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Gross Team Pic Shoot
Sam Santilli, Photographer, Photo Editor
Philippi | WV | USA | Posted: 10:12 PM on 05.20.07
->> OK, parental warning here: If a vomit story makes you want to vomit, click the back button now!!

To keep T-Ball kids off of the wet cold ground Wednesday evening (Temp was mid 50's with light rain all day), we used our aluminum steps so two rows could be standing, with coaches on the ends.

It was the first time we were using them, and the look was different, but it worked, and as our shooter got one team pic done, and was chimping to get ready for the second shot, of the little boys in the back row threw up, well, actually projectile vomitted, on the team's only girl who was in front of him and in the line of fire.
The poor girl, she jst stood there for a second then took a few steps forward, pony tail soaked. All of the Moms ran forward, the Dads and coaches ran for paper towels, baby wipes, etc. The other kids scattered like chicks from a hawk. The two Moms of the puker and the victim were very nice to each other, and everyone pitched in to help.
The little guy who threw up came for pictures even though he felt bad all day in school, and was leaving after the pix and not planning to stay for the pending game.
In over ten years of youth sports photography, this was a first for us. All of the adults and kids involved handled it great, and the first team pic is a keeper, so it all ended well.
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Dave Pawlak, Photographer
Soquel | Ca | USA | Posted: 10:29 PM on 05.20.07
->> What, no sequence? great story and sounds like everyone acted like adults. I was waiting for the sentence where one dad punches out the other and then the moms scrap all the while the little girl is soaked. Good post!
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer
Kailua-Kona | HI | USA | Posted: 2:05 AM on 05.21.07
->> I was waiting for something more in the line of the pie eating contest from "Stand By Me."
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Jeremy Drey, Photographer
Reading | PA | USA | Posted: 2:26 AM on 05.21.07
->> I was waiting for the kid next to him to feel the hangy ball in the back of the throat lunge forward and loose his dinner too, and the kid after that, and the kid after that......

But I guess that only happens in the movies.

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Thread Title: Gross Team Pic Shoot
Thread Started By: Sam Santilli
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