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photoshelter $$
Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 12:19 AM on 10.03.07
->> Hello, has anybody ever made any money off of Photoshelter?

I wanted to find out before I start going through all my images. Is this website worth the time and effort?

I've sent to other site in the past and had mixed results.

Jesse Beals
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Grover Sanschagrin, Photo Editor, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 1:03 AM on 10.03.07
->> Hi Jesse.

Yes, people have made money using PhotoShelter.

PhotoShelter does many things for many different types of photographers, so if you are looking for a better answer than this, you should probably give a little more info on what type of photography you're looking to sell.
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Jesse Beals, Photographer
Silverdale | WA | USA | Posted: 1:49 AM on 10.03.07
->> Sorry man,

Is this a decent site for editorial photography?
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Danny Gawlowski, Photographer
Bellingham | WA | USA | Posted: 3:29 AM on 10.03.07
->> I haven't made money off of PhotoShelter... I've made money with PhotoShelter.

It's a great tool that can be used a lot of different ways.

It's surprising to me how diverse of a crowd have found my images through PhotoShelter. I, primarily an editorial photographer, definitely recommend it. Go to the site and see if it's right for you.
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Brad Mangin, Photographer
Pleasanton | CA | USA | Posted: 3:43 AM on 10.03.07
->> Jesse, I would not have gone through the hassle of captioning and making publicly searchable 15,800 of my images (that are all for sale editorially) on my site powered by PhotoShelter ( I also would not be spending money to scan over 4,000 of my best old school chromes going back to 1987 if I did not believe in this great product that just got better a few weeks ago with the announcement of the PhotoShelter Collection:

I am making some money now in many different ways- be it selling stock images or using the service to show private light boxes and galleries to art buyers and art directors at large ad agencies (who LOVE using PhotoShelter by the way) who do not want to deal with awkward emails of RAW files or having to wait for FEDEX to deliver a DVD of images.

PhotoShelter is many things to many people. For me- it runs my business and allows me to sleep at night knowing my images are safe AND making me cash.

Good luck with your decision.
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Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 5:51 AM on 10.03.07
->> Jesse:

To echo everyone else here - Photoshelter is probably one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Having a Photoshelter Personal Archive account gives you a set of tools that no one else in the industry provides.

Most importantly it is a bullet proof online archive for your most important images - which you can access anywhere that you have an internet connection.

I have found this incredibly useful when a client has either misplaced a CD or lost images that I had previously delivered. Even though I was on the road and could not access the images on my hard drive or DVD backup - I was able to access my Photoshelter archive and deliver the images to the client immediately. Which made my client very happy and helped solidify our relationship - that is money in the bank!

After that there are a plethora of tools that every photographer can use to suit their own needs. Like Brad - I use the Gallery and Lightbox invite features to send clients private customized "portfolios". I use it as a method of image distribution which saves my clients time and the cost of shipping a disc.

Then there are the customization features that allow you to seamlessly integrate your searchable online archive into your existing web site.

I have a client that needs me to deliver PDF files - and since Photoshelter supports over 400 different file formats - I can upload the PDF files and then set the download permissions for that client so they can download the "Original File" - something not possible with similar services - even though in my opinion there are no "similar services" as Photoshelter offers so much more than the competition and at a much better price.

And the list goes on and on...

It really is a no brainer!
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Tom Sperduto, Photographer
Edison | NJ | USA | Posted: 7:41 AM on 10.03.07
->> PhotoShelter rocks. It has made money for me in many ways. Some recent ways...
1) Editor saw an image and contacted me for a sale
2) An event assignment made double $$ from image sales to attendees
3) Editor hired me again for assignment because of fast turn around and easy access to image download
4) Image sales from buyers searching the site

Another benefit is the TIME you save. No more e-mailing image after image to an editor. You can even upload from PS directly to your Sportsshooter account, which I just did a few moments ago.

Photoshelter has become a part of my work flow.
An added plus ... the few times I have had to call customer service the phone was answered in a ring or two and my problem was solved immediately. Customer service is excellent.
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Scott Lukaitis, Photographer
Brick | NJ | USA | Posted: 8:44 AM on 10.03.07
->> I'm a little confused. I use smugmug and have for a couple of years with pretty good success. They have excellent customedr service and great print quality to the end user. Would you suggest photoshelter to supplement my work and ultimately get it to the decision makers rather than individual print customers?
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Jeff Snyder, Photographer
Metro DC Region | MD | USA | Posted: 10:17 AM on 10.03.07
->> As Brad, Jock, Tom have said above, PhotoShelter has proven itself to me, over & over again too. Just yesterday I received an email from a publication that wanted to license an image of mine that they saw on PhotoShelter.

The ability to negotiate fees on your own, and not give up big percentage points is huge, and obviously puts more $$ in your pocket.

You cannot go wrong-

Jeff Snyder
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David Collyer, Photographer
Haleiwa | HI | USA | Posted: 12:01 PM on 10.03.07
->> I am just now starting my photoshelter site. Got it customized and everything. Putting a lot into this and hoping that I receive some outside buys from those unfamiliar with my images. That is the big question. How often does this happen? Are our images searched by buyers regularly? Would like to hear from someone on this.

Having said that, If I received no orders from unsolicited buyers I still need the power of photoshelter for archiving and selling my images to those that do (or will, through marketing) know my work. I have confidence that it is how I promote and use it that will be it's ultimate success.

My biggest problem with all this is keywording (Yes, I am that guy that didn't really keyword anything until now). Anyone got a tip?. I have heaps of thousands of images and after filtering out the average (or even horrible) ones I am still left with a lot of work to keyword those that I like (and hopefully can sell). Brad, I can not imagine 15,000+ images! Aside from Coffee and hard work, what did you use to manage the huge task? I am using Lightroom and Photoshop and have not come up with the best workflow in this area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Craig Mitchelldyer, Photographer, Assistant
Portland | OR | USA | Posted: 1:13 PM on 10.03.07
->> You could ask 10 people how they make money using photoshelter and you would get 10 different answers. That's what is so great about it. There are so many ways to use it and use it to your advantage.

Personally, I use it for client galleries and have made a lot of sales from people just because the system is so easy for the client to use. I have also used to system for stock sales or sales when I have shot a portrait for a newspaper or magazine, then the subject wants to use the same images for something internal or corporate collateral or PR or what not. It takes all of about 5 minutes to upload a gallery, put a price profile on it and make a sale or hundreds or thousands of dollars without having to talk to, email, ftp or anything with the client. They get the image as soon as they enter billing info, I get money the same day, everyone is happy.

For me, photoshelter more than pays for its self every month. My favorite thing about it is the customiziation. Clients never even know they are not on my site. To them, I just have a really cool site with great e-commerce.

You also cannot question their commitment to getter better and bigger. When photographers ask for stuff, they get it. If it doesn't do exactly what you want right now, it will soon enough. And then there is the Collection, just the simple fact that they are going to spend $1 Million next year to market your images is amazing. That enough is reason to jump on the bandwagon.


As far as keywording your images, check out photo mechanic. It is very, very easy to do keywording in batches and keyword files very quickly, then using the same program to upload to PS.
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Fredrik Naumann, Photographer
Oslo | Oslo | Norway | Posted: 1:44 PM on 10.03.07
->> I've put over 2000 hi rez images in my PS archive since January. I am truly impressed with the archive system. Others have raved about this already so I'll spare you further hallelujahs. Also, Jesse wasn't asking about a good place to archive his pictures, he wants to make money: I do too!

As a tool for interacting with clients: I am reasonable happy. I say reasonable, because just a few days ago I encountered a photoeditor with below average computer skills, and he got upset because he didn't manage to log on and download the pictures. So it is not fool proof.

Unsolictied sales: there are none. ZERO. Not a single request has come during all this time. I am slightly surprised, I would've thought someone out there would like to use at least one of my images for their publication. Perhaps I should worry about the quality of my work, or the topics I cover. But seeing as the very same images sell quite well through a couple of other, "proper", agencies, I really don't think that is the problem. Instead I suspect Photoshelter hasn't quite become as big of a hit with photobuyers as it is with photographers. Photshelter Collection, with a rather impressive budget for advertising, may do better. Also I'm guessing the "old" Photoshelter suffers from the fact that there are no editors, so buyers can be put of by poor, or overzealous, keywording, thus being unable to find what they are looking for. Hopefully, the Collection will prove better at that. Now all I got to do is transfer my images to PhotoShelter Collection...

Jess, I would say Photoshelter Personal Archive (as it is now called) is "worth the time and effort", if you are looking for a good archive/client tool. It doesn't replace sales/promotion work done by yourself or someone at at agency, if stock sales are what you are hoping for. As for Photoshelter Collection: it remains to be seen.
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Karsten Moran, Photographer, Photo Editor
New York | NY | United States of America | Posted: 2:40 PM on 10.03.07
->> Frederik's sentiments are in line with mine. It is great for storage and for showcasing images (and event photography print sales and order fulfillment), but as far as making money through stock sales, you'll either have to be producing images that are different from what most other photoshelter users create, or you'll need to be driving people to your site personally.

Having worked at an agency, my biggest/only real gripe is the "log in" factor Frederik described. Making people log in to see a lightbox is terrible. Almost no agency requires this and it infuriates my customers and even friends I want to share images with. Who wants to remember another password. That one factor aside though, it's a great archive management and exhibition tool.

The *new Photoshelter archive might be more along the lines of what you're after.
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John Harrington, Photographer
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 2:53 PM on 10.03.07
->> Jesse --

Phase 1 - Determine if you mave monetizable images. If so, regardless of where you deliver them, they need to be in a deliverable format. That means properly captioned/keyworded.

Phase 2 - Determine which images are monetizable, in a sliding scale. For example, images of last week's game are more monetizable than a game from 4 years ago, generally speaking.

Phase 2 - Determine your outlet. PhotoShelter certainly will meet and exceed your needs.

It seems that you do *want* to monetize your images, and then you'll next need to make your edit. Once you've done that, then, it's time to determine the outlet.
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John Harrington, Photographer
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 2:54 PM on 10.03.07
->> Meant that second Phase 2 to be Phase 3, sorry.
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Grover Sanschagrin, Photo Editor, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 3:52 PM on 10.03.07
->> Hey Karsten - try a Gallery instead of a Lightbox. You can make a gallery accessible (yet hidden) without requiring a password. Super easy.

And if you want someone to be able to download a hi-res image without having to log in, you can do that too with the "quick hi-res download option."
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Fredrik Naumann, Photographer
Oslo | Oslo | Norway | Posted: 4:04 PM on 10.03.07
->> "And if you want someone to be able to download a hi-res image without having to log in, you can do that too with the "quick hi-res download option."

Works fine with a single picture, not so fine with many... as far as I can understand.. But now we're getting into fine tuning of a mostly very good system, somewhat OT, so .. but thanks for doing the customer support right here Grover!
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Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 10:05 PM on 10.03.07
->> Fredrik:

You can also use the "lite security" feature where you choose the password for a gallery and send it to the client - this way the client doesn't need to be logged into PS - or have a PS user account. The only downside to this is that you won't be able to see who downloaded images from that particular gallery - since they are not logged in - so it is a feature to be used only with people whom you trust.

I understand that the log-in demands can frustrate the less than computer savvy clients - but this system is set up to PROTECT YOUR IMAGES - its all about security and making sure your images are safe.

And the fact that you can see who and when someone downloaded images is incredibly helpful. I had a client tell me that they were not able to download images - but I could see in my stats that they in fact had downloaded the images - they just didn't want to admit that they had misplaced them - at times it is difficult but necessary to protect people from themselves :-)
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Gavin Ellis, Photographer
Braintree | Essex | United Kingdom | Posted: 9:38 AM on 10.04.07
->> Jesse... as others have mentioned above PS is an extremely flexible tool for the working photographer.

I have increased my online PS archive to over 20,000 images and I now use a wide range of the available features. My editorial sales have increased as a direct result of the increased depth of my archive combined with the flexibility that PS offers in terms of image delivery and searchability.

It is certainly still up to the individual photographer to market their images to potential clients... but if you lay the right foundations before you approach a client, they are more likely to become a long term one. In that respect PS helps you to market successfully.

I have also had a number of unsolicited approaches which have come via Google or the main PS site. This is encouraging.

The behind-the-scenes functionality is another key to making sales. For example, the simple ability to be able to access your archive from anywhere is a fundamental strength of PS. So, if I receive an inquiry from a client when I'm on the road, I can log in to my archive via my laptop and send a gallery invite... or FTP direct to them from within PS (without using my own bandwidth)... or send a 'quick download link'... or just pull the image off PS and e-mail it. This means that you can make sales that you might otherwise miss out on.

Clients can also order rights-mananged images and purchase prints from selected galleries. You can also tweak your pricing profiles to reflect the 'desirability' of different parts of your archive.

Using PS customisation to add features to your own website is also a powerful tool. Initially you can just add image searchability... but then you can move on to allowing your clients to interact with your site more fully - e.g. to stay within your site branding when they are viewing their invites, purchases, lightboxes, etc.

Customisation is a relatively straightforward process and is well worth the investment in time as your business grows.

I have several ideas of features that can be added to PS and I have already fed some of these back to the PS team. As more features are added, we will be able to work our archives harder and faster - and more sales will be the inevitable result.

By way of example, here is a custom gallery:

From an admin viewpoint, I can see which clients I have invited to this gallery, which images I have sent by FTP, which images have been downloaded as high-res/low-res (and by whom) along with stats of general image views. This information is invaluable as it can be fed into your business planning, used for invoicing, etc.

So, Jesse... yes, you will need to invest some time in organising, uploading and marketing your archive... but PS will undoubtedly give you all the tools you need to make successful sales.

---- Gavin
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Scott Mallon, Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand | Posted: 8:44 PM on 07.11.08
->> Where do the uploaded photos go when you upload them to Sports Shooter? I just uploaded mine and although Sports Shooter shows me having updated my site, I can't seem to find the photos! I'm sure I'm just overlooking them but...where are they?
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Daniel Berman, Student/Intern, Photographer
Seattle | WA | US | Posted: 9:29 PM on 07.11.08
->> Scott,

The photos appear to have been uploaded to your member page. Go to the left-hand navigation on this site, then click on member's area.

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Scott Mallon, Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand | Posted: 12:29 AM on 07.12.08
->> I log in and don't see anything other than my old maybe it hasn't updated yet or maybe I'm just lost...
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Michael Granse, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 12:48 AM on 07.12.08
->> It could be that your web browser is loading the old information from the memory cache. Press and hold your shift key while clicking on the "refresh" icon on your web browser. This will load the data directly from the website.
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Scott Mallon, Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand | Posted: 2:29 AM on 07.12.08
->> Thanks but that's not it. Don't know where they are but they're not showing in my member's area.
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Darrell Miho, Photographer
LAX : SFO : HNL : NRT | CA | usa | Posted: 5:01 AM on 07.12.08
->> scott...
you're asking a sportsshooter uploading question in a photoshelter thread so just for clarification i just want to make sure we are not getting the two confused.

once that is cleared up, please clarify EXACTLY where you are uploading your photos and where EXACTLY they are not showing up. there are not enough details here to ascertain the problem.

member's page? hidden gallery? photoshelter?
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Scott Mallon, Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand | Posted: 6:32 AM on 07.12.08
->> Darrell - it would seem I should know the answer to these questions but I don't. Basically, from inside Photoshelter, you go to archive. On the bottom left, you'll see a button that says partner sites. If you go to the bottom you'll see Sports Shooter and a way to upload 10 photos. It doesn't tell you where they're going, it just says that you can upload to Sports Shooter (and other places) as long as you're a member. Now that I think about it, perhaps since I've already got 10 photos in my Sports Shooter site the new photos are not being upload...I don't know. If I knew I wouldn't be asking where the photos went.
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Scott Mallon, Photographer
Bangkok | N/A | Thailand | Posted: 6:33 AM on 07.12.08
->> Sorry - I thought I had written that I uploaded the photos from inside Photoshelter to SS.
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Eric Patterson, Photographer
Louisville | KY | United States | Posted: 9:38 AM on 07.12.08
->> I, like Dave in a post above, am looking for keywording help.
Does anyone use a keywording service? For me it's a time issue and I know enough to know that proper keywording is a language unto itself.
I keyword in lightroom, but it's for my personal searches, not PE's or DOP's.
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Sandy Huffaker, Photographer
San Diego | CA | USA | Posted: 6:28 PM on 07.12.08
->> I'm afraid I must divulge, I sold 2 images for 5k a few months ago and just made another small sale last week. I have about 130 images uploaded to the professional/stock division. Needless to say, I'm a big fan. BTW: The 2 were a portrait of a professional athlete and the other a border image.
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