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Panic Transmit and Automator Question
Grant Blankenship, Photographer
Macon | GA | USA | Posted: 1:27 PM on 03.09.07
->> I'm using the handy Automator scripts in the newest version of Transmit, along with another app called Script Timer, to take care of some work flow issues at the paper.

Basically, files will come off of our FTP server and be routed via an action in Transmit to a computer in the building where designers know to find things. Script Timer can run the action every few seconds, so it is constantly checking the server. The problem is that the script timer can sometimes start the download of an image before the upload to the FTP server is done. Using Script Timer to run the action every half hour or something sort of negates the just in time, deadline beating, designer not having to understand FTP aspects of the arrangment.

How do I tell Transmit not to start a download of a file until the upload is finished?
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Brian Shirk, Photographer
McCall | ID | US | Posted: 2:08 PM on 03.09.07
->> Try uploading the files to one directory and then moving them to the download directory when they're finished. That, or have it rename the files on completion of uploading.

Many FTP servers and clients (don't know about Transmit) have a feature which will cause them to do this automatically - they will upload to something like .092384023984-temp (which because of the leading period is hidden on unix/bsd operating systems), when then renames it properly on completion. Check with your IT guy to see if they can turn that on.

If you're running the server yourself, drop me a note and I'll see if I can find some more specific info on it.
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Sean Gallagher, Photographer, Photo Editor
St. Louis | MO | USA | Posted: 2:53 PM on 03.09.07
->> i dont know if your script supports it, but you could ask it to only move files that haven't been modified (or file size changed) in the last 2 minutes (or whatever time you feel comfortable with).
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Grant Blankenship, Photographer
Macon | GA | USA | Posted: 3:53 PM on 03.11.07
->> That's exactly what I want to do. I just need someone to tell me how to tell Automator to make that happen.
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Nic Hume, Photographer
Victoria | BC | Canada | Posted: 5:59 PM on 03.11.07
->> Grant,

My old paper had the same problem. We got around it by having two folders. One which you upload the files into, then a second that you copy them to once the upload is complete. Set up your script to go and look in the SECOND folder every few seconds and you're set...

For example, on your FTP site, have the folders:


Upload your pix into /Public/Uploads/ ... then as soon as your upload is complete, copy them into /Public/Uploads/Complete/

As long as your script is set to look in /Public/Uploads/Complete/ it will never see files there unless you've finished the upload and have copied them over.

Yes, this adds an extra step into your workflow, but it's a very very small step, and may be your best bet to solve your problem. You MIGHT even be able to script an action on the REMOTE end of things (i.e. on your laptop) to do the file copying as soon as the upload is complete... I'm not sure if that's possible or not, but it might be worth looking at.

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Grant Blankenship, Photographer
Macon | GA | USA | Posted: 8:18 AM on 03.12.07
->> Nic,

Good idea. Assuming the transfer time from one folder on the ftp server to another would effectively be nil, that could be just the ticket. I'll give that a try.

Off topic, but how cool is it that we can have this conversation clear across the continent? Love the internet.
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Thread Title: Panic Transmit and Automator Question
Thread Started By: Grant Blankenship
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