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|| Member Message Board

NPPA JIB - gotta wonder...
Jeffery Jones, Photographer, Photo Editor
Gallup | NM | USA | Posted: 10:16 AM on 01.10.07
->> For various reasons I have chosen to stop supporting the NPPA with my own money, but other staff members at my paper are members. When I recently had a job opening to advertise I posted the opening here, as well as on and I sent in the announcement to the Region 8 JIB contact at the NPPA. The deadline for the job application has come and gone, I am in the process of completing portfolio reviews and discussing options with the managing editor. I just found out that the NPPA NEVER LISTED my job opening, but have put up 13 other openings on their job board since I sent in my listing information.

Now, saying this with only half seriousness, did they not list the opening because they don't like me?

Sorry, I had to vent. And if anybody is interested, I still got some really solid portfolios and some very strong candidates to select from.
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Dan Dalstra, Photo Editor, Photographer
Clute | TX | USA | Posted: 10:36 AM on 01.10.07
->> Jeffery, I recently submitted a job ad to NPPA and after a week or so of it not being posted, I emailed to double check. They responded by apologizing and said there was some technical issue and posted it immediately.
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Rick Rickman, Photographer
Laguna Niguel | CA | USA | Posted: 10:43 AM on 01.10.07
->> Jeffrey:

I believe that the problem with the world today is, that everyone takes everything so personally. I know you were probably mostly kidding but not totally.

The NPPA has real issues and sometimes isn't the most effective organization around but, I'm sure that they don't hate you or, more to the point even know that you exist. They just screw up and forget stuff or, as is probably the case here, just let this one fall throught the holiday cracks.

I hope that the NPPA, at some point in the next couple years can get back on track and start to become a photogarphers advocate. They have certainly embarrassed themselves enough in the past decade.

Photographers need all the support and advocates they can get and it would be nice to see an organization like the NPPA step up to the plate finally and start to speak forcefully for the photographers who, for so many years have stood by them as they floundered and literally came apart at the seams.

The NPPA has done some good things in the past and it would be great to see them learn to be good again.

Rick Rickman
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Jason Frizzelle, Photographer
Greenville | NC | USA | Posted: 11:21 AM on 01.10.07
->> Jeffrey

First off I agree with Rick that the NPPA has been in a bit of a "troubled" period lately, however I'm a little distrubed at the huh marked on this post(not pointing a finger). I've mentioned this before about the reasoning for marking posts as such due to my own ratings. This just flat out @#@%%# me off. Your concerns are valid and someone has just hap-hazzardly marked it.

I had a similar problem last year with my membership. After paying ahead a year I recieved a reciept for only one year. The money came out and the valid date was never changed. I emailed a couple of times and finally got a response with an apology (after almost a month).

All was well in the end but the point is that they are supposed to provide members a service. In your case which I find more disconcerting the service is not being provided in a timely manner and if you were relying solely on them you could lose the opening before they posted it. I've seen what your'e talking about happen time and time again. Your decision to stop supporting them is not uncommon. I'll admit I have some issues with them as well. Also on the region level, let's just say I'm still waiting for a response from a director like four years ago. However I've seen some great changes in the Clip Contest in my region. The clip chair is awesome and incredibly helpful. So I guess bearing with them is the key. Though I understand your position on the subject, I still believe strongly in organizations such as NPPA and hope you'll give them a chance in the future or find an organization that you can support maybe on the state level.

Jason A. Frizzelle
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Dan Powers, Photographer
Appleton | WI | USA | Posted: 11:29 AM on 01.10.07
->> Jeffrey,
It could be that they didn't list it because you are not a paying member of the NPPA. The JIB is for paying members so maybe one of your fellow staffers should have sent the information. That way, they could send the information with their NPPA membership number so that your Regional 8 JIB contact can confirm that the listing is from an active member. If you chose not to be a member of the NPPA for whatever reason (which is understanding), you shouldn't expect to benefit from the services they offer. Good luck with picking a new staffer! Adios...Dan.
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Jeff Stanton, Photographer
Tucson | Az | USA | Posted: 11:35 AM on 01.10.07
->> I would think the NPPA has a duty to announce job openings to its paying members regardless if Jeff is a member or not. I discontinued my membership with them several years ago after the dues continued to climb and I couldn't see any additional benefits for the increase. For my money, membership here has been much more valuable for the dollar spent.
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Dan Powers, Photographer
Appleton | WI | USA | Posted: 11:48 AM on 01.10.07
->> You make a good point too Jeff. Maybe they should just call their Region 8 contact and ask them why it didn't get posted? Adios...Dan.
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Chuck Liddy, Photographer
Durham | NC | USA | Posted: 12:23 PM on 01.10.07
->> jeff is 100% correct. if the nppa is serving their membership they have a DUTY to post a job opening for a photojournalism opening (since those are shrinking every day) I, too, dropped my membership several years ago due to the rising cost and as I perceived no real benefits. I won't go into a rant here about the problems with the nppa since I don't want to get the dreaded "HUH?" or "OFF TOPIC" go jason! and to second the opinion of jeff on another note.....when I get in a discussion with new photographers and they ask about what organization to enter I strongly encourage them to look towards sportsshooters...there are way more benefits and information for still photographers available and for a bargain price.......and lets face it...the sportsshooter gear is WAY cooler!
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Jean Finley, Photographer, Photo Editor
Iowa City | IA | USA | Posted: 12:39 PM on 01.10.07
->> Jeffery - What did NPPA say when you called to check on it?

You called them, right?
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Sandy Huffaker, Photographer
San Diego | CA | USA | Posted: 5:25 PM on 01.10.07
->> From my experience as Region 10 JIB chair I agree that sometimes things get done a little slow. The way it works is each regional JIB chair gets job opening requests where the info is then formatted and sent to our National chair, who uploads them to the site. The reason it sometimes takes time is because we are all volunteers and usually pretty busy with our day jobs. We also go on vacations and long assignments that keep us a way at times. Typically new jobs are added about once a week. If any of you are having problems getting job requests onto the JIB, please pester your local JIB chair or even me and I'll make it happen.
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Tim Jones, Photographer
The Colony | TX | USA | Posted: 7:18 PM on 01.10.07
->> Jeff, after all the job openings we have posted for you and your paper down through the years, you should know that we still love ya!

The Region 8 chair did receive your listing back at the end of December and forwarded to me, but due in part to my holiday schedule, I didn't notice it until several days then, the application deadline you had provided had almost passed, and I wanted Arthur to check with you to see if you wanted to extend it. Somehow, my email to him must not have gotten through, since I received a resend from him just yesterday, inquiring why your listing had not yet been posted...but by then, the application deadline had already passed.

And yes, we (NPPA) are going through some big changes right now (much like photojournalism in general), and sometimes things do fall through the cracks. As Sandy mentioned, we are mostly volunteers, and we do have our own work and family related responsibilities that get in the way from time to time.

Right now is a difficult period for us, as we are without an Executive Director, and are going through some changes to our national website (such as taking the monthly national clip contest online, and upgrading the job information bank system just to name a couple), but it has been slow going so far.

Jeff, let me offer you a public apology for my screw up...and it was mine, not Arthur's. I dropped the ball. We handle hundreds and hundreds of job openings every year, and usually get most of them in within a few days.

In the future, if you haven't seen your listing up on the web within a few days, give me a call and chew me out...I'll deserve it, and you know I won't mind, especially when it comes from someone that has been using our service for years and years.


-Tim Jones
National Chairman
NPPA Job Information Bank committee
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Jeffery Jones, Photographer, Photo Editor
Gallup | NM | USA | Posted: 11:00 PM on 01.10.07
->> Rick -
I agree, the NPPA got off track a while ago with several different things that I don't need to rehash here. It is history. And I am waiting for them to somehow become the photographer's advocacy group that they could be. Hopefully before the wheels come off the train entirely in this industry.

Dan -
the NPPA does list jobs from non-members; the idea of the JIB is to give photographers who are members access to a central clearinghouse of jobs. You have to be a member to see them. That leads right into answering Jean's question about calling to check. as I said, I am not a member anymore, I was not aware that the listing never showed up until yesterday when a member that I know told me so. I had already closed the applications by that time.

Finally - thank you Tim for stepping up and saying that the blame was yours. That's so rare in much of the world we are in now (anybody ever speak to a politician?). As for the changes that you mention, I look forward to seeing what they are and what they can do to help news photographers everywhere.

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Chuck Liddy, Photographer
Durham | NC | USA | Posted: 11:04 PM on 01.10.07
->> tim, wow! impressive...kudos to you. I don't think I coulda done that on the message board.
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Dan Powers, Photographer
Appleton | WI | USA | Posted: 12:14 AM on 01.11.07
->> Jeff,
Cool...I didn't know they listed jobs from non-members. I was just thinking that might be the reason it wasn't posted...cheers...Dan.
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