashiro did a great job of conducting the group, orchestrating events, sponsors, super faculty and interns. HE CARES.

Special thanks to Matt Brown, he is down to earth, hard working and nothing stops him from getting it done. His access to the events were fantastic and you can see that the people at the venues did what ever he problem.

Mike Goulding, Myung Chun, Sean Haffey, Don Miralle all helped me at some point or another and do want to express my thanks.
Jordan, Crystal, Susanica and Eugene if you are ever in NY and need a've got it.

There were several people attending this for multiple times ....this is not a one time learning experience.

For all who are reading this that did not attend ....DO SO...take one less golf vacation and improve yourself!
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Melissa Macatee, Photographer
Dallas | TX | | Posted: 12:49 PM on 03.10.08
->> I have posted my thanks in another thread but will go ahead and do it again since I can't think Bert and crew enough for all they do during SSA. I am a repeat customer that still came home with a head full of new ideas and techniques. Each and everyday there was new information that I can use in my work. The sponsors were great, thank you Think Tank for the remote cover! Dyno-lite for the lights I got to try out for some portrait work. Canon for letting me test out cameras, I think I found the perfect one btw. Aquatech for the underwater equipment and class with Donald Miralle. Bert pours his heart into the academies which is very evident in the staff he has there on hand. Thanks to the staff for...
the great lighting tips from Myung and Donald, the lessons in using some of the equipment from Matt, Jordan and Sean, the constant presence of Crystal and Susanica for any help needed, the composition tips from Michael, and as always the final editing tips from Wally.

If you have never attended an SSA , you should definitely clear your calendar for one in the future. Having some of the top professionals in the field right there helping you and advising you is priceless. I have updated my member page with a sampling of some of my work while there. A thanks also to the other participants that were so much fun to be with, were an inspiration and were kind enough to share some of their great ideas with me.

Also a very happy 15th to EMMA!!!!!
It was great to meet the women behind the man.
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James Broome, Photographer
Tampa | FL | US | Posted: 12:52 PM on 03.10.08
->> It's great to hear from the participants like this. I can't wait to attend one of these events.
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Allan Campbell, Photo Editor, Photographer
Salem | OR | USA | Posted: 1:30 PM on 03.10.08
->> Good fun, great people, FANTASTIC STAFF...
This process works.... check out all of the great work being done by the participants at Bert's workshop...

Brandon -
Melissa -

I looked for others ..... guys update your pages when you have time.... sharing what you shot is an important part of SSA. I know several of you that had great stuff that have not updated as of yet... I look forward to seeing what you post

and I updated my page as well

Again a big thanks to Bert, the staff, and the sponsors.....
Another nice job folks...
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Jonathan Moore, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 2:05 PM on 03.10.08
->> Definitely some long days!

After a full nights sleep I'm ready to go out and to it all over again!! Thanks to all the faculty and staff for their help and advice!

As I said during the introductions, I'd been anticipating this workshop for many months. I think the greatest benefit of SSA is that it really allows the participant to step out of their comfort zone, to try out new sports such as track and field, softball and volleyball, and finally to experiment with remotes and strobes!

Furthermore, after seeing the unique work of the other participants and, more importantly, hearing the reactions of the faculty, my eye for good photography has definitely improved. The standards have increased: angles, composition, exposure, peak action, CLEAN background, good lighting, they all play an equal part! It's definitely a challenge to think about all this at once when you're out working freelance, but this academy helps you to seek out these unique images quickly and efficiently, while at the same time capturing those "run of the mill" action photos that the editors always demand!

The faculty reactions and advice push the photographer to submit better work. It's that simple. Now when I go out to shoot and edit, I'll remember how each faculty member will react -- seriously you remember specific comments! Your minimum expectations definitely increase as a result!

As Wally would say, you're setting yourself back by not participating in this academy. I encourage all those who are serious about working in this EXTREMELY competitive industry to complete this academy, to soak up as much information as possible and to see how your eye changes!

I also encourage all the participants to stay in contact! Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to get to know everyone in the group, but I did enjoy getting to know some of you and I look forward to crossing paths again soon!

Best of luck to everyone!
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Bruce Omori, Photographer
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 3:34 PM on 03.10.08
->> BIG Mahalo to you, Bert! And thanks to the rest of the faculty as well! You guys put together an AWESOME workshop... from the informative classroom sessions to the great lineup of events at those incredible venues! It's mind blowing to think of the effort behind such an organized array of activities... I truly appreciate the hard work and sacrifices of personal time it took to make it all happen!

Bert, Matt, Myung, Sean, Wally, Michael, Donald, and Eugene, thank you for the making yourselves so accessible to everyone. Your instruction, suggestions, and sharing of your vision for imagery were tremendously helpful at the events, but will be even more valuable as a timeless resource for me to pull from when I'm working back home. And, of course, the feedback during the critiquing sessions was great... painful at times (lol), but nonetheless, priceless! No better way to improve than getting hammered! Right, Myung? lol. ;-) In my opinion, I think this is the one area of the workshop that is underrated, as each of you has a different perspective, and being able to tap into that knowledge and experience is something that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. Thanks for being honest (brutally!) and keeping it real, as it shows you guys really do care.

Jordan, Crystal, and Susanica, thank you for supporting the faculty, and for being there for us! You guys displayed true professionalism throughout. Setting up for the first early bird session to the wrapup, your hard work and dedication greatly contributed to the success of the workshop, and your friendship and words of encouragement enhanced the SSA experience!

Thanks also to the SSA sponsors, ThinkTank, Canon, and Samy's, as it wouldn't have been possible for Bert to do it without your support and contributions... from the great free stuff to the equipment loaners, we the workshop participants appreciated every bit! A big thank you to Kirk from Camera Bits for attending the workflow session, and sharing tips on PhotoMechanic! Love the software, dude!

Lastly, thanks to my fellow SSA attendees. I've learned much over the past five days, and a lot of it has come from interacting and seeing the creativity in all of your work... awesome stuff! I'm humbled and honored to have shared the stage, well okay, the sidelines, and shooting alongside of you all, as I know some of you will go on to do great things. I do hope our paths cross again!

Again, mahalo Bert for another AWESOME SSA experience!!! When VI rolls around, I'll be first in... well, second in line behind Allan, then again, make that third behind Andrew!
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Jesse Smith, Photographer
Chehalis | WA | United States | Posted: 3:48 PM on 03.10.08
->> To be honest, at first I was kinda bummed because all the things they were teaching I allready had knowledge on (mainly from watching the videos in the special features section) but when it came time for critiques it made it all worth it, it really opened my eyes to how crappy I was at cropping things. And Myung's lighting in a bag class was a HUGE help, I plan on getting a setup like that in the near future, but not before I buy one of those underwater housings!! Those were sick! and not as expensive as I thought.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 5:33 PM on 03.10.08
->> A couple of more updates from SSA V participants:
Hannah Foslien
Daniel Berman
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Myung Chun, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 5:36 PM on 03.10.08
->> All the hard work pays off when I see the students cross that threshold and finally "get it" and it shows in the photographs.

Thank you all for being a great class. I had as much fun as you did.
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Jared Wickerham, Student/Intern, Photographer
Pittsburgh | PA | U.S.A. | Posted: 7:57 PM on 03.10.08
->> Like I told some other people...I go to a great school, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but I learned a lot of things that I would never learn in school. Myung's lighting in a bag class was awesome along with Donald's portrait lighting class as well. Getting their critiques is an amazing part of the Academy as well. Teacher's are too lenient on student photographs so it was nice to have people rip your work apart so you can improve. I also learned cropping(and sometimes not so much cropping) plays a bigger part in photographs than I thought.

Ultimately, be prepared to be exhausted. You really do see better and make better photographs. It's worth every penny(and flight delays in my case) and I would love to do it again if the opportunity presents itself. You just can't do everything in one trip. It's not possible. Sometimes you just need to spend the whole day at an event instead of trying to do as much as possible. Track and field proved that with some of the best photographs coming towards the end of the day when light was best as well as during the steeple chase.

My advice: Go! Soak it all in. Don't take a second of it for granted. And also, GO! Oh, did I mention you should GO!

It was an amazing opportunity that hopefully I can be apart of again. Andrew Villa and Alan Campbell can tell you that going year after year is definitely worth it.

Thank you everyone who was a part of this awesome workshop! Bert, Myung, Matt, Donald, Wally, Michael, Suzanica, Jordan, and Crystal. I'm sorry if I forgot any names. I had an amazing time and I made some lifelong friends for sure! Thanks to Rod for being my driver for the week and thanks to Daniel and Charles as well for making it an awesome trip!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Sports Shooter Academy. I would love to talk about it and you definitely want to be a part of it!

--Jared Wickerham
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Daniel Berman, Student/Intern, Photographer
Seattle | WA | US | Posted: 10:07 PM on 03.10.08
->> I found the Sports Shooter Academy to be challenging, inspiring, entertaining, and above all a terrific learning experience.

Just having access to pick the brains of the faculty and really learn how professionals think about pictures is invaluable. I learned so much about what makes a picture unique and strong.

Beyond the nightly critiques, it was so much fun to try and make different pictures from the 50 other photographers shooting around me. I loved that all of us took different approaches to our daily work at the events.

The morning slideshow is awesome too and I found myself making audible 'wow's after many of the pictures I saw. It was just a really nice experience for me to work hard to make pictures, to have made some nice pictures, and just to meet so many other talented people at the workshop.

I definitely recommend the workshop to anyone on the fence about a Sports Shooter Academy VI.

And to anyone who attended SSA V and hasn't updated their member page, shame on you...

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Charles Ludeke, Student/Intern, Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA | Posted: 11:47 PM on 03.10.08
->> This experience is beyond words. I can't even explain how great this workshop was.

All of the faculty were so friendly, helpful and down-to-earth. They're great people that would be fun to hang around, be good friends, and to be co-workers with. It's even better that they're all incredible photographers, they give advice, help you see things differently, and help you build confidence in your work. It's so encouraging, and makes me want to be such a better photographer.

The environment was so positive, full of lots of support, and has such a great atmosphere. Everyone is so fun to be around, and I loved making a bunch of new friends.

Looking at all this great photography just pushed me to work so much harder. Everyone has such great talent, and it's wonderful to see!

I hope to be lucky enough to participate in SSA VI!!

And the biggest thanks goes to Robert for everything he does! It's incredible how generous he is to do this for the photography community. Thanks again for everything!!!
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 11:52 PM on 03.10.08
->> And another SSA V participant has updated with photos from the workshop:
Octavian Cantilli: University of Florida
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Willie J. Allen Jr., Photographer
St. Petersburg | FL | USA | Posted: 1:12 AM on 03.11.08
->> I'm a staff photojournalist at a good newspaper in Florida. Yet the daily grind of making photographs on assignments that I don't have a connection to can be creatively stifling. Sports Shooter Academy V reminded me what it feels like to make photographs for me. Not the editors, designers or colleagues. Can you say NICE!

Sports Shooter Academy V was amazing. Although truth be told we didn’t get much sleep. Instead we learned, listened, stretched and photographed day and night. We also had the chance to work with some of the most talented, patient and supportive faculty members I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

We have all heard the saying “Reinventing the wheel.” Well, that was one of the keys to the Academy. We took the information shared with us by the experienced faculty members paired it with our own sensibilities and made photos that pushed the envelope. Sounds like a blast doesn’t it?

If you happen to be one of those photographers that is interested in learning unique ways to make photographs, challenging yourself and working with some of the best people/sports shooters in the business. Check out Sports Shooter Academy VI.

As the Big Kahuna likes to say Mahalo!

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Justin Edmonds, Student/Intern, Photographer
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 1:20 AM on 03.11.08
->> SSA V was a truly unique experience. Having the ability to have faculty look at your work on a daily basis was worth the trip for a student like myself. This is a fantastic industry because everyone is truly exceptional and the faculty and other students did an outstanding job at representing the industry the right way. SSA V further developed my love for sports photography and photojournalism. I know that I will see many of the faculty and students throughout my career and will potentially develop lifelong friendships with many of them and I can't wait for when I do. Thank you to everyone involved who pushed a desired student like myself to the next level.
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Allan Campbell, Photo Editor, Photographer
Portland | OR | USA | Posted: 1:53 AM on 03.11.08
->> Check out these updates from SSA V

Willie J Allen Jr. -

Justan Edmonds -

Great stuff.....
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Adam Vogler, Photographer
Chanute | KS | USA | Posted: 2:16 AM on 03.11.08
->> I just got back to SEK and my mind is still racing with ideas of how to apply the experiences of the past week to my daily work. The first thing I did when I got back to Chanute just now was go to the office to start checking out my fellow SSA V classmates updates. Seeing their work once during the slideshows wasn't nearly enough.
All I can say is WOW. I was looking forward to SSA V for months and it was so much more than I expected. I heard Daniel Berman say that he got more out of SSA V than three years of college and I don't think he was far off the mark. I can't think of anything that has changed the way I approach my work more than the 5 days I just spent in So-Cal. Simply amazing. I am simply a different photographer than I was last week.
Just to be a part of such a talented group was an incredible experience.
Matt, Donald, Wally, Sean, Michael, Myung, Suzanica, Jordan, Crystal and most importantly Robert thank you so much for taking time out of your lives to hold this workshop. That you would sacrifice so much to teach me and my fellow attendees means more than you can imagine. I feel honored to have been able to be a part of SSA V, Sports Shooter, the photojournalism community because of people like you.
Please also pass along my thanks to your families for sacrificing their time with you in order to make this all happen.
Finally I'd like to thank all of my fellow students, from Dan Putz loaning me his second body when my 20D's shutter blew the first day, to John, Cody, and Josh driving me around EVERYONE was just fantastic. It felt like we were all in it together working to make the best images possible (probably because we were). My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to spend more time with each of you. It was an honor to be among such a talented group of people, I learned so much just being around you.
I know I'm leaving so many people out so a huge thank you to them also.
I've got to get some sleep so I can get up early tomorrow morning and start putting all I've learned into practice.

I hope its not to long before our paths cross again.
Update is coming soon.

P.S. Not to blow my own horn (OK to completely blow my own horn) sitting on my desk when I went into the office was a note telling me that I won 1st and 3rd place in the feature photo category of the Kansas Press Association clip contest. After SSA V I feel like I can take every category next year.
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Mike Vander Veer, Student/Intern, Photographer
Cheney | WA | USA | Posted: 3:41 AM on 03.11.08
->> I'll try to keep it short, since I really need to finish up an important presentation for my Senior Capstone class tomorrow, but the Academy is simply amazing. From the faculty members that devote an unbelievable amount of time, energy and passion, to the great events and superb access to shoot them, the awesome weather, positive attitudes, and the diverse assortment of talent of all the other participants, the Academy truly is the COOLEST photography event around. It's already been said countless times, but credit must be given where it's due; a HUGE thanks to all the faculty (Bert, Matt, Michael, Sean, Myung, and Wally) and assistants (Jordan, Susanica, and Crystal) for their guidance, patience and insight, to all of the organizations that make SSA possible (Samy's, Canon, Think Tank Photo, Dynalite, Big West), and to all of the other participants that graciously offered their perspectives, help, transportation (thanks Richard, Rod, Jesse, Scott), and even home (Scott, you rock man!).


(Oh, and I just updated with my work from the week)
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Patric Schneider, Photographer
Houston | TX | United States | Posted: 12:09 PM on 03.11.08
->> To all the instructors, THANK YOU!!!!. This has been my third sportsshooters event and I enjoy it more and more each time. Getting to know the faculty and students and seeing the different approaches always gets me fired up to strive for excellence. Start saving your pennies now for next year’s event. IT IS WELL WORTH IT IN THE LONG RUN.
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Jared Wickerham, Student/Intern, Photographer
Pittsburgh | PA | U.S.A. | Posted: 12:25 AM on 03.12.08
->> Here is my newly updated profile as well with 10 images from SSA V! I really hope I can do this again next year! I just can't say it enough. And as if the information, classes, events, faculty, experience, etc, weren't enough, I definitely made some hopefully lifelong friends while at SSA V as well.

Rod, Daniel, Charles, Mike, Octavian, Patric aka Texas, and everyone else who made it an awesome experience, thanks! You guys were awesome! See you next year, eh?

The link to my SSA V gallery:
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Allan Campbell, Photo Editor, Photographer
Portland | OR | USA | Posted: 9:37 PM on 03.12.08
->> Found a few more updates.....

Adam Vogler -

Mitch Stringer -

Johnathan Moore -
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Max Levine, Photographer
Philadelphia | PA | USA | Posted: 10:18 PM on 03.12.08
->> So when does the application process begin for SSVI??? I'm so jealous. I definitely want to be there next year. Even if that means using 1/2 of my vacation days for the year.
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Sam Hodgson, Photographer, Photo Editor
San Diego | CA | United States | Posted: 10:43 PM on 03.12.08
->> go. go. go. go. go.

You will learn alot.

If anyone has individual questions, feel free to e-mail me.

here's my update:
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Jeff Bennett, Student/Intern
Livermore | CA | USA | Posted: 11:01 PM on 03.12.08
->> What a great couple of days it was in LA. If you were thinking about going to SSA V and couldn't because you didn't have the money start saving know if you want to go next time around if Bert is putting one are.

Not only is the faculty there to help you shot better sports shots, but they also help you think outside the box and be more creative.

Just look through all the members that went and updated their shots and you will see all the amazing photographers that you will be shooting with and learning from.

Going to any Sports Shooter Academy will be some of the best money you will ever spend.
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Michael Sasser, Photographer, Student/Intern
Denver | CO | USA | Posted: 9:35 AM on 03.13.08
->> Just wanted to say thanks to the faculty and the other students for helping me out. ive been so busy since i got back i havent had time to update my page. now im on my way to vegas for a tennis tournament, hopefully will get some nice shots in there as well. good luck to all and see you next year!
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Andrew Villa, Student/Intern, Photographer
San Jose | CA | United States | Posted: 12:14 PM on 03.13.08
->> I've been thinking about what to write for a few days off and on.
I absolutely love coming to LA for a few days a few times a year. Everytime I head down I learn something new, from working as a team the first time, to working on being patient while shooting this time. It isn't just about shooting sports when I head down, but rather seeing old friends, doing something I love (shooting), and getting advice. From the past year, I've met many friends, the faculty is always great and willing to go out of their way to help you. People that are thinking about heading down next year, DO IT. It's one of the best experiences I've had.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 8:04 PM on 03.17.08
->> And WELCOME to's newest member ... and SSA V alum Sawitree Crowe:

Welcome Sawitree!!!
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Josh Peckler, Student/Intern
Chicago | Illinois | | Posted: 8:41 PM on 03.17.08
->> Any idea when the next SSA will be? After seeing all the great work and reading how great of a experience it was, i am hoping to make it to the next one.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 9:19 PM on 03.17.08
->> As I wrote in the other current SSA V thread... it's amazing how many people are inquiring about SSA VI and there have even been numerous people emailing me about pre-registering!

And we don't even have a date yet!!!

We cannot even begin to think about VI until the late summer/early fall when Matt will be able to see the schedules for the Big West Conference.

There is a sort of "art" to deciding a date for this workshop. For SSA V the converging of the college baseball and basketball seasons was an important factor, but what sold the dates was the Ben Brown Invitational Track Meet.

I also have to balance my work schedule, family commitments ... plus those of Matt and the key members of the faculty and staff.

I am blown away by the number of people excited about the possibility of attending a Sports Shooter Academy VI. And I am compiling a list of those that have contacted me so I can email them when we are about to open registration.

The Academy is a very special educational program. It really excites and humbles me that there still remains interest in the workshop after we've been doing this for a few years now.

There has been SOME discussion about the POSSIBILITY of a Sports Shooter Academy Boot Camp later this year. Once I clear up all of the final, loose ends with SSA V, our core group will meet (probably over ribs somewhere!) and discuss the future.

In the mean time, check out the great work done by participants in SSA V. Thank our wonderful supporters --- Samy's Camera, Think Tank Photo and Canon USA --- and keep the faith!

'Nuff said!

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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 2:01 AM on 03.19.08
->> Hey Cody!... About time!

One more gallery of cool photos from SSA V:
Cody Buckalew

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Mike Vander Veer, Student/Intern, Photographer
Cheney | WA | USA | Posted: 2:46 AM on 03.19.08
->> And likewise, it's about time I post my fun pix. Three up, three more to go! Mahalo!
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Adam Alexander, Student/Intern, Photographer
Muncie | IN | United States | Posted: 12:53 PM on 03.19.08
->> Well I am finally back from my vacation following SSAV and was able to update my member page. Attending SSAV was one of the BEST decisions I could have ever made. I was very excited in the months leading up to the academy but had no idea how great my experience was going to be. I grew more as a photographer in those five days then I had in the past year. With the help from the AMAZING FACULTY and all the great participants I really came away with a ton of confidence and new ways to look at my photography. I would urge anyone considering to attend to do whatever you can start saving now because you wont regret it as you can see from all the previous pots. It is by far the coolest sports photography event of the year.
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Charles Ludeke, Student/Intern, Photographer
Columbia | MO | USA | Posted: 3:02 PM on 03.19.08
->> Robert, I've updated my page as well:
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John Birk, Student/Intern
Langhorne | PA | USA | Posted: 6:13 PM on 03.19.08
->> I finally got around to applying for membership to following SSA V and am thrilled to now be a part of this community! The Sports Shooter Academy is a once in a lifetime experience that will not only teach you more than you can imagine, but it will inspire a photographer on the deepest level to go out and make great pictures. I encourage everyone to make a sincere effort to attend one of these fine workshops as it will help you with your shooting more than anything else you can do. In addition, the Sports Shooter Academy is one of the most exciting and fun things you can do as a photographer and as a bonus, you get to meet other members and make tons of new friends.

A big thank you goes out to the whole staff including Matt Brown, Wally Skalij, Sean Haffey, Michael Goulding, Myung Chun, Donald Miralle, and assistants Jordan Murph, Crystal Chatham, and Susanica Tam. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated and made a very positive impact on all of the participants.

Finally, I would like to thank the Big Kahuna, Robert Hanashiro, for putting in all of the time and effort that it requires to put on a workshop of this magnitude. Your commitment to giving back to the photography community is truly special and can not be thanked enough.

P.S. I updated my member page with images I made during SSA V.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 9:29 PM on 03.19.08
->> Get stuff all!

"See Better. Shoot Better."
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Bob Ford, Photographer
Lehighton | Pa | USA | Posted: 9:53 PM on 03.19.08
->> John, welcome aboard.

I attended SSA IV, and agree with most of what you say about SSA, except for the "once in a lifetime" part. I sure hope it isn't once in a lifetime, because I'm really hoping to attend SSA VI.

I notice your member page says that you attend Buck County Community College. Are you taking photo classes there? I took some classes there back in the 80's.
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Adam Vogler, Photographer
Chanute | KS | USA | Posted: 11:26 AM on 04.02.08
->> New member, SSA V alum, and the guy who saved my bacon when my 20 D died during day 1 Daniel Putz.
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Cody Buckalew, Photographer, Photo Editor
Red Wing | MN | USA | Posted: 12:03 PM on 04.02.08
->> Sorry for the delayed update Bert, I stopped in Colorado for a week of snowboarding on the way home from the workshop.

I think everyone else has already said what i would like to reiterate. Thank-you to all the SSA V staff. I can't imagine how to pack more into a 5 day span and keep it upbeat and fun. You guys were amazing with all the on-site advice and critques in the editing room. Wally, Mike, Myung, Donald, Bert... Thanks a million!

I made sure to take a lot of chances on things I would never have tried at home but had been wanting to try for a while. to be honest, mot many worked out, but I was able to get feedback from some of the staff members on why, and what I might do next time to make it work.

To all the friends I made: Keep in touch! You guys are awesome...

Happy shooting to all!
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Daniel Putz, Student/Intern
Shippensburg | PA | | Posted: 10:59 PM on 04.02.08
->> Howdy ho! *waves

I'm not sure what to say that hasn't already been said. So, an all-encompassing THANK YOU to all who organized and attended SSAV. Everything came together for an experience I wont soon forget.

I hope to return for SSAVI!
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Larry Strumwasser, Photographer, Photo Editor
Hicksville | NY | USA | Posted: 5:00 PM on 05.13.08
->> I updated my page as well......just got a job with a wire service with the help of the SSAV classes....Thanks!
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