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400mm Rain cover, anyone use this ?
Marc Atkins, Photographer
Aylesbury | Bucks | UK | Posted: 7:39 AM on 11.07.06
->> Hi,

Just been having a look around for a 400mm rain cover and came across these

Anyone using one ?


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Jonathan Castner, Photographer
Longmont | CO | USA | Posted: 10:43 AM on 11.07.06
->> It's the old/classic Photofax rain cover that KEH is still making. I don't have one but I know that it's a solid unit.
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Brandon Goodman, Photographer
Tallahassee | FL | USA | Posted: 11:56 AM on 11.07.06
->> I have one from Tenba that is similar and its been great!

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Eric Seals, Photographer
Detroit | MI | United States | Posted: 12:42 PM on 11.07.06
->> I have this exact one and I'll tell it is works great! It also folds up nice and small to keep in your fanny pack (depending on what else you have in there) or in your travel bag for all your gear.
The velco on this cover really makes it fit nice and tight if your shooting in rainy/windy conditions and it has a large clear plastic backing so you can get see the screen well and gives you access to your display, select and menu buttons (for Canon users) I used it alot during all the rain we had during World Series. The cover for the 400 also fits the 600. Much less that the Aquatech ones.

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Dan Goldfarb, Photographer
Staten Island | NY | USA | Posted: 9:35 AM on 11.08.06
->> I use these rain covers from Fotosharp

They work really well and the material is opaque and you can see through it if you press it against your camera. They let you try it for 10 days before you have to pay for it too.

It uses a stretchy elastic band to attach to the front of your lens, and has velcro underneath to let you use a monopod/tripod.
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Thread Title: 400mm Rain cover, anyone use this ?
Thread Started By: Marc Atkins
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