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equipment advice.....fisheye
Scott Lukaitis, Photographer
Brick | NJ | USA | Posted: 7:52 PM on 01.25.06
->> I am looking into getting a 15mm 2.8 Lens (Canon) but I wasn't sure that I would get the true fisheye effect when I use it with my 1d......
Anyone have experience with it?
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Steven E. Frischling, Photographer
New England | | USA | Posted: 8:19 PM on 01.25.06
->> Scott

I use a Canon 15f2.8 with my 1D (1.3x crop) all the time. You do get the fisheye effect. It is more dominant in the 1Ds (1.0x crop). I don't even bother with the 15f2.8 on my 10D (1.6x crop) as it is worthless.

I love the fisheye on the 1Ds, but for practical reasons it goes with the 1D and I like the results.
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David Boily, Photographer
Montreal | QC | Canada | Posted: 8:20 PM on 01.25.06
->> Hey Scott,

A short while ago I bought a Zenitar 16mm Fisheye for my 1D for fun. That's the cheapie Manual focus, no metering version sold by Kiev Camera. Not exactly a Canon quality lens, but it is a 180 degree lens and is surprisingly sharp. Pictures # 9 & #10 on my member gallery is are recent pictures taken with this lens. These are both fairly uncropped. You still get a fair amount of fishyness on a 1.3x crop.

Hope this helps your decision process.

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Robert Meyer, Student/Intern, Photographer
Lincoln | NE | United States | Posted: 9:11 PM on 01.25.06
->> Scott -

Sigma makes an 8mm fisheye that mimics a true fisheye. See the first photo of my profile for application on a 5d.

I tried it on the Mark II and it cuts off some of the edges but not terrible.

I got mine from B&H, I don't think it really has any practical use persay other than for fun.

Hopefully that helps.

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Matt Barton, Photographer
Lexington | KY | USA | Posted: 9:42 PM on 01.25.06
->> Scott-
I've had good luck with my 8mm MC Peleng on a 1d. To get the full circle, you gotta use a fullframe 1ds or film camera but its still really wide on the 20d. I think sharpness is fine considering its a speciality lens anyway. I paid $300 for a new one off ebay. I just don't use a fisheye enough to justify paying $1200 for the Canon versions.

Read all about it here
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Rusty Burroughs, Photographer
Matthews | NC | United States | Posted: 10:45 PM on 01.25.06
->> Scott,
I bought a canon 15/2.5 fisheye before a recent 3 week mission trip to Africa. check out my member gallery and you will see several photos shot with the lens. It's an awesome lens used in the right circumstances.
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Corey Perrine, Photographer
Kansas City | MO | USA | Posted: 11:08 PM on 01.25.06
->> Scott,
Another example for you.
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Scott Lukaitis, Photographer
Brick | NJ | USA | Posted: 9:20 AM on 01.26.06
->> Thanks for all the advice. Now i'm more confused than before. I'll have to spend some time thinking about this purchase.
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Scott Lukaitis, Photographer
Brick | NJ | USA | Posted: 8:57 PM on 01.26.06
->> I currently have a 17-40 Canon lens so I don't think the 15 will be much better.
Thanks for all the help.
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Larry Vaughn, Photographer
Gainesville | FL | | Posted: 10:18 AM on 01.27.06
->> Since I have one, and it is for sale...

The 15mm creates a curved image that shows a much wider area than the 17mm. However, as stated, if you use it on a 10D or similar 1.6x crop sensor, you lose most of the wide angle effect.

You could buy a true fisheye with a round image, as is commonly used in virtual reality photos. Or use another camera like the 1D which will crop the image less.

A full frame camera will produce the best fisheye effect. You have to be careful to not photograph your feet. Since fisheye lenses are not something you use everyday (I was once sending a portfolio with all fisheye lens shots) a film camera body might be useful and dirt cheap these days.

I used it to photograph the inside of the Goodyear blimp, for example. It excels in very tight quarters to get everything in. My 17mm didn't work for that shot.

If you have a 20D, the 10-22mm is a better lens to use and the lines will be straight. If you want the curvy lines and big noses in portraits, use a fisheye.

If you have a 10D, you will have to find an aftermarket wide zoom that will fit, since Canon deliberately designed the 10-22 to not work on the 10D.

I tried using the 15mm on my 20D to photograph some interiors. Then I straightened the lines with software. I didn't like what I saw, which is why I plunked down the cash for the 10-22. Of course, within a month after doing that, the price went down.
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Thread Title: equipment advice.....fisheye
Thread Started By: Scott Lukaitis
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