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Latest Point & Shoot
Carl Schneider, Photographer
HERMOSA BEACH Los Angeles | CA | USA | Posted: 7:15 PM on 06.06.06
->> I know this comes up fairly often, but new cameras hit the market all the time, so here goes. What point and shoot cameras are you liking these days?

I have the Canon S500 and like it, but I'm ready for an upgrade. I have pretty much narrowed it down to the Canon PowerShot SD700 or the Pentax Optio W10 (mostly for it's waterproof ability). Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about these two models?
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Jason Nix, Photographer, Assistant
Atlanta - Sandy Springs | GA | United States | Posted: 7:46 PM on 06.06.06
->> I have sold both - I personally like the Canon over the Pentax simply for it's DIGIC II Chip, the colors can't be beat.

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Nic Summers, Photographer
Mount Prospect | IL | USA | Posted: 10:36 PM on 06.06.06
->> Are there any P/S cameras with a pc port for a pocketwizard hookup? oh, this might be off topic and if so I apologize.
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Walter Calahan, Photographer
Westminster | MD | USA | Posted: 11:13 PM on 06.06.06
->> I liked check out the new Nikon S6. I own a Nikon S1 and love it.

Just in case you're not totally settled on the SD700.
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Drew Buchanan, Student/Intern, Photographer
Fort Walton Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 11:42 PM on 06.06.06
->> I heard Canon was coming out with a new pocket-sized point & shoot that had a 300/2.8! :)

...That'll be the day...I can only dream!
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Andrew Villa, Student/Intern, Photographer
Dublin | CA | United States | Posted: 11:49 PM on 06.06.06
->> I really like the canon SD700 and my girlfriend is really into the new Nikon S5. Either one should produce decent images for a p/s
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Michael Stevens, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 11:37 AM on 06.07.06
->> I have the same dilemma owning an S500 myself. I don't know that I wanna spend $500 on the SD700 but it's a possibility because of the IS. I'm also looking at the new A700. A little bigger but a longer zoom at roughly the same apertures. I'm considering the S2IS as well as a "camping" camera; not as big as an SLR but a lot of the functionality. The 12x zoom will be nice but I'll miss the 16mm end A LOT.

My main complaint is noise with the S500 and the A700 at ISO800 doesn't seem to be as bad as the S500 at ISO400.

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Baron Sekiya, Photographer
Kailua-Kona | HI | USA | Posted: 12:39 PM on 06.07.06
->> I too own a Canon s500 and have been looking at the SD700. The only two main complaints I've heard about in my research of reviews are that it's too expensive and that the mic, while recording video, picks up a lot of the camera noise like the whine of the IS working and camera controls.
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Baron Sekiya, Photographer
Kailua-Kona | HI | USA | Posted: 6:32 AM on 06.09.06
->> Maybe this might help you decide on a new point n shoot. This is a website for Canon dealers.
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Chuck Steenburgh, Photographer
Lexington | VA | USA | Posted: 7:59 AM on 06.09.06
->> Drew,

I have a Panasonic with a 35-420/f2.8 image-stabilized Leica lens. There are lots of others. (I think Canon's long zoom is a variable aperture, like 2.7-3.5.) "The" day has long been here!

It is actually halfway respectable for sports action.

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David Harpe, Photographer
Louisville | KY | USA | Posted: 8:37 AM on 06.09.06
->> 700IS

Just picked one of these up for my girlfriend. It's a nice camera. The form factor is great, and the display is bright even in sunlight. The IS works really well, and it has a pretty decent manual mode.

I haven't done a critical analysis of the audio on the movie feature. Movie mode on a point and shoot is pretty much a gimick anyway. You can turn IS off if it's causing noise in the audio.

They really need to put an XLR connector with phantom power on the thing so we can use it with a wireless rig.
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Drew Buchanan, Student/Intern, Photographer
Fort Walton Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 10:49 AM on 06.09.06
->> Chuck,

Great! I'll go get one and shoot all my football and baseball with my P&S.

...Does it have 8.5fps though?
Got you on that one!

Now if they had both, you'd have me singing "Easy like Sunday Morning." :)
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Dave Chidley, Photographer
London | Ontario | Canada | Posted: 11:14 AM on 06.09.06
->> I just upgraded from the Canon S2 IS to the S3 (I also owned the S1). The cameras are amazing. Yes Chuck it's a 2.7-3.5 35-420 equavalent lens.

When I've got the S3 I really don't have any longing for the big gear whatsoever. The lens is amazing, good controls, no Drew it isn't 8.5 fps, but a steady 2.4, and shouldn't the first shot be the good one?? lol.

Seriously I really think it's an amazing package. Of course there are a few drawbacks like the small electronic viewfinder but what you are getting offers so much.

I just had travel features on DisneyWorld and the three Cayman Islands published, web version:

and used the S2 for almost all of the shots. I used the big camera one day just because I had it not that I needed it over the S2.

Now if Canon would make an underwater scuba housing as they did for the S1 I'd only need one camera for my travels!
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Michael Stevens, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 9:46 PM on 06.18.06
->> Still no definitive answer on the noise issue with the SD700 and I couldn't take it so I bought the SD700. I went into Best Buy with an SD card hoping I would be able to take a couple shots from it and my S500 but their little power/security deviced covered the flash card slot. So, I bought it and came home and took a couple comparison shots from each camera.

I set both cameras to manual but the only setting I chose was an ISO of 400 for both cameras; after all the only thing I'm concerned with is noise. I took a shot simultaneously with both cameras and pulled two different crops from each shot out and dropped them into this gallery: I suggest you download them and open them in PhotoShop because it's difficult to see the difference in noise without them being side by side.

There is quite a bit less noise with the SD700 than my older S500 so I have to say I'm pleased with the purchase. Look for my S500 in the Classifieds pretty soon... :)
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Michael Stevens, Photographer
Phoenix | AZ | USA | Posted: 3:01 AM on 06.19.06
->> I also forgot to mention the other bonuses of the SD700...

It's smaller. The dimensions on paper may not look too much smaller but it definitely looks and feels smaller. It's height and width are about the same but the thickness is substantially thinner.

The startup time is right around 1 sec which is about twice as fast as the S500.

But, the biggest, and most obvious bonus, is the 2.5" LCD which is close to 4 times the size of the S500.

Nice little camera...
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Tom Sperduto, Photographer
Piscataway | NJ | USA | Posted: 9:48 PM on 06.22.06
->> I liked the DPREVIEW review of the Sony DCS V3 so I picked one up. It's by far the best point and shoot camera I have ever owned. It's so good in fact I bought one for my wife after I lost mine at a trade show.
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Jack Howard, Photographer, Photo Editor
Somerville | NJ | USA | Posted: 8:43 AM on 06.23.06
->> There's a lot I like about the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1: sharp lens with fast aperture even at 350mm, Optical Image stabilization, flipbook movie mode. 10x optical zoom in a small package, only slight lens distortion even at widest angle. Infinite drive mode...

My biggest complaints? Noise issues at all ISOs, and no true manual shutter or aperture controls.
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Angel Valentin, Photographer
Miami | FL | United States | Posted: 8:52 AM on 07.15.06
->> anyone here ever use the fujifilm finepix f30 ? i'm reading some crazy reviews that say this camera (and the soon to be released f20) actually performs incredibly @ ISO settings, up to 2000 ! yup, 2000 !
i've been shooting canon p/s for years but if this camera is really this good, i'll be sayind adios to canon soon.

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Caryn Levy, Photographer, Photo Editor
Ponte Vedra Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 12:50 AM on 07.16.06
->> Hey Angel-
I ordered 6-F30s last month as soon as they were released for myself, friends, & co-workers. We love them. Now we're just waiting for the underwater housings. While I've had many Canon & Fuji point/shoots, the Fujis have always been my favorite. The color is great & so is the battery life. There's no shutter delay compared to others. You can even voice tag the pictures. The drawback is that you can't shoot in raw. The macro mode is greatly improved over previous Fujis. I haven't done a test at 3200 iso yet (since I'm pretty sure you're gonna ask me). I had been dying to get my hands on one since seeing it in Feb at PMA.
Here's a good review:
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Brian Davies, Photographer
Eugene | OR | USA | Posted: 1:33 AM on 07.16.06
->> "->> anyone here ever use the fujifilm finepix f30 ?"


I bought the Fuji Finepix F30 this week because of the low light performance. The battery life is really amazing. I've been going at it for the past two days and the battery meter just came off full. It's supposed to get something like 580 shots with a single charge!

So far, the performance is quite good and I have no hesitation shooting at 800 ISO and 1600 ISO looks quite good. I couldn't find another camera that looked really good in the shadows at even 400 ISO, so for me, the camera is in a class by itself.

It has a nice "chrome" setting that saturates the colors nicely. It has a "natural light" setting that will float the ISO to whatever you need to make a hand-holdable picture in any light. There are interesting things like a "museum" setting, which renders the the camera totally silent and shuts down the flash. Also, you can shoot with the natural light setting and it will take an almost simultaneous second picture with fill flash and you can throw out the version you don't want. Also, the viewfinder/monitor is 60fps, so you don't get much of the stuttering when framing a picture -- it's a much more fluid view.

It uses those xD cards that are the size of a contact lens, but they're not any more expensive. In short, a fun camera with a little more versatility than the average point-an-shoot.

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Matthew Sharpe, Student/Intern, Photographer
Oxford | MS | | Posted: 8:16 PM on 07.23.06
->> I didn't think I would ever buy anything but Canon from here on out. But I wanted a new point-and-shoot because my old one is a colossal 3.2 MP Sony (my first digital camera, mind you) and Pentax offers that waterproof one. I was very close to getting the Canon SD700 for its IS, but a waterproof camera for $200 less was intriguing. I shoot mostly with my Canon gear, but this will be for just playin' around or when I need said gear to just fit in my pocket.

I got the camera in on Friday afternoon, charged the battery for as long as I could (30 mins) and hit the road. I shot all day Saturday, both movies and still shots, all the while getting soaked from the rain and the lake water. Compared to my old Sony, the shots are well in focus. And the quality looks decent. As far as actual underwater photography goes, I doubt this would be a superb camera. The main part is that it can be rained on, get a little dirty and it keeps shooting with ease. The perfect camera to take out to the lake for a weekend. I have to admit though, it took a lot out of me to actually submerge the camera. That takes some gettin' used to.


Amphibious ability

Not Canon (or Nikon for that matter)
The manual says it should be returned to Pentax every year (on my dime) to ensure the underwater ability still works, etc. I don't buy this.
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Robert Catto, Photographer
Wellington | NZ | New Zealand | Posted: 9:43 PM on 07.23.06
->> > Now we're just waiting for the underwater housings...

Hey Caryn - I had a Fuji F11 for a short while, got the underwater housing, it was all great until we hit rapids and dumped the canoe on the Whanganui river. Just make sure you always attach the housing to something, or you'll find yourself short a camera...

Replaced it with a Ricoh GR-D, as I found I wasn't really using the zoom on the F11 much anyway and wished it was a bit wider - I really like the Ricoh, it's certainly not a do-all camera (being fixed at 28mm) but it doesn't have much of the purple fringing problems of tiny wee zoom lenses & sensors.

I also found the F11 had a weird way of transitioning from blown highlights to near-white - like clouds for example - maybe that's been fixed in the F30, but the GR is absolutely sweet with that kind of thing and has the option to shoot RAW as well.

Just my 2c -
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Michael Myers, Photographer, Student/Intern
Miami Beach | FL | USA | Posted: 9:22 AM on 07.24.06
->> After traveling all around the world with it, I lost my S500 for a very stupid reason - the old carrying case (from my S330) must have failed, nad fallen off my belt. I got home only to find no case, no camera. It was bought as a used/demo a couple of years ago, and had a problem where the protective lens cover sometimes didn't fully open, and both batteries were getting pretty low in the amount of charge they could hold (one would only last for 15 shots). I retraced my steps, but couldn't find it of course. After kicking myself, I tried to reason that there was nothing I could do about it, and fortunately there were only four or five images on the memory card.

So, I came back from the trip and tried to find a replacement. Some of the newer cameras cost way more than I was willing to spend. While their features sound good, I couldn't see that they were all that much better than the S500. There's a Nikon for sale in the classified items here, but the owner never replied to my email. Then I found a condition-10 used S500 at B&H for $180, and almost bought it - I delayed too long, and when I finally decided to get it, it was gone - only to re-appear the next day. So, I ordered it, and it should arrive tomorrow.

I'm bummed out by a few things - first, the lens cover not closing properly with my first S500 showed up the same day a friend told me I shouldn't be carrying it around in my pocket, without a case. So, I went back to using the case. I'm bummed about the case, as it just failed with no warning. If I had noticed that it was wearing out, I'd have stopped using it. Completely my fault....

Anyway, I really love what the S500 does, and how small it is. I'd like to get something newer and better, but the biggest advantage I can see to the newer cameras, is a larger viewing screen. I like using CF cards, as that's what my other cameras all use, and I'm not sure I want to switch to the new SD memory cards, and then have two sets of memory cards to deal with. To the people above who bought a new camera, and might sell your old S500, had you posted it in the classifieds here, I'd probably have bought yours instead of the one from B&H... but when I went through all the ads, there were pretty slim pickings. I've also got a Pro1, but it's not all that small... it's great to take on trips, but it's not very good for sports.

I read what was posted above about waterproof cameras - I'd really like to get one of those, as when I'm overseas in Asia, there are occasions when people love squirting each other with water. This is true in Thailand, and South India. I've tried to photograph these events, but I'm always way too concerned about damaging my camera. Which of these waterproof cameras is the "better" choice?
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Edgar Mata, Photographer
New York | NY | United States | Posted: 12:07 AM on 07.26.06
->> Robert,

Interesting you mention the Ricoh GR-D, I was looking at getting the Ricoh R4, it seems to have many features I'm looking for, a wide angle (for a p&s anyway at 28mm), goes up to an ISO of 800 (albeit noisy) and zooms out quite impressively with some sort of IS system to 200 mm, I believe. Retails around $300-$350 only problem is.....I can't seem to buy it anywhere in the US. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get one of these guys or has any hands on experience with it...?
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