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CPS Online Repair Form?
Chris Rutsch, Photographer
Forestville | CT | USA | Posted: 10:32 AM on 08.22.06
->> Is it just me, or is Canon's online repair form completely useless? I sent in some of my equipment late last week, and then got the estimates via email earlier this week. Seemed to be a nice seamless process -- I just needed to confirm and authorize that I would like to have the work done. No problem -- I'll do it through their "quick and easy" online form.

I go to the site they list to "confirm" the repairs:

Easy enough. I type in my Repair ID and my Zip Code, click search and it says, "I'm sorry. We're unable to find your Repair Order Number in our database. Please check the Repair Order Number and Zip Code and try again." Okay, I've got three items in there, I'll try the next order number. No dice. Same on the next one. Um, okay, do you want my $500 or not? Rather frustrating.

Next step -- okay, I'll fax them at the number listed on the Repair Estimate form they passed along. I'm not a big fan of the fax machine, but I fill out all of the information, credit card numbers, that sort of thing; sit down at the handy fax machine, dial up the number 732-521-7069... "The number you have reached is no longer in service. Please hang up and try your call again." Wonderful.

I guess the next step is to call them -- hopefully that number is in service, but in my mind, it's terribly inefficient to pass along long alphanumeric repair numbers, serial numbers, and credit card numbers over the phone.
"Is that a 'B' or a 'V' sir?"
"Actually, it was an 'E'..."

Has anyone had success with their online form? Or does anyone have the correct fax number for the Jamesburg facility?

Thanks much!
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Carl Auer, Photographer
Eagle River | AK | USA | Posted: 10:49 AM on 08.22.06
->> I have luck with it all the time, but when you sent your stuff in, did you include the CPS repair form? If you didn't, I believe even if you write down your CPS number the stuff goes through the regular repair channels. I just sent something minus the CPS repair and it was not done through CPS. I called to verify they received it and the CPS people said it was with one of their regular techs. The next day I had new CPS forms mailed to me (new to me, same ones that came in the CPS intro pack, I was just out of them).

But when I used the online form to check the status, they updated it regularly and were still very quick even not going through CPS speed repair......

Fax number I have for NJ is 732-521-7137
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Chris Rutsch, Photographer
Forestville | CT | USA | Posted: 12:23 PM on 08.22.06
->> Thanks Carl! That number did the trick with a follow-up call to confirm that they did infact receive it! (oh, and they confirmed the CPS part too!) :0)
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Bruce Omori, Photographer
Hilo | HI | USA | Posted: 4:25 PM on 08.22.06
->> Hey Chris,

Funny, I just went through the same process as you and found out that one piece of equipment was assigned a different number than what was assigned via the online form. Is that online form meant to be for consumers only and not CPS member use? Seems kind of redundant filling out both the online and CPS repair forms.
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Thread Title: CPS Online Repair Form?
Thread Started By: Chris Rutsch
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