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final cut pro Express hd question
Julio Cortez, Photographer
TREASURE COAST | FL | USA | Posted: 1:23 PM on 10.18.07
->> Hello all,

I just got a version of Final Cut Pro Express HD from my employer. However, I got not training and/or a tutorial. I've used Premiere Pro and I see these programs are very similar.

However! I cannot import files into my workflow area. Anyone had problems like this and if so, how did you fix the situation?

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Rodrigo Pena, Photographer
Palm Desert | CA | USA | Posted: 12:32 PM on 10.19.07
->> Hey Julio, I don't know if this will help, but here are some things from the manual. I have Final Cut Express HD version 3.5.1 (FCEHD)

Here's what the manual says:

You can import single files, a folder, or a group of folders. If you import a group of folders that contain folders inside one another, FCEDH imports all files in each folder and subfolder that are in formats it recognizes; incompatible file types are ignored. This could be your problem or this next paragraph might be solve it:

Something to keep in mind when importing media files kept on removable storage media, such as CD, (or external hard drive): Do not import the files directly. Instead copy the files to the folder on your scratch disk where your other project media are stored. Clips that refer to removable media become offline when you eject the disc (or the external hard drive is not connected.)

Here are some brief instructions on how to import (from the manual) just in case you're skipping a step.

To Import a file or folder:

In the Browser, select a project or bin where you want to store your imported clips.

To import files or folders into the main, or root, level of a project, click that project's tab.

To import files into a bin within a project, double-click the bin. The bin opens in a seperate window.

Drag one or more files or folders from the Finder to a project tab or bin in the Browser. This is a fast and easy way to import many files.

Choose File > Import, then choose File or Folder from the submenu. (To import a file, you can also press Command-I.) Select one or more files or folders in the dialog then click Choose.

Control-click in the Browser or a bin's window, then choose import File or Import Folder from the shortcut menu. Select a file or folder in the dialog, then click Choose.

You can also drag the files or folders from your desktop to the Timeline of a sequence.

IMPORTANT: Dragging media files directly to a sequence in the Timeline creates independent clips, which have no master clips in the Browser. This can make media management more difficult later.

Save your project.

Here are some more tips:

When importing QuickTime reference movies, the only file that will be recognized by FCEHD is the main file that contains the references (to the other associated files). You may see error messages, such as "file unklnown," if you try to import these referenced files.

You can use clips compressed with different codecs in your sequence, but only clips with settings that match your sequence play back without rendering or using realtime processing. Unless it's necessary to combine clips with different codecs in your sequence, you will get the best editing performance by using clips with settings that match your sequence.

Lastly, my manual is not in paper form, it is attached to the program. To view the manual, go to Help > Final Cut Express HD User's Manual. I'm assuming you've already tried this, but just in case you haven't this is where I go on my program.
Best wishes, Rodrigo Pena
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Julio Cortez, Photographer
TREASURE COAST | FL | USA | Posted: 11:12 PM on 10.20.07
->> this is great help. i will try that first thing tomorrow. thanks RP
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Thread Title: final cut pro Express hd question
Thread Started By: Julio Cortez
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