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More on Mr. Wolf's patent
William Jurasz, Photographer, Assistant
Cedar Park | TX | USA | Posted: 10:43 PM on 05.23.06
->> An interesting blog entry by the CEO of Smugmug with regards to Mr. Wolf's patent. Happy reading.
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Jody Gomez, Photographer
Murrieta | CA | USA | Posted: 6:34 PM on 05.24.06
->> Have any members been contacted by this guy?
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Carl Auer, Photographer
Eagle River | AK | USA | Posted: 2:36 PM on 05.25.06
->> Jody, not yet....but I expect that Mr. Wolf will be contacting the major sites like Smugmug, Photoreflect, and Printroom as well as others before really diving into contacting individual shooters too much. My understanding of the patent though is the specific way Mr. Wolf goes about posting his photos. If you look at his site, PhotoCrazy, you will see that you can search for photos using Keywords/LastName/BibNo/PicID. I think the deal is, if you want to use his software that recognizes bib numbers or other things in the photos to sort the images into specific galleries, then you would be affected by this patent. It looks like you can have some sort of ID tag or bib number on lets say 1000 runners in a marathon, run his software, and individual galleries are created for each runner without you having to do it by hand. It is a nice idea, and might work for some people, but if I am understanding the patent right, Mr. Wolf should be marketing these things to event photography hosts and companies (like photoreflect and The Sports Section).

Although, I may be totally wrong and will see a bill in the mail some day for some amount that will send me into a suicidal rampage.
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William Jurasz, Photographer, Assistant
Cedar Park | TX | USA | Posted: 11:21 PM on 05.25.06
->> Carl, he does not have any software that automatically recognizes bib numbers. That would be pretty cool, but since pattern recognition software already exists, even that would not be a patentable idea. He does talk about remote and automatically triggered cameras (prior art), identifying participants by bib numbers (prior art, and also obvious), and finding people based on time using a formula that amounts to 4th grade math (4th grade math is patentable?).
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Thread Title: More on Mr. Wolf's patent
Thread Started By: William Jurasz
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