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Airport Internaional or Airport Security
John Todd, Photographer
Palo Alto | CA | usa | Posted: 5:45 PM on 08.16.07
->> Hi,

Replacing my Road Runner and going to pick up the Airport Internaional or Airport Security.

Looking for feedback on both. International travel is not the deciding factor, though would be nice, more for everyday use.


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Bill Mitchell, Photographer
Tempe | AZ | USA | Posted: 6:42 PM on 08.16.07
->> John,

I've been using the Airport Security for my out of town trips this summer, and I can't live without it. I had looked at the Airport International before buying the Security and rejected it for two reasons: 1) I would not be able to carry the three lenses that I like to use for baseball, 2) There was no monopod attachment on it.

When I'm packing heavy, I can carry two bodies, a 400mm 2.8 lens, 70-200 IS 2.8 lens and 300 f4 lens, plus the monopod attached to the side, not to mention spare batteries and memory cards. I've been able to get it into the overhead compartment of every jet I've flown. I've even had room for a few extra shirts when all of my clothes won't fit in my backpack.

I've never had the TSA question the monopod on the outside of the bag on any flight. That doesn't mean it won't happen some day, but I feel confident taking it with me.

What it won't carry is my laptop. The front compartment of the Security is supposed to hold a 15" laptop, but it doesn't fit. I carry it separately in a backpack. The International is supposed to have a bigger front compartment, but I still don't know that I'd plan on using it for a laptop.

I was also originally concerned about the jiggling in the handle when it's extended, but that is not a problem.

It's a great bag and I highly recommend the Airport Security, but the International may suit you better depending on how much you want to carry and whether you want to strap on a monopod.

Good luck.

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Saul Loeb, Photographer
Washington | DC | USA | Posted: 6:59 PM on 08.16.07
->> How will you be using the bag? Around town? Extensive travel? What will you be putting in the bag? That should get us started on figuring out which one would suit your needs best.
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andy kuno, Photographer
san francisco | CA | usa | Posted: 7:13 PM on 08.16.07
->> jt

get both! i have the airport security and love it. would also like to add the international to my collection for everyday use (sans 400mm) when i shoot a portrait or something of that nature. andrew gombert has both so why don't you message him for the intel...

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Max Simbron, Photographer, Assistant
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 7:45 PM on 08.16.07
->> Bill,

I regularly fit a 15in laptop in front zipper pocket area on the Airport Security. It won't fit in the stretchy pocket area though.

Basically, just dont pack those little pouches, and place the laptop between the two flaps of the front area. It fits snugly, but I often fit the laptop, a 400, 70-200, 24-70, 2 bodies, batteries, and other lenses and knicknacks in an Airport Security.

BTW John, start ordering now for whichever bag you get. The Airport Security is on backorder. I got lucky and got mine months ago before they ran out, and found another used for a fair price.

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Jock Fistick, Photographer
Brussels | Belgium | | Posted: 4:46 AM on 08.17.07
->> I have the Airport International and am very pleased. My 15" laptop fits in the outside pouch when packed heavy and can also fit inside the bag when using the low rise dividers when packing lighter - but this second configuration pretty much negates carrying anything larger than a 300 2.8. The literature that comes with the bag shows it packed with a 400 2.8 using the normal high profile dividers and laptop on the outside in the stretchy front pouch - so it appears it can be done.
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Jeff Mills, Photographer, Photo Editor
Columbus | OH | USA | Posted: 1:25 PM on 08.17.07
->> So is the link at the bottom of this very page for Penn Camera incorrect when it says Airport Security "IN STOCK NOW" ??
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 2:13 PM on 08.17.07
->> The AP Security obviously is more versatile because it's bigger. I don't put my laptop in it because I prefer to have it and all of the computer "stuff" in one bag (card readers, portable external hard drives, cables, locks, wireless card, etc.)... the Airport Check In.

I won't go into what you can stuff into the TTP Airport Security because you can go to the company website and see how various photographers fit their gear into the bag.

But you don't really need TWO rollers. If you're not doing any traveling abroad, then stick with the AP Security.

I had the Road Runner and was happy with it ... it made it through the Athens Olympics. But the TTP AP Security has more features (like theft deterrent) and more room. If you're like me and taking the 400 2.8 on the plane with you, this is the bag for you.

One thing you do have to keep in mind is the tendency we photographers have to over-stuff bags & cases, which makes it hard to lift into the overhead compartment of a plane. (I have to remind myself not to put my remote gear in it!)

When I want to "go small"(meaning I don't need to haul the 400mm 2.8 with me) I use the Airport Acceleration backpack. With that I do use the bag's external laptop pouch and have the 15-inch computer in my "Jack Box" for a little added protection when going through TSA screening.

As has been noted in the past ... I am a firm believer in "a bag for every job ... and a job for every bag!"

But if you wanted a D.I.B. (desert island bag) the Think Tank Airport Security would be it.

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Richard Denham, Photographer
Toronto/Buffalo/Niagara | On | Canada | Posted: 3:15 PM on 08.17.07
->> I find it funny, or maybe international, that the penn camera add at the bottom of this post as i am writing is for the tt airport security. i have definitely had my eye on this bad boy for a while and will hopefully be investing in one shortly. definitely a better choice over the international if you are not planning on flying outside the conus or canada.
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Robert Hanashiro, Photographer
Los Angeles | CA | | Posted: 3:31 PM on 08.17.07
->> Just an FYI ... The sponsor pieces on the bottom of the message board rotate.

For instance hit reload and a Penn notice for the Think Tank remote cover is there. Hit reload again and a Samy's Camera notice for an Epson-P3000 is there. Hit reload again and Samy's notice for a Canon D30 is now there.

There was no deliberate intention of putting a "Think Tank product placement" at the bottom of this message board thread. Sorry to disappoint all of the conspiracy theorists that have been emailing me all morning.

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Richard Denham, Photographer
Toronto/Buffalo/Niagara | On | Canada | Posted: 3:41 PM on 08.17.07
->> Sorry Bert if I brought all the theorists out, I know they rotate, just thought it was funny that it was there and I have been thinking about buying one, coincidence, i think so!
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Mitchell Brown, Photographer
Grimsby | Ont | Canada | Posted: 5:23 PM on 08.17.07
->> I have had the security now for about a year. Absolutely no complaints ( except that is darn heavy when full) I love it! The built in security features are nice and the build is top notch. When I need to go remote or use a smaller bag I use the Newswear ChestVest.
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Richard Cashin, Photographer
Cambridge | MA | USA | Posted: 2:30 AM on 08.18.07
->> I have been considering both. As i will be in Europe and the Uk this sep/oct i will go for the Airport International
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David Paul Morris, Photographer
San Francisco | CA | USA | Posted: 3:21 AM on 08.18.07
->> I decided to get the International and I am glad I did. Although I don't pack a 400 (mainly cause I don't own one) I can get all of my travel gear comfortably into the international bag: 2 MarkII's, 1 5D, 300 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 16-35 2.8, 1.4 converter, 2 580EX strobes with canon power packs, 2 extra batteries for the MarkII's as well as cords, portable hard drives, MarkII and 5D chargers and also the new 15" mac book pro in the front. I can also fit a light weight mono pod INSIDE the bag or in the laptop pocket in the front if I am using the Artificial Intelligence for the Macbook Pro.

The reason I am glad I got the international bag is because it's smaller and lighter and when on smaller planes they fit so much nicer in the overhead bins. Southwest, Alaska Air, AA, etc. Also, I fly a lot overseas, mostly in Asia, and some of the planes I am on are pretty darn small. Having the smaller bag lets me travel with all my gear with me in the plane without having to checking it in.

Like you, I was on the fence about getting either the International or the Security. I would suggest if you have time to do what I did. I took all my gear up to Santa Rosa and sat in the Think Tank show room and did a test drive to try out both fits. Doug Murdoch was awesome in helping me figure out the best bag for my needs and the rest is history. Thanks Doug!
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Ian L. Sitren, Photographer
Palm Springs | CA | USA | Posted: 6:21 AM on 08.18.07
->> You really have to decide based on your likely use. The International lets me get my gear on smaller planes, like the Dash 80, with a roller that simply would not happen with other rollers. And when you are crossing big terminals from one end to the other a roller is really nice!

But if you are not getting on airplanes all the time and especially not smaller commuter planes than a larger roller might work for you. I do think most photographers tend to over pack. You don't have to take every lens you own on every job.
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Andy Mead, Photographer, Photo Editor
Durham | NC | USA | Posted: 4:19 PM on 05.18.08
->> Just reviving this. Has anyone that has gotten the Airport Security bag had trouble with international flying and its size?

I do just enough international travel that I need to be aware of what I'm allowed to carry-on size-wise. But I also travel with a 400 and would prefer the larger bag.

Also can someone confirm whether the new International 2.0 has the monopod attachment on the side?
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Thomas Quinn, Photographer
Valparaiso | IN | USA | Posted: 5:02 PM on 05.18.08
->> Just to let you know, Pacific Air to Fiji, would not allow the international. I had to show them that it fit into the "cage" at check in but.....(cue music) it was too heavy. A lot (what they said) of airlines are no longer basing their carry on by size, but weight. For this trip I was allowed 5 - 7 kg. Yes, 5 - 7 kg is roughly maxed out at 15.4 pounds. The case with minimal , like 1 body 3 lenses (16-25, 24-70, 70-200 and flash was like 20 pounds. I had 25 pounds including case.

NO GO had to be checked!
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Dan Powers, Photographer
Appleton | WI | USA | Posted: 5:07 PM on 05.18.08
->> Last year I got the Think Tank International because I am going to Beijing this summer. I used to have the Lowe Pro Road Runner AW. (still have it actually) I must say I love the International. Typically I pack two bodies, 400mm f/2.8, 16-35, 70-200, 1.4x, cards, batteries, flash. Along with the International, I use the Think Tank Airport Check In for my Mac Book Pro and all the fixins. It's a great combination...Dan.
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PJ Heller, Photographer
Santa Barbara | CA | USA | Posted: 5:57 PM on 05.18.08
->> Thomas Quinn's post is important reading for anyone traveling internationally who thinks he/she can can simply fill an Airport Security bag with gear and wheel it onto the plane.

I had the exact same problem as Thomas with Air New Zealand, which refused to allow the AS aboard because of weight (size was not an issue). So be prepared to deal with the weight issue when traveling.
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Jeff Stanton, Photographer
Princeton | IN | USA | Posted: 7:49 PM on 05.18.08
->> John, listen to Saul. He's the man. He knows.
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James Lee, Photographer
Vincent | OH | USA | Posted: 11:42 PM on 05.18.08
->> I use the AP Security all the time. I don't carry particularly long lenses but I find the depth handy for bulky items like my bogen "Justin Clamps" and pouches with cords/chargers that take up a lot of space. Mine's made a few trips to Europe, SE Asia and Mid-East with no problems so far (knock on wood.) It fits fine in 737 overheads but I normally plane side check for smaller regionals and have never had a problem doing so. I vote for the larger size since it's still not TOO big to be manageable and extra space can but used for jackets/clothing. Only down side is my MBPro, which resides in a Bihn hard sleeve won't fit inside. I carry a satchel for that with extra room if the worse case happened and I needed to remove anything from the security roller. I have a closet full of bags/backpacks but this remains my regular go to location bag.
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James Madelin, Photographer
AKL | Auckland | New Zealand | Posted: 6:43 AM on 05.20.08
->> weight is a big issue for carry-on... i use a pelican 1510:

if it isn't weighed, it gets on the plane and if it is then it's the best protection for my gear from the ravages of the hold.

although some people don't get weighed. steven frischling aka 'the fish' has lots of excellent info about carry-on:

a good tip if they weigh your carryon is to take out a camera and put it on one shoulder, put all the batteries in your pockets and finally take out the laptop. even the most stringent airlines don't include a camera as a piece of baggage, nor a laptop which is classified as a 'personal item'. i didn't believe the first person who told me that, so i checked some airline websites and now carry print-outs of their web pages to show the check-in sentries if i think i'm going to have problems

cheers, jm
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
Live HVN : Work SFO-NYC | | | Posted: 8:08 AM on 05.20.08
->> If you're looking at the TT Airport International also take a look at the Mountainsmith Correspondent bag. I just started to use this bag to off-set my TT Airport Addicted (essentially the same as the AP Security, but a backpack, not a roller) and I'm liking the Mountainsmith Correspondent.

The Correspondent isn't the bag for a 300f2.8 or larger, but for other sets ups it seems to be a good bag. There is even an internal laptop sleeve that holds up to 17" MBP which is nice.
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