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IR: Sacrificing a 1D
Paul Montague, Photographer
Swisher | IA | USA | Posted: 1:44 PM on 03.30.07
->> As a twist to Kevin’s “On-The-Cheap” thread, I have a 1D (Mark I) that I want to sacrifice to the IR Gods and was wondering if anyone here has had one of these converted. I’m looking for an IR-only conversion, with removal of the IR-cutoff filter and insertion of an R72 visible cutoff filter.

I’d like to do some IR baseball park panoramas, so I want to do this soon. After plowing through the old SS threads and a couple of Google searches, here’s where I am:

- Neither LifePixel nor MaxMax list the 1D as a camera they convert.

- Burren (now Khromagery) is in Oz and their web site indicates they no longer do R72 conversions.

- lists the 1D, but their website doesn’t exactly instill confidence in their technical ability.

So, I was wondering if anyone on SS has had a 1D converted, and if so, by whom. Was it a good or bad experience?

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Michael Granse, Photographer
Urbana | IL | USA | Posted: 1:59 PM on 03.30.07
->> I would suggest selling the 1D and using the procedes to buy a 10d or a 20d, then have the newly acquired camera converted to IR.

In the case of the 10d, you could probably wind up with a break even "trade," here and not spend any money out of pocket.

If you sold the 1D for $800 or so, bought a 10D body for $400 or so, and then spent the $350 or so that it will cost to have the 10D converted you are all set.

The 10D is a very good camera, and while it will not autofocus as quickly as the 1D for your stated purpose it does not seem as if AF speed is going to be of particular importance anyway.

For a little money out of pocket you could purchase and convert an 8mp 20d body.
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Curtis Clegg, Photographer
Belvidere | IL | USA | Posted: 3:12 PM on 03.30.07
->> David Burren does good work, and the shipping to the other side of the globe wasn't as expensive or slow as I expected (make sure you put "camera repair" on the Customs form). I would guess they can put an R72 in your DSLR, it wouldn't hurt to ask. This filter still lets in some visible (i.e. color) light, so you can get images with a "false color scheme", most commonly seen as blue skies with white foliage (accomplished by swapping the red and blue channel values in Photoshop), and it sounds like that's what you are looking for (it's what I have in my old 30D and I like it). The 87C (and equivalent) filters let in virtually no visible light, so your images will look more like the classic b&w infrared film images.

I had my 30D coverted by Yeah the website is a little hokey but the work was done well and quickly. One caveat though: When I got my 30D back, the instructions that came with it said that you *cannnot* clean the sensor by normal means (speck grabber, sensor brush, etc.)... only an air blower. This leads many to suspect that irdigital uses fragile gel filters, instead of glass ones. I have had good results, though, and I have one lens that I keep on that body so I never have to change it. (This might have changed in the last few years though, I don't know for sure).

All things considered I really like Michael's idea of a swap to a 6MP prosumer body. You don't need the FPS or the weight or the fast AF in an IR body. The only downsides I can see from that plan are 1) extra hassle, and 2) less wide-angle capability.
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Jonathan Hobbs, Photographer
Grand Junction | CO | USA | Posted: 3:16 PM on 03.30.07
->> Lifepixel does list the 1D (about halfway down the list). It's an extra $100 though.
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Paul Montague, Photographer
Swisher | IA | USA | Posted: 4:56 PM on 03.30.07
->> Thanks everyone. Good suggestions. Jonathan, thanks for finding the 1D in the Lifepixel list. Unless someone posts a negative experience, I think I'll send this off to them.

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Jeff Hinds, Photographer
Portland | OR | USA | Posted: 6:18 PM on 03.30.07
->> I would suggest geting a rebel xti (10mpx) and convert that. If it were me I would want the option to print huge prints, especially of scenics or wedding images. the body is what, $600 and the conversion $ total under $1000 for a great image-making IR camera that will last many years if treated good.

Like Curtis mentioned, no need for high fps and it's light weight so go for a presumer body.
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Nic Hume, Photographer
Victoria | BC | Canada | Posted: 8:50 PM on 04.01.07
->> Paul,

I just (1 month ago) got my old D-100 done by lifepixel. Excellent service, fast turnaround. I can't say a bad word about them, and I've been very happy with the results since I got the camera back. Can't say enough good stuff about them.

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Thread Title: IR: Sacrificing a 1D
Thread Started By: Paul Montague
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