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Adventure Photography
Brett Wilhelm, Photographer, Assistant
Boulder | CO | United States | Posted: 10:48 AM on 08.27.07
->> For those on the adventure photography side of things, wanted to highlight a new opportunity out there. The organizers of the long-running Sports Photography Workshop have launched the Adventure Photography Workshop in conjunction with National Geographic Adventure magazine. We'll have Corey Rich, James Balog and NG Adventure's Sabine Meyer dolling out loads of creative, technical and career advice for a 5 day October workshop in Jackson Hole, WY. Hope to see some of you there!
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Susánica Tam, Photographer
Thousand Oaks | CA | United States | Posted: 6:37 PM on 08.27.07
->> I just left Jackson Hole (actually Driggs, ID to be exact) a few days ago and I wish I were there now.
Corey is THE person to learn adventure photojournalism from, (trying not to sound too crazed/excited) but if I had done something like this as a student I might have been able to skip a few steps getting into this industry.
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David Clifford, Photographer
Medway | MA | USA | Posted: 10:35 PM on 08.27.07
->> Yo,

Attend this workshop or be left behind. I was the Director of Photography for 4 years at Rock & Ice Magazine and Trail Runner Magazine. There isn't a better guy to learn from than Corey and Balog set the bar about 10 years ago. So if you are really as good as you think you might be then step up and take it to the next level.

David Clifford

P.S. I've taken 2 workshops offered by Rich Clarkson and every penny spent was a wise investment indeed.
P.P.S. Sabine is the best PE in the Biz.
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Ed Broberg, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 1:44 AM on 08.28.07
->> I have to agree with David Clifford-

Rich Clarkson and Assoc. are so cutting edge by offering this Adventure Photography Workshop from the leaders in the field... Rich, Balog and Meyer.

The Photography at the Summit Workshops set the standards for others to follow. An experience worth repeating again and again...

I have had the opportunity to learn from Corey Rich during the Sports Workshop and he is a blast to be around. You will learn how to get those images that makes your phone ring.

Ed Broberg
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N. Scott Trimble, Photographer
Tempe | AZ | USA | Posted: 2:18 AM on 08.28.07
->> Damn. I just paid for D-65 and way too much on new camera gear. Maybe next year....
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Phil DeRiemer, Photographer
Lotus | CA | USA | Posted: 12:48 PM on 08.28.07
->> A great line up of talent in the adventure, nature, and environmental field. This workshop will inspire and educate you.

Corey Rich's creative eye, adventure skills, and business savvy make him a stand out in the field of adventure photography. If you've ever wondered, "How did you do that?" or "What do I do with it now that I've got it?" you can now get the answer straight from the source.

James Balog's images often use a unique approach to capturing the importance and beauty of animals and nature. He'll get you thinking.

Phil DeRiemer
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Mike Greener, Photographer
Redding | CA | USA | Posted: 9:45 PM on 08.28.07
->> I am intrigued but also a bit hesitant. Is this a workshop for professionals only or for wealthy hobbyist? I'd like to attend but I am a poor staff photojournalist and having to pay $1500 for it makes me wonder how much I'm really going to learn from it. I am wondering what this will bring besides connections at NGA? What else can you guys say about this that would sell me on shelling out that kind of money?
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Peter Gaby, Photographer
Madison | WI | US | Posted: 1:08 AM on 08.29.07
->> It certainly is worth the $1500 - You get out of this workshop, like any workshop as much as your willing to put into it.

I've attended 2 of the Clarkson workshops so far, and i'm thinking about attending this one if I can work it into my current employment schedule.

Connections at this event are really great - besides spending time in the classroom and in the field with these guys, you also get to spend free time with them as well.

I really think that any of Rich's workshops are worth the money for whatever field you have an interest in.

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Brett Wilhelm, Photographer, Assistant
Boulder | CO | United States | Posted: 6:36 PM on 08.29.07
->> Adventure photography is a relatively new and dynamic field of photography. Thus there is a lot of opportunity to place yourself above your competition and distinguish yourself in the field. Think of the workshop as a fast track for that. This workshop will show you how the best in the business are doing it. They open their play book and show you the inner workings of successful careers. For the professional, and those looking to make the jump to that level, I would say it is more than connections at one magazine, its about a unique networking setting, learning from great teachers, and understanding the steps of it takes to at least have a shot at finding your niche in the business, all in a small group setting with plenty of one-on-one interaction. All faculty are working top professionals with loads of experience and no reservations about helping those coming up in the ranks. You'd be hard-pressed to get an hour of their time any other week of the year, but during the workshop you mix with them informally for an entire week. You can read all the websites, self-help books and magazine articles in the world, but nothing beats sitting down with someone that holds the knowledge, experience and tools of the profession, with the opportunity to clarify issues that elude you, in two-way conversation. As Peter correctly said, you'll get out of it what you put in to it, come prepared and make the most of your time there.

For any photographer (not just professionals) I've always felt that you can achieve in one week at a well-organized workshop, what you could spend 10 years on your own trying to figure out. Because our workshops bring so much talent, experience and information together at one time and in one place, you get the advantage of accessing all of it and walking away with a good idea of how photography is executed at the very highest level. In addition to career path and business ethics, ample time will be devoted to best use of technology (cameras and subsequent workflow) to make sure you're working as efficiently/successfully as possible, as well as the creative inspiration to give your photography a fresh perspective and continue developing your style.
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Nick Doan, Photographer
Scottsdale Phoenix Tempe | AZ | USA | Posted: 9:03 PM on 08.29.07
->> I would love to attend the Adventure Workshop, but I don't think I'm in good enough shape to do it. ;)

As for the other Clarkson workshops, I have attended the Sports Photography Workshop twice. And, I can honestly say that the work (as in the total accumulation of paid assignments) that I have received from contacts I made directly at the workshop has been much greater than the total cost of both workshops including air fare, car rental, hotel and food.

Not to mention the wonderful contacts, and even better friends that I made there.

is it true for all attendees? Probably not, but if I can do it, anybody can.
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Mike Greener, Photographer
Redding | CA | USA | Posted: 1:37 PM on 08.30.07
->> Well after hearing all your reasons and points made, I went ahead and made my deposit to the workshop yesterday. Granted I'll be camping out of my car and surviving off of crackers and cheese whiz. I think the benefits of rubbing elbows with the instructors will make it worth while. Thanks for all the input guys. I'll see you in Jackson.
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Sabina Moran, Photographer
Finksburg | MD | USA | Posted: 1:51 PM on 08.30.07
->> Rich's workshops are a great investment in your career, truly worth the money. The contacts I made there (Sports Photography WS)go beyond the workshop and I know I can get in touch with them if and when I need any additional guidance along the way.
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Jon Thorpe, Photographer
Toronto | On | Canada | Posted: 3:03 PM on 08.30.07
->> Sounds like a great workshop - but for someone like myself, that is a month of travel taking adventure photos. :) Maybe next year I will attend.. once my portfolio has a little more to show.

I do have to say that Corey is the man when it comes to adventure photography, and that if anyone is looking for guidance and an awesome opportunity to get your photos viewed by those in the industry, this would be the place to do it.

Question though - The site mentioned that there will be field work. But will there also be talent? I have seen workshops put on by other adventure photographers such as the one with Boone Speed and Tim Kemple that was held last year (I think Through Rock & Ice) and they had a number of high level athletes available for on location for shooting. I thought that was interesting.
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Brett Wilhelm, Photographer, Assistant
Boulder | CO | United States | Posted: 4:44 PM on 08.30.07
->> We will have models and guides available as talent for all our shoots. Most are "off duty" Exum Mountain guides or other local outfitters and are experienced models in that regard.
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Carlos Gonzalez, Photographer
Minneapolis | MN | USA | Posted: 10:42 AM on 09.01.07
->> If you have any interest in adventure photography Corey Rich is the person to learn from.
His talent and business savvy is something all photographers could learn from.
He is a friend of mine but I think anyone familiar with his work would agree.
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Lucas Kane, Photographer
Seattle | WA | USA | Posted: 1:07 PM on 09.07.07
->> This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and expand your technical skills in a beautiful location. It's also the perfect situation to make contact with folks who will help you in the future when you need it most.
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Gregg Bleakney, Photographer
Seattle | WA | USA | Posted: 11:54 AM on 09.15.07
->> Thank you Brett for posting this and for those involved in the follow-up discussion. Like anything else that I am going to invest $1,500 in, I did a fair amount of research in advance before pulling the trigger. I've been shopping for an outdoor lifestyle/adventure workshop for some time now and it seems that this is the best option for me. First, the credentials of the staff and former students are at the top of their professional class. Second, the workshop will cover workflow management issues are unique to Adventure photographers that often find themselves shooting outside in the rain and dirt for extended periods rather than full-time in-studio work. Third, the networking opportunities seem to be strong for photographers early in their career. Finally, and most importantly, this workshop should be a blast to participate in! The people have been friendly and great to deal with...PLUS...Jackson Hole in early Fall, how fun is that going to be!

Mike, I'll see you there and I’ll trade you a cup of Ramon for a pack crackers and squirt of Cheese Wiz at the campground.
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Thread Title: Adventure Photography
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